Outdoor apparel that’s perfect for wearing in the “Great Outdoors”

There’s no law that makes it illegal to wear wingtips or stilettos while working in the yard. But there should be.

Outdoor activities in the yard and garden are more enjoyable, more efficient, and safer when wearing suitable attire. Fortunately, there are sturdy and stylish shoes, boots, gloves and hats that are designed specifically to protect you from water, dirt, thorns and sun.


Waterproof boots combine fashion and function

Sloggers Boots Grey web

Grey Casual Floral boots from Sloggers

Who says work boots have to be boring? The latest waterproof boots keep feet dry in the wettest and muddiest of conditions—and they make a fashion statement wherever you go. The new Casual Floral Collection from Sloggers® features a floral pattern in three colors—red, purple and gray. With a pair of flower-inspired shoes or boots on your feet, working in the yard, feeding the chickens in the morning and walking the dog in the rain can also be a fashion statement.

This fun and functional footwear is made from odorless, medical grade, 100% recyclable plastic that is flexible, tough and longwearing. The deep-lug treads give the made-in-America shoes excellent traction in water and mud. Every pair includes the exclusive “All-Day Comfort Insoles” that give Sloggers® the reputation for high comfort. The boots and shoes slip on easily, and there are no laces to tie or clips to fasten. Clean-up is easy—just hose them off! The sole contains up to 50% recycled material. When you’re finished with your shoes or boots you can send them back to Sloggers® and the company will recycle them in the making of a new pair.

Casual Floral Boots webThe new Sloggers® Casual Floral Collection includes both shoes and boots. All styles are available in women’s full sizes from 6 to 11. (Sorry guys!). Half sizes should order up and add a pair of “Half-Sizer Cut-to-Fit Insoles” to make any Sloggers® boot or shoe a half-size smaller. A wide variety of other colorful prints are also available.  Sloggers® shoes sell for $29.99 and boots sell for $39.99 in garden stores and online at www.sloggers.com.


A tough leather glove that also looks great

A good pair of leather gloves provides hand protection during outdoor chores such as gardening, yard cleanup and home improvement projects. The right pair of leather gloves can also add a touch of style to even the most mundane outdoor work.


Forester women’s gloves from Fields & Lane

The Forester leather gloves are attractive and functional. These high-quality gloves feature a tapered wrist and a two-color leather design in green and saddle brown that give each glove a stylish look. The goatskin leather is durable, flexible and washable—plus it looks and feels great.

The flex-line across the back provides greater flexibility than gloves of similar sturdiness and strength. To make the Forester leather gloves even more comfortable to wear, each glove is lined for coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. These gloves are so comfortable and attractive that they can also be worn as stylish driving gloves! Forester leather gloves for ladies sell for $32.00 a pair and $36.00 a pair for men. Available at fine garden centers and online at www.FieldsandLane.com.


Sun hat provides 50+ UPF protection


Braided Sun Hat from Sloggers

Working out in the sun during the summer heat can take its toll on even the toughest women. Fortunately, the right sun hat can make all the difference. The Braided Sun Hat from Sloggers provides all-day protection from the hot sun. This sturdy hat has a UPF rating of 50+ by a reputable sun care laboratory– the maximum sun protection rating available.

Not only does the hat protect you from the sun, but it looks great, too. The wide brim is nicely shaped—not too stiff and not too floppy. The handy wind lanyard keeps the hat snugly on your head, even on the windiest days in the garden.  The Braided Sun Hat comes in dark brown, light brown, sage green, tea green, black and white striped, and grey-blue. It sells for $24.99 in fine stores and www.sloggers.com.



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