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A Handy List of Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are extremely popular right now. That's why I compiled this list of edible flowers. Having a list of edible flowers that can serve as a reference point for safe and delicious choices is more important than ever. Eating flowers is not a new practice. In fact, people have been eating edible flowers for more than 2,000 years. But let me be clear: not all flowers are edible. It is important…

Fresh Pesto Appetizer with Tomato and Mozzarella Slices

This fresh pesto appetizer with tomato and mozzarella slices might be my favorite appetizer of all time. It’s easy to make, and virtually everyone seems to like it. Fresh pesto is an Italian classic that is popular around the world. The star of a great pesto is the fresh basil, and basil is one of my favorite herbs. (See below for tips on how to grow your own fresh basil.) And when you add fresh pesto to…

Country Style Quiche Lorraine

Culinary trends took an odd turn in the 1970s when quiche gained the reputation of being a ladies-who-lunch type of dish. That must have been because they took the bacon out and started putting everything else in-- like asparagus, goat cheese and mushrooms. But the classic Quiche Lorraine has endured. Probably because of the bacon!

Easy-to-Bake Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie

A Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie is easy to make and it tastes delicious. Use a fresh lemon and a fresh tangelo in this recipe for the best flavor.

Festive Holiday Drinks for Fabulous Celebrations

Here are seven of the most delicious holiday drinks you have ever tasted. From cocktails like Southern Comfort Hot Toddy to the best eggnog ever, these festive holiday drinks will make any party more fun.

Garden Roses: Queen of Edible Flowers

Edible roses recipes are among the favorite recipes for dishes made with edible flowers. Rose petals make a lovely addition to foods of all kinds.

Edible Spring Flowers: Dandelions, Tulips and Violets

After a long winter is finally over and flowers are bursting forth everywhere, it’s time to start thinking about edible spring flowers. Edible spring flowers (and some edible summer flowers) grow throughout the garden—and even in the lawn. These flowers do double duty, because they are as attractive outdoors in the yard and the meadow as they are on the plate. And they taste really good. Let’s look at…

The 10 Commandments of Edible Flowers

Follow these 10 Commandments of Edible Flowers to ensure your safety when eating edible flowers

Winter Foraging for Rosehips, Crabapples and Wintergreen

Winter foraging for rosehips, crabapples and wintergreen are my three favorites. Even when the ground is frozen and covered with snow, it's the perfect time to go winter foraging for rosehips, crabapples and wintergreen.

Got Crabapples? Bake this Crabapple Whiskey Cake!

Crabapple Whiskey Cake is a great combination of sweet, tart and boozy. And making a Crabapple Whiskey Cake is surprisingly easy.

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