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Easy DIY Washer Repair Saves $750

Our dependable, venerable, 20-year-old Kenmore clothes washer suddenly quit mid-cycle. It threw a breaker in the process, leaving us with a tub full of water and soggy clothes. But I scored a "win" when an easy DIY repair fixed my washing machine!

Why I Love to Pull Weeds

Yes, I love to pull weeds. And I’m not afraid to admit it. Some of you will judge me. I can hear it already. “You love to pull weeds? You must be insane. That’s what Roundup is for.” Well, there’s no better way to remove weeds from a garden than to pull the weeds out, roots and all. I will save the discussion of using poisons in the yard where kids and pets play for another story. Even if you agree…

Lessons Learned from My Favorite Houseplants

I’ve been asked many times about my favorite houseplants and where my love of houseplants began. It all began in my childhood while growing up in a rural area. My three brothers and I were immersed in nature. So, nature was our playground and trees were our jungle gym. I also worked in the vegetable garden with my mom and dad, which was huge because the garden was feeding six people. The combination of a…

Lessons I Learned as Editor of GreenPrints Magazine

I knew my job as Garden Editor at Mother Earth News was about to end. The magazine had been sold, and the offices were moving out of state. I had no idea I was about to learn gardening lessons that would teach me a lot about life. What should I do now? I was driving the last stretch of road before I reached my rural home when it came to me. “I can’t compete with all the how-to garden magazines out…

5 Life Lessons I Learned while Foraging for Wild Foods

No one is born an expert—in foraging for wild foods or anything else. We learn by doing, and along the way we make mistakes. Here are five life lessons Ellen Zachos learned from foraging for wild foods.

Six Lessons I Learned from Garden Failure

Garden failure is a harsh reality. But every garden failure offers a chance to learn, to grow, and to become a better gardener.

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Jessica aka Frugal Garden Gal is an avid gardener and garden writer based in Colorado Springs, CO. She has over 10 years in the garden industry, and is a self-described horticulture nerd and plant addict. Jessica shares her eco- and budget-friendly gardening tips at   


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Ellen Zachos is the author of seven books including The Wildcrafted Cocktail and Backyard Foraging, and she co-hosts the Plantrama podcast ( Ellen writes about wild foods at and has created an online course for beginning foragers.

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