Beware of Fake Seed Scams Online this Spring

Colorful or unusual plants can be found everywhere online this time of year. And while most of these are 100% real many others are not. Avoid fake seed scams disappointment by following these online seed ordering tips.

Use Insecticidal Soap to Control Insects

Understanding and using insecticidal soaps properly will help you manage pests organically, both indoors and out. Insecticidal soap is an environmentally friendly way to kill and control insect pests such as aphids, mealybugs, thrips, whiteflies, and more.

How Do Mosquito Dunks Work?

The active ingredient in Mosquito Dunks is a naturally occurring, microscopic bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis. BTI for short. The BTI bacterium is deadly to mosquito larvae but harmless to other living things.

Best Trees for Small Yards

The best trees for small yards also offer the benefits of colorful flowers in spring and colorful foliage in the fall. At their mature size, the best trees for small yards are a great choice for most suburban yards and landscapes.

How to Fix Bare Spots in Lawn

The last thing you want to see is bare patches in your lawn. Bare spots can appear for many reasons, including disease, pest infestation, too much shade and excessive foot traffic. Sometimes, your lush lawn starts to get ugly bare patches. If you need to know how to fix bare spots in your lawn, just follow these grass patch repair tips.

Best Cordless String Trimmer 2022

We’ve reviewed the available models of the best cordless string trimmers of 2022 to find the models we like. All the models reviewed in this story will easily cut through grass and weeds. They help keep your lawn and yard looking nicely manicured. And they do it with very little work on your part.

A Spring Garden Jump Start in 12 Easy Steps

A spring garden jump-start is a productive way to begin your gardening year. You can hit the ground running and get ahead of the season. That's why late winter is my favorite time to get many of the spring jobs done-- or at least get them started. It's a great way to reduce the springtime stress of too many gardening tasks to do.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Preparing your lawn during the spring season ensures healthy growth throughout the year. With the right maintenance practices, your lawn will be vibrant and healthy. It will also be capable of defending itself from various growth-related challenges and environmental stressors. Here are some of the most vital spring lawn care tips.

Orchid Garden Pool Landscape

An orchid garden filled with orchid plants was the perfect choice for a Florida swimming pool landscape that only had room for potted plants and tropical orchids mounted on the poolside walls. The result is a stunning and colorful tropical paradise.

Best Garden Tools Make Gardening Easier

Having well-designed, well-made and truly great garden tools makes any garden or yardwork job easier—and a whole lot more satisfying. From shovels to weeders and from pruners to watering accessories, garden tools help to keep plants healthy. And great garden tools keep the entire yard looking great.

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