Ideas to make homestead and ranch life easier

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Outfitting a modern ranch or homestead is all about a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. On larger ranch and homestead properties, becoming more self-sufficient means drilling wells and installing backup water pumps. But the ranch and homestead state of mind can also include raising chickens for a steady supply of fresh eggs—no matter how big or small your property is. An every self-respecting homestead needs a large vegetable garden, right?

Here are some products that make the ranch, homestead and self-sufficient lifestyle easier.

Keep your backyard flock cozy and warm

It’s important to keep the body temperatures of animals regulated in the cold winter months, especially pets, flocks and animals that don’t always fit into doggie-sweaters. The new Cozy Coop Flat Panel Heater offers a sleek, unobtrusive design that easily fits anywhere it’s needed. This powerful heater combines both radiant and convection heat to protect birds and poultry from the cold. The Cozy Coop heater is safe to use around animals, and it uses just 200 watts—about 13% the electricity of a standard 1,500 watt space heater.

The Cozy Coop is an ETL certified radiant heater for chicken coops. (An ETL certified Zero-Clearance product is allowed to be placed on or against combustible surfaces without causing a fire hazard or any harm to animals.) The heater has a built-in thermostat and an in-cord on/off switch for fingertip control. It silently keeps chickens comfortable and warm. The Cozy Coop Flat Panel Heater is available from

A deep water hand pumps keeps the water flowing during a disaster 

If you have a well on your property, a deep well hand pump can be one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own. In the event of a power blackout—including a generator failure or a natural disaster—a hand-powered pump can provide life-saving access to water.

A Standard Deep Well hand pump from Bison Pumps is the perfect backup to an electric pump, providing access to well water when the electric power goes out. Bison Pumps can be installed alongside or in-line with an electric submersible pump. The high quality pump is hand-crafted in the USA for years of dependable service, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The pump’s stainless steel lift rod is FDA approved for potable water, and the tensile strength of the stainless steel is vastly superior to fiberglass. The entire pump is constructed of stainless steel, TIG-welded, and hand-polished to a mirror finish.

Bison Pumps makes a wide variety of hand-operated well pumps, including the Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump (Model 1900) that’s perfect for pressurizing a water tank. Bison also sells all the accessories needed for proper pump installations. For more information about pumps and accessories including pricing, technical support and finding the nearest dealer, visit   

Lehman’s rotary cultivator gets rid of weeds

Since 1955, Lehman’s has proudly sold simple products for a simpler life. The Lehman’s store in Kidron, Ohio, is located in the heart of Amish country. Over the years the company has served a clientele that appreciates old-fashioned technology that still works in a modern world.

Lehman’s worked with local Amish craftsmen to redesign a human-powered garden cultivator. The result is Lehman’s Own Rotary Cultivator—the easiest and most efficient way to rid a garden of weeds. Push the rotary cultivator in between garden rows and five angled tines provide excellent cultivating action to break up clods and level planting beds. Flip the cultivator over, and the slicing bar cuts off weeds just below the surface. (Tilling and weeding width is 11 inches). The 37-inch-long height-adjustable oak handle makes it easy to comfortably till your garden—no matter how short or tall you are. Like so many of Lehman’s products, this cultivator is proudly made in the USA.

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