Gifts for Gardeners this Holiday Season

Gifts for gardeners include a great weeding tool and the ultimate seed-starting kit. Holiday season gifts for gardeners also include a learning course for those who want to start gardening, a magazine that offers gardening inspiration, and more!

How to Create a Goth Garden

Goth Gardening and a Goth Garden suggests the fascination with cemeteries and death. Themes of death and decay dictate the use of black and dark purple plants. A Goth Garden lets you explore your inner dark side with tombstones, gargoyles, flickering lights, cobwebs and drama. 

Planting Fall Bulbs Brings Colorful Spring Flowers

Planting fall bulbs for spring flowers should be at the top of every homeowner's to-do list in the autumn. Planting fall bulbs is like planting buried treasure in your garden.

Overgrown Trees, Volunteer Plants and Tough Love in the Landscape

Fall is the time for trimming overgrown trees and removing volunteer plants that sowed themselves in too many places. It’s time for tough love in the landscape.

Use BTI to Kill Mosquitoes. It’s Chemical-free.

There is no reason to use harsh chemicals when you can kill mosquitoes with chemical-free BTI. That's because BTI is a naturally occurring bacterium that kills mosquitoes before they can become flying, biting, disease-spreading adults.

Best New Gardening Books for Summer Reading

Summer is the season for gardening, and it’s also the time for reading the best new gardening books. Read these books about vegetable gardening, growing flowers, creating butterfly habitats, decorating she sheds and designing with houseplants.

12 Cold Hardy Tropical Plants to Grow Now

Grow cold hardy tropical plants in temperate areas of the USA to give your garden a totally new look. Use these 12 cold hardy tropical plants and enjoy the tropics in your backyard.

7 Perfect Patio Fruit Trees for Small Spaces

Dwarf varieties of orange, apple, lemon, fig, peach and pomegranate trees make perfect patio fruit trees. Grow these dwarf trees in containers on patios, decks, balconies and any small spaces.

How to Get Rid of Ticks

In backyards, forests and fields across America, the population of disease-carrying ticks is increasing.  Homeowners and hikers alike are wondering how to get rid of ticks.

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Follow these tips to attract butterflies to your garden. Not only are butterflies the winged jewels of the landscape, but these beautiful creatures also help pollinate flowers.

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