How to Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are well-loved flowers that bloom all summer. Sunflowers are drought tolerant, resistant to pests, and attractive to pollinators and birds. Their large flowers make beautiful bouquets, and their seeds are a great source of food for birds and people.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Garden

How to get rid of rats in your garden! There are few things more annoying than dealing with garden pests, and rats are certainly pests. These rodents can eat your garden crops. Plus, rats are vermin that can spread diseases. Here are some proven ways to get rid of rats in your garden and yard.

Best Gardening Shoes and Outdoor Boots

There are LOTS of good choices when searching for the best gardening shoes and outdoor boots. We’re talking about waterproof shoes and tough, reinforced boots. And we’re also talking about gardening shoes and boots that are stylish enough to wear on errands. Like to the local coffee shop or the hardware store.

Our Favorite Fun Flower Facts

Impress your friends with these fun and handy little facts on the most popular spring- and summer-blooming flowers!

How to Get Rid of Ticks

In backyards, forests and fields across America, the population of disease-carrying ticks is increasing.  Homeowners and hikers alike are wondering how to get rid of ticks.

Best Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers

The best cordless electric hedge trimmers can make quick work of trimming your hedges and shrubs. The blades are sharp. The trimmers are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and use. The cordless electric motors are quiet, powerful, and efficient. And the rechargeable batteries pack plenty of power to get the job done.

Backyard Retreat: How to Choose the Right Plants

Gardening doesn't require a lot of space to have an impact. A small garden space, a back deck or a balcony makes a great backyard retreat. You can get the benefits of having a relaxing and tranquil garden almost anywhere.

Best Gardening Podcasts for Fun and Inspiration

The best gardening podcasts can entertain, inform, and inspire you. You might be someone who enjoys tending a garden or a professional landscaper. Either way, there is plenty you can learn from the best gardening podcasts.

Grow Glass Gem Corn for a Colorful Harvest

What exactly is Glass Gem Corn? Think of it as Indian corn on steroids. But it grows like other common corn varieties. So, if you’ve grown yellow corn or sweet corn or white corn, you can grow rainbow-colored Glass Gem Corn.

Tree Watering Made Simple: The Root Quencher Story

It’s not enough to simply water the surface of the soil around a tree. A tree’s deep roots also need to receive water to keep the tree healthy. Deep watering can be the difference between a healthy tree and a dying tree.

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