Puppy Proof Your Home


Puppy proof your home with these tips that will keep your new dog safe and happy.

About one-third of us own dogs, and there’s no denying that they are a huge part of the family. But if you are new to having a puppy, you need to puppy proof your home. It’s for your puppy’s health and for your sanity! Here are a few things to consider.


Prepare Your Space to Puppy Proof Your Home

If you’ve never had a dog before, you may need to invest in a few pieces of equipment. This will ensure that your puppy has a comfortable and fulfilled life with you.

Food and water bowls are essential for your dog. Fresh water should always be available, and your puppy needs meals on a regular schedule. Choose non-slip food and water bowls because they will prevent spills and messes.


a dog uses pet food and water bowls


To keep spilled water and “potty accidents” from being a major clean-up, get some puppy pads. These will make clean-ups easier and will keep your carpet from getting ruined.


Dog Bed and Puppy Toys

You will need to provide your dog with a comfortable bed. It should be big enough for them to stretch out in. There is a huge range of beds, from luxury dog beds that will match the décor of your home to high-walled beds and crates for pets who prefer a more enclosed space. The choice is yours!

You will also want to provide your puppy with a range of dog toys such as snuffle mats, balls and chew toys. This will help to keep them entertained. Dogs who are engaged and stimulated throughout the day will behave much better than those who are bored. So, it is in your best interest to play with them. And puppies love to play!


Puppy Proof Your Home

If you are going to puppy proof your home for the first time, be aware of how nosey and excitable puppies are. Accidents are likely to happen as your pooch gets settled in. Puppy-proofing your home is a great way to minimize any harm that could come to your puppy— and your house.

For example, a teething puppy might find the wires in your home an incredible chew toy. Be sure to tape up or move any wires higher up. And try not to leave things plugged in if your dog is unsupervised.

Place anything that you would miss if it got broken out of reach. Don’t leave your lovely glass vase on a coffee table. It could easily be bumped into by your excitable pooch.


puppy proof your home with lots of dog toys


Be Aware of Toxins

Unfortunately, there can be many things around the home that, if ingested, can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Common houseplants such as ivy, lilies, and aloe vera can all cause stomach problems if your dog ingests them.

Also, any chemical cleaners including ammonia or bleach can make your pet sick, and even kill smaller pets. Keep these products in locked cupboards. For safety, look for chemical-free products or even make your cleaning supplies – which is easier than you think!

If you suspect your pet may have eaten something toxic, call your local vet as soon as possible.

Enjoy your puppy in your puppy proof home! And when the time comes to leave your dog temporarily at home or at a pet sitter’s place, read Pet Sitter Instructions for Your Fur Baby.


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