Top Garden Trends in 2017

While you plan your garden this year, get inspired with these top garden trends in 2017. The trends mentioned here reflect a growing desire to create comfortable home retreats–right in your own backyard.

Garden Trends in 2017

Outdoor Living

outdoor livingGardens are now seen as more of an extension of the home than ever before, and popular interior trends are making their way outside. People simply want more comfort in their outdoor space, so they can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Feeling inspired? Consider adding more homey touches to your garden space, including decorative pillows, soft lighting, bold colors, or even a framed mirror.


Scandinavian Design

tabletop-fire-pit-lowes-1024x1024One of the hottest home and garden trends for 2017 is the Scandinavian ideal of hygge. Loosely translated to mean “warmth, comfort and casual social space,” hygge has won the hearts of home designers, and is now making its way  into people’s backyards. Some hygge elements that you might want to include in your garden this year include a fire pit, comfortable seating, privacy screens, and cozy outdoor rugs.



hyperlocalismHomeowners everywhere are incorporating more local plants and elements in to their homes and gardens. Locally crafted wood furniture is being favored over manufactured lawn furniture, while native plants are replacing non-native ornamentals. According to horticulturist David Salman of, “people want to feel more connected to the natural world around them, and planting native and endemic plants is a great way to achieve that.” Sometimes called “hyperlocalism,” this trend reflects a desire to celebrate one’s own unique region, and to help preserve it.

Going Green

EcoFriendlyWith startling facts like the demise of native species and water pollution making news lately, homeowners are rejecting conventional cleaners and pesticides, and embracing a more “green” eco-friendly lifestyle, both indoors and out. Organic herbicides like Weed Aside, for example, are replacing conventional products, while attracting bats and owls is now favored over pesticides and poisons.


Wildlife Friendly

wildlife gardenGardens aren’t just for people and pets anymore, they’re for wildlife too. From thick shrubs and brush piles that provide shelter, to pollinator-friendly flowers and seed-bearing plants, wildlife friendly garden elements are easy to add, and they can attract dozens of species of wildlife. Per the National Wildlife Federation, the number of Certified Backyard Habitats is on the rise, with many more expected in 2017. The soft, natural look of these gardens, combined with low maintenance and the wide variety of wildlife they attract, make these gardens a lasting trend that’s good for gardeners and the environment.

Indoor Gardens

15378486418_5583888599_bNot only are indoor elements making their way outside, but the reverse is also true: people are bringing some of the outdoors in, from small windowsill gardens to a room full of houseplants. After all, no one wants to be limited by seasonal gardens that can only grow for part of the year. Whether you live in a small apartment or an expansive home, indoor gardening will allow you to enjoy lush foliage, homegrown greens, and even delectable tropical fruits, all grown in your kitchen or living room. There are lots of great tools out there to make indoor gardening easy too, like The Grow Box, a planter that helps prevent overwatering and keeps plant roots healthy.

The Lawn, Reimagined

Tapestry_lawn_at_Avondale_Park_SummerOnce an icon of suburb America, the lush manicured front lawn is transforming into something else entirely. The reason why isn’t surprising: traditional lawns require lots of maintenance, lots of water, and lots of pesticides and fertilizer. Eco-conscious gardeners are rejecting this idea and replacing their lawns in the most creative ways. Natural meadows, complete with native grasses and flowers, are a popular replacement, as are lawn alternatives, such as creeping thyme, clover and even moss. Check out for some more great options. Try taking part in this top garden trend this year. You’ll find that the soft lawn-like appearance requires much less work, and looks better too.

Dwarf Trees and Shrubs

dwarf shrubThe traditional American backyard garden is changing. American homes are trending larger, while garden plots are trending smaller. America’s most avid gardening generation, the Baby Boomers, is also aging, and struggling to meet the demands of a high-maintenance garden. Dwarf shrubs and trees to the rescue! These are popular plants in a pint-size, saving you tons of time on pruning. Some, including ‘Bobo’ hydrangea, only max out at 3 feet tall, bringing all the traditional charm of their full-size counterparts, but without as much work and space.

Easy Roses

knock out roseRoses are making a comeback, but they aren’t exactly your grandma’s fussy floribundas. The new generation of rose hybrids is tougher, disease resistant and far more forgiving than roses in the past. These roses are breaking barriers, bringing their fragrance and flair to gardens where roses once struggled to survive. Try growing a rose from the ‘Easy Elegance’ or ‘Knock Out’ collection – they’ve become famous for their beauty and ease of care.


Smart Gardens

Edyn-launches-Smart-System-for-a-Maintenance-Free-Gardening1Technology, meet nature: “smart gardens” are a huge trend in 2017. Using a number of the newest apps and tools, like the Edyn system, you can make your garden easier and more sustainable to care for. Smart irrigation systems, for example, can use the weather forecast to determine the best days and times to water your garden. Other tools let you water your yard from your smartphone anywhere in the world, and will even notify you if there’s a water leak.

With spring fast approaching, we are all itching to get outside and garden. While you wait, why not include one or two of these home and garden trends to your project list?

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