Planting Fall Bulbs Brings Colorful Spring Flowers

Planting fall bulbs for spring flowers should be at the top of every homeowner's to-do list in the autumn. Planting fall bulbs is like planting buried treasure in your garden.

A Guide to American Hummingbirds

The delightful species of hummingbirds found in America boast jeweled hues and distinctive markings that reveal their species. Pay close attention to their colors (and sometimes their size) and you can identify which species are visiting your backyard.

Grow a Mini Wildflower Garden

If you have ever thought about growing a mini wildflower garden, you are not alone. Natural-looking flower gardens are more popular than ever. In fact, wildflower gardens (also called meadow gardens) are trending all over social media. Mike Lizotte is the author of Mini Meadows: Grow a Little Patch of Colorful Flowers Anywhere Around Your Yard. He is also the owner of American Meadows, a top source for…

How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

If you want to attract hummingbirds to your yard and garden, you are in good company. It seems like everyone loves hummingbirds. Here's how.

5 Lawn Care Tips for Greener Grass

Spring and Fall are the best times to plant a new lawn or rehab your tired old lawn. Follow these 5 lawn care tips for greener grass if you want a healthy, green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Small Container Water Garden Creates Big Impact

A large water feature can require a great deal of work to create and maintain. It’s okay if you’re not up to that kind of a commitment, because you can create a small container water garden that makes a big impact on your yard.

Best Roses for Backyard Gardens

The best roses are truly the superstars of garden flowers. They are revered all over the world for their beauty. As a lifelong gardener, it was difficult for me to select the 10 best roses to grow in a backyard garden. Many great roses didn’t make the cut. (Such is the downside of creating a Top 10 list!) All of the roses on my best roses list have edible petals. In fact, these roses have delicious…

Grow More Vegetables in a Square Foot Garden

The book Square Foot Gardening is the most popular gardening book ever published in North America. Steve Bartholomew, director of the Square Foot Gardening Association and son of the book's author, shares his tips on how to create the most productive vegetable garden you have ever grown.

How to Fertilize Clematis (and other flowering plants)

When Deborah Hardwick first started growing flowering clematis plants, she did not know how to fertilize clematis. Now she's an internationally known clematis expert, and she shares her knowledge about fertilizing clematis to get the best display of colorful flowers.

Container Gardening for Beginners

Gardening is trending again, and container gardening for beginners is leading the way. People who have never grown plants before are suddenly interested in planting a garden.

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