Container Gardening for Beginners

Gardening is trending again, and container gardening for beginners is leading the way. People who have never grown plants before are suddenly interested in planting a garden.

Stay at Home and Garden

The Stay at Home and Garden Initiative launched by GreenPrints magazine encourages Americans to honor state and national “stay-at- home” guidelines during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic by gardening in backyards and on decks and patios.

5 Tips to Grow the Perfect Garden

The “perfect garden” is the garden you imagine with vegetables or flowers or a mix of both. It’s the garden in a size and location and design that suits your needs and wants.

How to Start a Victory Garden 2.0

Instead of feeling helpless because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), thousands of people are starting a Victory Garden 2.0. Here's how to start a vegetable garden--even if you have never gardened before.

Power Planter Augers: The Easy Way to Dig Holes

We've been digging holes--with shovels--the same old way for centuries. But now planting augers from Power Planter make it fast and easy to drill holes for plants and bulbs.

Debunking Clematis Myths

There are lots of clematis myths that need debunking. That’s because clematis, known as “The Queen of the Vines,” is actually easier to grow than most people think. Despite the profusion of flowers that a clematis plant produces, many gardeners think these wonderful plants are difficult to grow. According to clematis expert Deborah Hardwick, clematis has gotten a bad rap. “There are so many myths…

Tips for growing successful container gardens

There are three things you need to consider before try to grow successful container gardens. The first is where you want to put your container garden. The second is determining what plants you want to grow. Third, you must choose the right containers for your container garden.

Best new vegetable seeds and plants for your garden

Every spring brings the promise of new vegetable seeds and delicious new harvests from the garden. These are the best new vegetable seeds to plant this spring.

Best 2020 Garden Catalogs and Websites

The best 2020 garden catalogs and websites, as selected by the editors of 2020 garden catalogs and websites for plants and seeds offer new varieties plus the most-popular favorites.

2020 Green Thumb Awards Honor New Plants and Garden Products

The winners of the 2020 Green Thumb Awards have been announced, and a total of six new plants and products have taken home the “green” trophy. Here are this year’s winners: Clematis ‘Lady Kyoko’ from Spring Hill Nurseries European Beech InstantHedge from InstantHedge KangaRhu Rhubarb from Gurneys Seed Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes from Concept Plants Garden Tutor…

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