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Make a Perfect Dried Flower Wreath from Your Old Bouquets

Making a dried flower wreath is an attractive way to repurpose old floral bouquets into something new and functional. Whether you use your wedding bouquet, an arrangement from another important occasion or cut flowers from your garden, your old flowers and this simple DIY project will unleash your creativity. Plus, we guarantee you will have fun! Here are some helpful tips so that you can make a perfect…

5 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

How can you bring the outdoors indoors? How can you make nature a bigger part of your indoor decor? It’s not as difficult as you think. If you’re a big fan of nature, then you already know there’s something soothing about being outside. But being outdoors all the time just isn’t practical, such as when the weather is bad or you have a list of chores to do inside the house. That’s when being able to…

Add Natural Elements to Your Kitchen Design

There are plenty of ways to use your kitchen design to bring nature indoors. You can incorporate lots of green plants, add natural stone or brick, or even plan your window placement so it overlooks your green backyard. Adding natural furniture elements, such as modern wooden tables and chairs, makes perfect sense in the kitchen.

Best Flowering Houseplants

As the popularity of houseplants continues to soar, Byron Martin of Logee’s Plants for Home and Garden selects some of the best flowering houseplants to grow now.

Eco-Friendly Cat: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Cat’s Environmental Pawprint

Do you have an eco-friendly cat? These 10 tips for pet owners ensure that every cat is an eco-friendly cat with a smaller carbon pawprint.

Quick House Cleaning Tips for a 10 Minute Clean

This list of quick house cleaning tips can save you a lot of time. In fact, a cleaning routine using quick house cleaning tips can keep your place clean and help keep you sane.

8 Easy Rustic Holiday Decor Ideas

Rustic holiday decor is perfect for a big holiday get-together or a quiet family gathering. Make these 8 easy rustic holiday decor projects.

Decorate Your Home with Jigsaw Puzzles

When you decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles, you create homemade beauty and wonderful family experiences. Jigsaw puzzles are a great and fun activity for both adults and children. They are a unique and beneficial family and solo pastime. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer 1000 piece puzzles, wood brain teasers, or 3D mechanical puzzles. All of these share one key element—they give you a real mental…

How To Make A Holiday Wreath

It’s not difficult to make a holiday wreath. Here’s how to make your own Christmas holiday wreath that honors a centuries-old tradition. Some people might see a pile of evergreen branches. But other creative folks see boundless possibilities! Don’t discard the branches you have trimmed from your fresh-cut Christmas tree. Instead, use these trimmed branches to create your very own DIY holiday wreath! A…

A Winter Living Room Makeover on a Budget

For a winter living room makeover, warmth should be your top priority. The room must feel cozy and comfortable. Plus, it must be attractive enough to become a much-loved venue for the holiday season—and beyond.

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