Keep electrical cord connections safe and dry

ORLAND PARK, IL – If you ask inventor Bryan Nooner, exposed extension cord connections are an accident waiting to happen. “Electrical cords that are plugged together and left outside where they are exposed to water and weather are a real hazard,” said Nooner. “There’s a serious danger of electric shock when cord connections are exposed to water, plus there is the hassle of the power going out when the connections don’t stay plugged snugly together.”

Exposed extension cord connections bothered Nooner so much, in fact, that he invented a product called Twist and Seal that keeps cord connections safe and dry. The product’s name—Twist and Seal—was derived from the way the device works. The foam on the inside of the unit is slightly larger than the plastic housing on the outside. As you push the shell together around two joined extension cord plugs and twist it, the foam compresses down to create a radial compression around the cord. Voila—the cord connection inside stays dry and the cords never get pulled apart.


The Twist and Seal Mini keeps holiday light connections dry.

“When you use a Twist and Seal, you eliminate the need for wrapping plug connections in duct tape or plastic bags,” said Nooner, who admits to have done just that before he invented Twist and Seal.

Nooner wasn’t always an inventor. A self-proclaimed “science guy,” he was a high school biology teacher in the 1980s who became a successful businessman. But the dangers lurking in exposed electrical cord connections prompted him to start doing sketches and create product prototypes. He loaded up his Chevy Suburban with product samples and drove to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, the nation’s largest showcase of home, hardware and outdoor products.  Twist and Seal promptly won the Silver Award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year, and Nooner was soon talking to product buyers from Home Depot, Do It Best, Ace Hardware and many other top retailers.

If you think that’s the end of the story, then you don’t know Bryan Nooner. Not satisfied with one product, the inventor quickly produced two more Twist and Seal products that are available for Fall 2013.

The Twist and Seal Mini keeps cord connections snug and dry, just like the original Twist and Seal. But the Twist and Seal Mini was designed specifically with holiday lights in mind. The plastic case is the perfect size to protect the connecting plugs of two strings of holiday lights.


The Cord Dome from Twist and Seal protects multiple cord connections from water and weather.

The other new product from Twist and Seal is the Cord Dome™ that protects multiple cord connections. The Cord Dome is large enough to contain a power strip, into which multiple cords can be plugged. The Cord Dome protects cord connections from snow, mud, rain, dust and debris, and the removable ground spike keeps the Cord Dome safely anchored.The weather-proof Twist and Seal Original, Twist and Seal Mini, and Cord Dome are available at hardware stores, home centers and online at For more information, call (888) 945-4545.