Chickens and Poultry

Chickens are hot. In cities, towns and suburbs, chicken coops are sprouting in record numbers.

Why are so many people suddenly raising chickens? A survey of comments on reveals a host of reasons.

“A friend of my mom’s had been raising chickens for about a year, and after visiting her and doing some research, we decided to get some of our own.”

“I wanted to create meaningful memories for our grandson. I thought how fun it would be to raise chicks together.”

“The best choice for starting with farm animals is CHICKENS!”

“Chickens were perfect because they honored my grandparents’ farm, gave us fresh eggs and were pretty simple to care for.”

“I’ve seen that every chicken is like a person. They have their own personality and it is fricking funny and absolutely amazing to see them brighten my day.”

If you’ve got a hankering to start raising backyard chickens so you can harvest your own fresh eggs, here are some helpful resources.


A starter home for your hens

You’ve decided you want to raise your own chickens. Once you’ve decided on your chicks, you will need a new home (or coop) for them. The Winscombe Chicken Coop is based on classic hen house design to provide hens with ample space, plenty of ventilation, molded nest areas and elevated roosting areas. This starter coop has a floor size that measures 34 inches by 19 inches, making it perfect for small yards. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic for a minimum carbon footprint and easy cleaning (the removable roof panels and droppings tray can be pressure washed). Eggs can be collected easily via a convenient, large back door.

Each coop is delivered in a flat pack and can be assembled quickly thanks to the unique Coop-Clip assembly system. A sturdy 3.5 by 6 foot welded mesh steel run is available as an additional option. The Winscombe Chicken Coop sells for $600.00 from .


Baby chicks—delivered to your doorstep

If you’re thinking that it might be fun to explore the world of backyard chickens because you simply love the idea harvesting eggs, you might not know where to buy baby chicks—or what kind to buy. For over 95 years, Murray McMurray’s family-owned hatchery has been supplying the small farmer, rural egg producer and chicken enthusiast with a wide variety of day-old baby chicks, pullets, ducklings and much more. Murray McMurray’s offers a full line of different breeds of poultry and chickens to satisfy chicken lovers of every age.

Using Murray McMurray’s proprietary and easy-to-navigate Chick Selector, you simply choose the characteristics of the chickens you are most interested in or are best suited for. With just a couple of clicks, you will soon be watching your chicks grow from newly hatched babies to adults. Visit to see their weekly listing of currently available chicks, ducks, geese and other birds.