Benefits of Ordering Plants Online

The internet has transformed the way we socialize, learn and shop. For gardeners, the internet has even changed the way we find and purchase plants. By ordering plants online, you can skip the hassle of buying at a local garden center. Instead, you have access to thousands of species and varieties at your fingertips, sometimes straight from the plant breeders themselves. The best part is, no matter when you order, you can get your plants delivered to your door when the weather is perfect for planting in your area. Here are five reasons you should consider ordering your plants online this year:

ordering plants online



1. Convenience

You can’t beat the convenience of browsing through an online catalog from home, ordering the plants you desire, and having them delivered right to your door.  Garden websites release their spring/summer catalogs as early as January, so you can spend a cozy winter afternoon browsing plants, placing your order, and kicking back while you wait for your plants to arrive, usually in early spring. Want to get started? Check out Wayside Garden’s free online catalog for 2017 – they feature dozens of new, never-before-seen varieties of roses, clematis and flowering perennials.

2. Selection

Online nurseries offer a dizzying selection of plants that you can order weeks before they become available at a local nursery. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers don’t have to spend the time, money and real estate on a physical retail location. Instead, they can focus on highly productive greenhouses and grow yards, often scattered around the country where growing conditions are ideal. The result is incredible variety of perennials, trees and shrubs. For example, Jackson & Perkins, one of the country’s most respected rose growers, has an online catalog boasting hundreds of different rose varieties, many of which aren’t sold anywhere else.

3. Support & Information

Ordering your plants online doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice customer support. In fact, many online nurseries offer great customer service, and can answer any pressing questions you have about your order.  Nursery websites are also packed with information about the plants they sell. On every product page, you can find details on plant color, size, water requirements, and more, as well as plenty of photos and even videos. You may also find a good blog on proper planting, maintenance and landscape design. American Meadows even has garden experts available to answer your questions on their toll free line during business hours.

4. Quality

Some first-time shoppers may hesitate to purchase a plant based on a picture online. Fortunately, a good internet-based nursery won’t skimp on quality. In fact, nurseries like High Country Gardens are run by expert horticulturists who take pride in the plants they grow and sell. To give you peace of mind, a reputable retailer will offer a warranty on their plants.

5. Price

Believe it or not, you can actually save money by ordering plants online. Thanks to lower overhead costs, online retailers can pass on savings to their customers. Online nurseries, especially large ones like Nature Hills Nursery, frequently offer great deals and flash sales. You can sign up for their email lists or newsletter to get the inside scoop on clearance items, vouchers and promotions. Shop around, you may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the plants and shipping costs can be.

Before you place your order

With thousands of online plant retailers to choose from, you’ll want to take some time to do some research before ordering. We recommend going with a large, established online nursery with a good reputation. Before you buy, check out the nursery’s shipping policies and plant guarantees. To ensure their plants arrive safely, online nurseries will also have some restrictions on shipping in extreme cold or heat. When you order your plants make sure you double-check the delivery date; you don’t want to be away from home when they arrive.

This year, try ordering plants online. We bet you’ll find that it makes your garden shopping even more enjoyable.

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