Gifts for Gardeners this Holiday Season

Gifts for gardeners include pruners, great weeding tools and organic garden seeds gift collections. Holiday season gifts for gardeners also include plants, gardening books and high-tech gifts for home and garden.

Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round

Want to enjoy your backyard all year round? Your backyard should be a comfortable space where you can lounge and enjoy precious moments with your family and friends. It should also be a welcoming area where you can entertain guests and make many great memories.

Bamboo Plants and How to Grow Them

Bamboo plants are popular garden plants because they are both beautiful and easy to grow. Some types of bamboo plants are great for tropical landscaping, while others fit well in more modern or urban designs.

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Most people tend to think of spring when it comes to planting and gardening. However, autumn is a great time to get a head start on your garden for the following year. Here are a few things you should consider when preparing your garden for those cold winter months.

Reduce Water Consumption in Your Garden

In times of water shortages, you need to reduce water consumption in your garden. Everyone needs to do their part in conserving this valuable resource. Many states in the United States are experiencing severe drought conditions, including California, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Kansas and Oklahoma. Even if you're not in a drought-stricken area, it's still important to conserve water whenever possible.

Lawn Fertilization Tips for Spring and Fall

Lawn fertilization is necessary for healthy, green grass lawns. A well-fertilized turfgrass lawn is healthy enough to withstand stress from pests, foot traffic, and environmental factors. Quite simply, regular lawn fertilization is necessary to maintain optimal health. Here are some quick tips that will help you maintain a healthy green turfgrass lawn.

Gas vs. Electric Power Equipment

The choice between gas vs. electric power equipment continues to evolve. But one thing is certain: battery powered cordless electric power equipment keeps getting better. For homeowners and even professional landscapers, that makes it easier and easier to buy cordless electric power equipment.

Tips for Growing Healthy Roses

Roses are the rock stars of the garden. Rose bushes are stately and impressive, and the flowers look lovely for weeks at a time. Follow these tips for growing healthy roses and your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Top Dressing Your Lawn with Compost

Top dressing your lawn with compost is a common practice that has been used for centuries. Because top dressing provides lawns with beneficial nutrients, many homeowners use this technique along with regular lawn maintenance routines. Read on to discover helpful tips and the benefits to top dressing your lawn with compost.

The Joys of Fall Gardening

The joys of fall gardening include planting bulbs, planting cool season vegetables, planting trees and shrubs, and getting the garden ready for the winter to come. Fall just happens to be a great time in the garden.

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