Grow plants almost anywhere with container gardening

 For centuries, planting a garden has been a traditional springtime activity. Planting seeds in the ground, or transplanting seedling into garden soil, can be a real joy. But what if garden space is limited—or you’ve got no yard at all?

The answer is container gardening. Growing in space-saving containers enables virtually everyone to garden. A sunny patio, balcony, or windowsill can be enough space to grow one or more plants.

Here are some of our favorite containers for growing garden plants.


 No garden space? Grow flowers and veggies in a self-watering planter

GrowBox sunflowers web

Container gardening in a GrowBox from Roma Direct

Container gardening is one of the fastest-growing trends because growing plants in containers is a great way for beginners and those with little or no garden space to enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers. The GrowBox™ planter provides the perfect way to start seeds and grow plants indoors or outdoors on a sunny patio, deck or balcony.

The GrowBox™ container was designed for busy people who want to grow fresh salad greens, vegetables or flowers without all the work of a conventional garden. Each GrowBox™ system includes the patented Nutrient Patch™ cover that automatically adds fertilizer as the plants need it. It doubles as a cut-out planting guide that shows gardeners exactly where and what to plant.

Inside the planter, a 4-gallon water well adds water at the correct rate so plants never dry out. The entire system can be set-up in about 15 minutes. GrowBox™ containers now come in four designer colors—Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant and Lime—that offer a great way to dress-up porches, patios, balconies and decks. (The classic colors, Terra Cotta and Dark Green, are also available.) A GrowBox™ in the new designer colors sells for $37.95; the classic colors are $29.95.  Also available is a handy GrowBox™ Support Cage that’s great for tomatoes and other tall or vining plants. The fiberglass support rods contain an elastic rope inside so the staking kit practically assembles itself.  The support cage sells for $25.95 and fits right on top of the GrowBox™. For more information and to purchase, visit or call (800) 519-1955.


Grow herbs in these tough and colorful fabric containers


Growing herbs in a Bloembagz is fun!

BloemBagz bring color and fashion to the world of soft-sided growing containers. The breathable, fabric material allows air to reach plant roots and promotes fibrous plant roots. The eco-friendly fabric is made from recycled materials, mostly water bottles. The double-walled construction and double-stitched handles allow a BloemBagz to be moved easily.

The BloemBagz Mini Herb Planter is the perfect size for growing herbs indoors on a kitchen counter. Just fill the 1.5 gallon planter with potting soil and the herb plants of your choice. The 5-gallon BloemBagz Big Herb Planter is great for larger spaces such as decks and patios. Both Herb Planters are available in eight great colors: Living Green, Chocolate, Union Red, Tequila Sunrise, Amaranth, Honey Dew, Calypso and Peppercorn.

Bloembagz are built to hold up in any environment. Their rugged construction makes them completely machine washable—or you can just hose them off. Bloembagz can be left outside year round or emptied, folded flat and stored for the next  season. BloemBagz are available at retail chains, garden centers and on the web. For more information about the colors and styles available, visit


Big Bag Bed is the king size of growing containers


Container gardening in a Big Bag Bed

The Big Bag Bed makes raised bed gardening easy. Just unfold the bed, fill it with soil and plant—no construction is necessary. The Big Bag Bed is made of the same durable, aeration fabric as the popular Smart Pots. The porous fabric warms quickly in spring, releases excessive heat in summer, provides excellent drainage, and air-prunes plant roots for better, more efficient root systems. A weatherproof, USA-made Big Bag Bed will last for years.

The circular Big Bag Bed is available in three sizes: Original, Junior and Mini.  The Original Big Bag Bed, the largest size available, is 50 inches across and the walls are 12 inches high. It holds one-half cubic yard of growing mix and has 13.5 square feet of growing area. The Junior size is 36 inches in diameter and the Mini is 24 inches in diameter. All three sizes are available in either black or the newly introduced purple.

Prices for the award-winning Big Bag Beds range from $14.95 to $48.95 depending on size and color. For more information got to



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