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Home, Garden and Homestead is the media resource guide to the growing marketplace of products that enhance independent and natural living. All of the content on HomeGardenandHomestead.com can be used—royalty- and copyright-free—by editors, writers, bloggers and other media people. Think of the entire site as a giant, multi-media news release that’s designed to make your life easier.

The Media Room section of this site contains text and images (both high-resolution and low-resolution) that can be instantly downloaded. Every six months (in Spring and Fall) the entire site is reloaded with fresh content. The Blog is where we keep you updated on new trends, products and stories about smart modern living.

Please visit HomeGardenandHomestead.com often to see what’s new.

About Schultz Communications

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Home, Garden and Homestead is a service of Schultz Communications, a marketing company that promotes home, garden, personal care, household and other products. Home, Garden and Homestead is just one of the ways we spread the world about new and innovative products, services and lifestyle trends.

Schultz Communications has successfully helped bring new products to market and has created marketing programs that have increased the sales of existing products. Established in 1988, Schultz Communications assists its client companies with strategic marketing, public relations programs, advertising campaigns, brochures and collateral materials, marketing services, and publicity.

For more information about Schultz Communications, visit www.schultzpr.com.

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