The right yard and garden tools make the job easier

Homeowners and gardeners know this truth: having the right yard and garden tools is an essential component in maintaining a healthy and attractive yard and garden. From shovels to pruners, garden tools help to keep plants healthy and looking great.

Sometimes a well-designed tool is required to efficiently weed a perennial bed or vegetable garden. Sometimes the tool you need provides a time-saving and labor-saving way to dig holes when you’re planting spring-flowering bulbs. And sometimes the right garden tool can make all the difference when you’re pruning dead branches from a tree, or gathering and hauling off fall leaves.

Here are some great tools the get the job done.


CobraHead® “mini” Weeder and Cultivator

CobraHead-mini-webGood gardeners want well-made tools that make gardening easier. The new CobraHead® “mini” Weeder and Cultivator is the perfect tool for precision weeding in flower beds, vegetable gardens and even in flower pots and containers. The forged CobraHead blade works like a “steel fingernail®” to weed, cultivate, dig, plant and transplant. The strong, sharp, tempered blade cuts through and breaks up all soils, even the toughest clay, and it makes short work of cleaning weed-choked gardens.

The CobraHead “mini” is smaller and lighter than the original CobraHead Weeder, so it’s easier to use in tight spaces. The comfortable, ergonomically designed handle (made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fiber) fits perfectly in smaller hands, so women and seniors love it. The handle is molded around the unique blade to ensure it can never work loose.

The CobraHead “mini” Weeder and Cultivator hand tool sells for $21.95 directly from the manufacturer at CobraHead LLC is a Wisconsin-based family business that also makes the original CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator and the CobraHead Long Handle Weeder.


Why dig holes when you can drill them?

power planter webInstead of digging holes for the flower bulbs you plant this fall, why not drill them with a bulb auger? A sturdy metal planting auger helps you plant more bulbs in less time with a lot less work.

The 3-inch by 7-inch bulb auger from Power Planter breaks up soil as it drills planting holes, which gives bulbs great soil contact from the start. Just drill a planting hole using the bulb auger and lift the loose dirt out with the auger. Drop a bulb into the hole, where a nice bed of loose dirt waits in the bottom. Then just fill the hole with the remaining loose dirt. It’s as simple as that. The auger’s 7-inch length digs every hole to the perfect depth.

Get the Power Planter 3” x 7” bulb auger and the 2” x 7” planting auger (great for spring flower planting) together for $37.79 directly from the Power Planter online store at and ships for FREE. Power Planter is family-owned and located on a rural farm in Illinois. All Power Planter augers are hand-welded and backed by an unconditional guarantee.


Loppers are great for fall pruning—and they make a great holiday gift

fiskars lopper webThe best gardeners know a secret that beginners have yet to discover: better tools can make you a better gardener. A great pair of loppers is an indispensible tool when it’s time to prune a tree, trim a hardy shrub or even cut off dead canes from a favorite climbing rose.

The Extendable Power-Lever® Lopper combines craftsmanship with rugged dependability that makes pruning easier and more efficient. This high-quality tool features precision-ground steel blades and durable Softgrip® handles for maximum comfort and stability. The adjustable arms extend to more than three feet long, making it easier than ever to reach high branches and cut them with ease and precision.

The Power-Lever® mechanism utilizes compound lever technology, which maximizes leverage and doubles the branch-cutting capabilities of regular loppers. You won’t believe how easy it is to slice through thick branches. The fully hardened steel blades are coated to resist rust and decrease friction—so it still cuts like new even after years of heavy use. Fiskars is well known for its superior line of tools, and these latest loppers proudly carry that standard of excellence. These loppers are covered by a lifetime warranty. Available for $36.95 from or call 800-845-1124.


An EZ way to gather fall leaves

EZ-Leaf-Hauler-webRaking and gathering leaves in the fall can be a back-breaking chore. Using a power leaf blower might make the job faster, but the noise and pollution created by power equipment creates its own set of problems. Homeowners looking for an easier and greener solution to fall yard cleanups now have a new, cleaner and quieter option.

The patented EZ Leaf Hauler is like a giant dustpan for leaves. It has an innovative yet simple design that allows you to rake away large piles of leaves with ease and efficiency. It holds four times more leaves and debris than a wheelbarrow, and it has six built-in handles for easy transport. With the EZ Leaf Hauler, all you have to do is stake it, rake it, and take it away.

EZ-Leaf-Hauler2-webThe EZ Leaf Hauler is part of the EZ Lawn & Garden line of cost-effective, eco-friendly lawn maintenance products that simplify outdoor chores. The EZ Leaf Hauler retails for $34.99 from For more information call 401-339-7836