Natural Pet Products

Pets are big business—especially in America. The U.S. alone accounts for 38% of the global market for pet food—$19.85 billion of the $56 billion global market in 2011, up to $20.54 billion in 2012, and as much as $26.6 billion by 2015. (Source: Pet Food Market Assessment 2013, released by PMMI.)

“The pet-food market has defied most of the predictions…. Despite economic downturns, consumers are still showing a willingness to invest in their family pets. They’re continuing to try new products and pay premium prices, and even organic products and functional foods are seeing growth,” says Jorge Izquierdo, vice president of market development for PMMI.

Natural pet food isn’t the only growth area in the pet industry. Consumers who are buying natural and organic food for their dogs and cats are also trying other natural pet products, including healthy dog treats, vitamins and supplements, shampoos, and more.

Mother Nature’s tricks are even being used to make it easier to train a puppy where to “go” in the yard. Here’s a roundup of some new, natural products for dogs.


DoggieDuty™ makes “potty training” easier

Now it’s easier than ever to train a dog where to go to relieve itself in the yard. Summit® DoggieDuty™ Trainer utilizes a dog’s natural instinct to cover the scent of another canine outdoors to mark and establish its territorial boundaries. DoggieDuty™ Trainer tablets contain concentrated coyote urine that dogs will naturally want to cover up with their own scent.

Placing a DoggieDuty™ Trainer gel tablet in the yard where you want your dogs to go will keep them from going in areas of the yard that you want to keep free of dog urine. The unique DoggieDuty™Trainer gel-tablets will encourage dogs to confine their waste to specific areas in the yard, thereby protecting areas near patios, porches, outdoor living spaces, vegetable gardens and other sensitive landscape areas. While odorless to humans, the active ingredient in DoggieDuty™ Trainer gel-tablets attracts dogs and encourages them to urinate. The active ingredients are natural and biodegradable.

Just drop a gel-tablet in or around the preferred waste area. Your hands will never come in contact with the active ingredients. DoggieDuty™ Trainer gel-tablets will last for 30 days, even in rainy or snowy conditions.

Summit® DoggieDuty™ Trainer is available in three package sizes—20 tablets, 40 tablets and 100 tablets. Visit for more information.


Natural food for vibrant, happier and healthier pets

The name almost makes it sound as if Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken, made with the finest natural ingredients available, is good enough for people to eat. But this dry food, from Halo Purely for Pets®, is definitely for dogs. Foods that are full of unnatural or adulterated ingredients can harm pets by introducing unhealthy substances into their systems. Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken is made with butcher-quality chicken, whole egg and a bounty of farm-raised vegetables. This easily digestible home-style recipe also provides natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber, and it contains no corn, wheat or wheat gluten.

Halo is the only major brand with no chicken meal or other rendered animal parts. Premium quality ingredients and commitment to holistic pet care are what separates Halo from many other pet care companies. Nutritional experts at Halo have spent more than two decades researching pet health and nutrition in order to provide the very best for pets. To purchase Halo Purely for Pets® products or find a retailer near you visit



Natural shampoo for itchy dogs

Many people don’t realize just how sensitive a dog’s skin really is. A dog’s skin is only about 3-5 cell-layers thick, while we humans have skin that is about 10-15 layers thick. So, harsh shampoos with lots of chemicals and those that aren’t pH balanced may be irritating to a dog’s skin.

Now there’s a gentle, effective, all-natural shampoo that can help keep dogs clean and their skin itch-free. KissAble Oatmeal Shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal, one of the most effective natural ingredients for canine itch relief. The formula also includes chamomile and aloe, both of which are renowned for their soothing properties, plus rosemary to help relieve soreness and discomfort. A 16-ounce bottle of KissAble Oatmeal Shampoo sells for $10.99 and will make your best canine friend fresh, clean, comfortable—and oh yes, way more kissable! KissAble Oatmeal Shampoo is available online at