Small Container Water Garden Creates Big Impact

A large water feature can require a great deal of work to create and maintain. It’s okay if you’re not up to that kind of a commitment, because you can create a small container water garden that makes a big impact on your yard.

Best new roses for your garden

Rose bushes are the queens of the garden. As garden royalty, roses have a knack for making themselves the center of attention. Sometimes all it takes is a single rose at the peak of bloom to draw our gaze.  Because of their size, rose bushes stand out above lawns, groundcovers and flower beds.  Roses come in a stunning variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and every year new varieties arrive to steal the…

Flowers and flowering plants add color and pizzazz to gardens

Want to add color to your garden? Plant flowers! There are hundreds of varieties of flowering plants available from websites, mailorder catalogs and local garden centers. In addition to the old favorites, there are always new varieties of flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs that practically demand a spot in your yard and garden.  These beauties will thrive in a variety of growing conditions, and…

New varieties of vegetable seeds for your garden

Every year, seed catalogs and websites strive to introduce new vegetable varieties that put a fresh spin on garden favorites. Sometimes these new varieties offer bigger harvests and better hardiness. Sometimes the appeal is a different color or a new variety designed especially for container growing. The new vegetable varieties presented here are sure to be among this year’s popular favorites. So,…

Four fabulous flowering plants to grow in containers

When it comes to flowering plants, Byron and Laurelynn Martin, the third-generation owners of Logee’s Greenhouses, are the go-to experts. Byron grew up working at Logee’s in Danielson, Connecticut (about halfway between Hartford, CT and Providence, RI), and Byron and Laurelynn have been on TV with Martha Stewart to talk about plants. “One of the questions I get asked the most is, ‘What are the best…

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