Awesome Homegrown Flower Arrangements

A blooming garden is all you need to create awesome homegrown flower arrangements. Pick fresh flowers and interesting foliage to combine in beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets. Here's how to arrange flowers like a pro.

Hydrangea Happiness: How to Grow Hydrangeas

Chose the right type of hydrangeas for your area, and these flowering shrubs will always make you smile. Hydrangeas are some of the most popular and sought-after flowers. But because of the variety of hydrangea species, they often cause great confusion. This article will simplify these beautiful flowering shrubs and explain how to grow hydrangeas. Success with hydrangeas comes down to three things. The…

Tree Trimming Tips

Tree trimming is a regular part of maintaining a yard and garden. In this guide, we offer tree trimming tips that help keep trees healthy while giving your yard a professional look. Many people don’t realize that tree trimming is also a way to avoid hazards. That’s because overgrown trees can fall in high winds or even provide an obstacle for traffic. Editor’s Note: Trimming trees and pruning trees are…

Best Flowering Vines for Vertical Gardening

Flowering vines are a gardener’s secret weapon—especially when you run out of horizonal gardening space. If you have a small garden space and you still crave more plants, the answer is as simple as vertical gardening with flowering vines. Even if you still have horizontal growing space, vines reaching heavenward add another dimension to your landscape. There’s something magical about a clear blue sky…

Plants for Pollinators

Why should you grow plants for pollinators? For starters, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are colorful and interesting visitors to any garden. And without these pollinators and the plants that support them, there literally wouldn’t be gardens. Unfortunately, many of these winged jewels are in trouble. The populations of many species of butterflies, hummingbirds and bees are being threatened by…

A Spring Garden Jump Start in 12 Easy Steps

It's time for a spring garden jump start. The grass is starting to green up, bulbs are peeking through the soil and spring is around the corner. Gardening chores come fast and furious once warm weather hits. Sometimes you don’t have time to fit all the tasks in. A spring garden jump-start is a productive way to begin your gardening year. You can hit the ground running and get ahead of the season. That's…

Best Cordless Electric Tillers

Cordless electric tillers and cultivators combine impressive digging power with eco-friendly benefits. The electric motor of a cordless electric tiller is quiet, energy efficient, and it starts immediately. Plus, an electric tiller or cultivator will never run out of gas. Garden tillers and cultivators make it easier to prepare a garden plot for planting. Because let’s face it, turning soil over with a…

How to Harvest and Store Seeds

One of the easiest ways for gardeners to save money is to harvest and store seeds from their gardens. It’s easy. It’s fun. And harvesting and storing seeds is a tradition that goes back for many centuries. Fall and early winter is when you harvest and store seeds. For many gardeners, it’s the final activity of the garden season. Harvesting and storing seeds is a bittersweet way to say goodbye to one…

Grow Your Best Garden Ever

Great gardens do not magically appear in your yard. The sooner you plan and start to grow your best garden ever, the sooner it will begin to manifest in your yard.

Power Planter Augers: Digging Made Easy

We've been digging holes--with shovels--the same old way for centuries. But now planting augers from Power Planter make it fast and easy to drill holes for plants and bulbs.

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