Attic Home Office and Other Attic Room Ideas


An attic home office or other attic room is a great idea for unused attic space. The attic room (or loft) is one of the most underused spaces in the home. Many homeowners store belongings in the attic. But this part of the home can have many more practical uses.

Sure, you might want to find storage for your eaves that fits perfectly. But if you are looking for inspiration about creating an attic home office, here are some ideas for attic room ideas.


Create an Attic Home Office 

Many workers continue to work from home after adopting a post-COVID hybrid working style. Some people are able to work remotely from home full time. That’s when an attic home office is the perfect idea for unused attic space.

Turning your attic space into an attic home office is a great way to separate work and home. It enables you to leave your office at the end of the day and dissociate from the workday.  Installing an attic home office gives you quiet, dedicated works space. Furnish your attic home office with office furniture that fits the existing space. Be sure to add plenty of lamps and lighting to brighten your attic home office space.


a woman in a home office with a laptop computer and headphones


An Attic Playroom

Kids love playing in attics. If your kids need an area to call their own, why not convert your attic space into a play area?

When you don’t have any spare rooms in the house, an attic playroom is a perfect solution. To make an attic playroom kid friendly, paint the walls with bright colors and install plenty of storage for toys and games. Remember to make the way up into the attic accessible for your younger children, too.


Create a Family Game Room

For older kids, and the entire family, use the attic space as a family game room. The more private location of this room will give your kids the sense of independence they’re likely craving.

Turning an attic into a game room can be a quick set up. Add a TV or gaming projector and comfortable chairs and a sofa. For the ultimate gaming experience, add a PC and monitor where your kids can play computer games, stream Disney plus, or even challenge their parents on the Playstation.


Build an Attic Reading Nook

A great way to make use of the awkward shapes in your attic is by creating a reading nook. You use the attic as an area to store all your books. It’s also a cozy place to read a great book—or even take a nap.

Don’t forget to add beanbags or a small bed to your attic reading nook. This should be a space where you can nestle down and get comfy.


attic home bedroom with a bed and couch


An Attic Bedroom

Another great way to use an attic is for an extra bedroom. Guest surely won’t mind spending a few nights in a nicely decorated attic bedroom.

You might need to get creative to accommodate a bed, dresser, and other bedroom furniture. But the effort is worth it!

So, there’s no excuse for not making the most from your attic space. Why not use these 5 ideas to convert your loft into an attic home office or another extra room in your house? After all, there truly is more to your attic than just storing your old suitcases! And when it’s time to tidy up your new attic room, check out these awesome Cordless Vacuum Cleaners.

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