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Tips for Winter Outdoor Living Space

Here are 6 essentials that will make your outdoor living space cozy and comfortable this winter.

Tiny Space? Grow a Mini Indoor Garden!

A mini indoor garden is perfect for a small apartment or office space. There are creative ways to incorporate plants into your decor. One of the best ways is to create a mini indoor garden in tin cans or other containers.

Eco-Friendly Dog Tips

Eco-friendly dog products include environmentally friendly dog toys, eco-friendly dog poop bags, dog beds and more. Here are some great products and ideas that will help reduce your dogs’ carbon pawprints on Planet Earth.

How to Grow Tropical Fruits in Containers

If you have always wanted to grow tropical fruits, Byron Martin, co-owner of Logee’s Tropical Plants, has good news for you. You can grow tropical fruits in containers in most climates. The key is to choose dwarf varieties of plants that have been bred to produce fruit even on a smaller plant.

How to Take Care of Holiday Gift Plants

Do you know how to take care of holiday gift plants? It's easy. Just follow these simple tips for taking care of holiday gift plants and your plant will thrive.

7 Expert Tips on How to Care for Poinsettias

Poinsettias are excellent houseplants, and they will easily look great throughout the holiday season with minimal care. Here are 7 expert tips for poinsettia care.

Decorate with Simple, Sustainable Holiday Containers

Holiday decorating is a tradition that lives on with holiday containers made with greenery and ornamental berries found in your own yard. Decorative holiday containers add a personal touch to the holiday season.

Six Affordable Ways to Update Your Home

Whether you’re selling your home or merely looking for a change in your environment, there may come a time when you decide to make some updates to your home. Yes, it is easy to put off the task because of the potential cost and time needed for renovating. But there are many ways to spruce things up without breaking the bank. You’ll also find that you can do these projects little by little so that you don’t…

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Home and Garden

Halloween decorating ideas start with bundled corn stalks and a few small pumpkins. For more ambitious Halloween decorating ideas, add skeletons and spiders

Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Organized

How do you keep your bedroom clean and organized in your crazy busy life? Just as you need to keep the rest of your home clean and organized, it’s crucial you devote that same attention to your bedroom. A bedroom acts as a sanctuary from the stress of everyday life. That’s why a tidy bedroom can rejuvenate you after a long day. A clean and organized bedroom can also prepare you for whatever a new day…

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