Growing Containers

Growing your own garden is a satisfying project to undertake, whether you live on a 50-acre farm or in a downtown apartment. For many would-be gardeners, however, the idea of growing vegetables in a tight space can seem daunting. Luckily, many fruits and vegetables can thrive in containers, allowing urban gardeners to grow their own food in the smallest of spaces. Not only is container gardening convenient, it is also more accessible, often eliminating the need to bend over or kneel while doing garden work.

Today, the idea of container gardening is catching on and patio, windowsill and rooftop gardens are popping up in virtually every town and city. As the popularity of container gardens grows, more companies are offering new and creative products to help make growing your own food easier than ever. The unique containers listed below help simplify the gardening process and can support a surprisingly large harvest. Perfect for beginners and experts alike!


A new way to garden from Nature’s Footprint

The UrBin Grower™ is a compact, self-watering organic growing system that’s perfect for the urban family. It can be used almost anywhere—a patio, porch, balcony, backyard, greenhouse or sunroom—to grow healthy produce, herbs or flowers. The innovative design of the UrBin Grower™ allows for portability and a bountiful harvest. With careful planning, you can extend your growing season with three crops such as an early spring planting of peas, a summer collection of lettuce and greens, and a late fall harvest of kale or broccoli. Instructions include how to grow vegetables vertically, including squash, cucumbers, beans and pea—plus strawberries, ornamental plants and more.

The UrBin Grower’s sub-irrigation watering system waters plants the way nature intended—from the bottom up and also supplies air to stimulate root development. Pouring water into the UrBin Grower’s visible reservoir allows you to monitor the water much more effectively than in many self-watering containers, in which you must water through a tube into a hidden reservoir. An all organic soil mix comes with every UrBin Grower including 5 cups of vermicompost containing millions of living microorganisms and a new plant food which produces an explosion of these microbes with an effect similar to compost tea.  A collection of soil amendments including volcanic pumice and coir with trace minerals finish off a truly unique organic soil mix designed to last for years.

Included in the complete UrBin Grower™ kit are a 16-page illustrated instruction book, quick start DVD, seed starting tray and organic mulch all for $39.95.  Also available is organic compost for an additional $10. Visit

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Gardening as easy as “Planting by the Numbers”

Forget about digging up the yard this spring. A new patio garden makes vegetable growing as easy as planting by the numbers. The GrowBox™ container garden fits neatly on any patio or deck and features a cut-out planting guide that shows “newbie” gardeners exactly where and what to plant. The GrowBox™ then automatically adds the right amount of water and fertilizer 24/7. Best yet, the entire system can be set-up and growing in about 15 minutes.

The heart of the GrowBox™ system is the patented Nutrient Patch™ cover that automatically adds fertilizer as the plants need it. Developed by commercial tomato farmers, the home gardener simply lays a Nutrient Patch on top of the soil and plants tomatoes, peppers, beans, salad greens or any other plants at the numbered slots. Inside the planter, a 4-gallon water well adds water at the correct rate so there’s no guessing about maintenance. “This system actually gives novice gardeners an advantage over expert growers,” said Monte Schroeder, Agricultural Nutrition Specialist.

With today’s skyrocketing food costs, even a small garden can save hundreds of dollars per year in grocery bills. The GrowBox™ planter was designed for busy homemakers, seniors, individuals with disabilities and people who just want a convenient home vegetable garden without all the work.

The GrowBox™ planter comes complete with fertilizer, simple instructions and a handy planting guide. It’s available on the web for $29.95 + S&H at, or by calling 1-800- 519-1955. Discounts are given for schools, clubs and multiple quantities.