New roses bring color to any landscape

 Rose bushes know how to stand out in a landscape. They have an instinct for making themselves the focal point in a garden, and their colorful blooms (which seem to keep coming week after week) are delightful and impossible to ignore.

Among the world’s most treasured flowering plants, roses are among the most popular and sought after. Because of their size, rose bushes stand out above lawns, groundcovers and flower beds.  Roses come in a stunning variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and every year new varieties arrive to steal the show.

New for 2017 are an impressive new rose varieties that are perfect for gardeners and homeowners who love being the first in the neighborhood to grow new plant varieties. Here are some can’t miss new varieties of roses that are sure to please.


Beautiful ‘Grateful Heart’ rose helps fight heart disease

A new hybrid tea rose called ‘Grateful Heart’ offers more than beautiful, fragrant blossoms. It’s also a rose with a purpose. For every ‘Grateful Heart’ rose bush sold, a $5 donation goes to the American Heart Association. So while ‘Grateful Heart’ grows magnificent blooms, the plant also helps fight against the world’s foremost killer: cardiovascular disease.

Grateful Heart Rose

Grateful Heart Rose from Jackson & Perkins

It is no surprise that this fragrant red rose was named ‘2017 Rose of the Year’ by Jackson & Perkins, one of the most respected growers of fine roses. Its beautiful double blooms sit high on sturdy 14-18 inch stems, contrasting beautifully with the lush dark green foliage. ‘Grateful Heart’ features a lovely symmetrical form and the toughness that modern gardens require. Reaching 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall, this is a rose bush with impressive presence and timeless beauty. It thrives in sunny locations throughout USDA Zones 5-9.

‘Grateful Heart’ is simply breathtaking when in full bloom, and the large 5-inch flowers are perfect for bouquets and arrangements. The deep red hue is highlighted by the lighter pink of the reverse petals. A hybrid of ‘Moonstone,’ ‘Grateful Heart’ brings out the best of its predecessor with slightly curved petals and rich color.

‘Grateful Heart’ is also available in a gorgeous sculpted tree form. Like all quality tree roses, ‘Grateful Heart’ performs wonderfully in containers and makes quite a statement when the crown is covered in large red double blooms. It’s the perfect choice for formal gardens, patios and small garden spaces.

Plant ‘Grateful Heart’ in a garden to honor and remember friends and family suffering from heart disease, or give it as a gift to honor someone you know. ‘Grateful Heart’ rose is available as a bareroot shrub for $34.95 or in 36-inch tree form for $55.95 from or (866) 224-3866.


A new floribunda rose variety can really ‘Spice It Up’

Fans of floribunda roses love the magnificent clusters of blooms that sit atop long, upright stems. ‘Spice It Up’ is a new floribunda rose that features multi-hued flowers with a delightful scent. The lovely ‘Spice It Up’ blossoms have petals that are a warm shade of pink mixed with subtle shades of orange and peach—and they look as lovely as a summer sunset.

Spice It Up web

Spice-It-Up Rose from Jackson & Perkins

The magnificent ‘Spice It Up’ 4-inch double blooms stand high on 12-inch upright stems, contrasting wonderfully with the dark green foliage. Admire them in the garden, or add them to cut flower bouquets and enjoy their fragrance indoors. This is an elegant, compact floribunda with the glorious scent and form for which floribundas are known. The mature bush reaches about 4-feet in height and 3-feet in width—the perfect size for smaller garden beds.

For a touch of sophistication, try a ‘Spice It Up’ rose in tree form. The rose-covered orb looks stunning when in full bloom, and its sweet fruity fragrance will greet guests with an enticing perfume. It makes a lovely addition to a formal garden and is especially impressive framing a walkway or entrance.

The ‘Spice It Up’ rose has the rich appearance and smell of a traditional floribunda, but offers the hardiness and disease-resistance of a modern hybrid. It performs wonderfully in USDA Zones 5-9, and with some extra winter protection it can even handle a Zone 4 winter. ‘Spice It Up’ is available exclusively at as a bareroot rose for $32.95 and as a 24-inch patio tree for $39.95.


Roses tough enough to handle heat and drought

Flower Carpet Yellow web

Flower Carpet Yellow is an impressive landscape rose that is available in many colors.

Homeowners looking for roses tough enough to handle drought conditions and summer heat can choose from an impressive color palette of landscape roses. Flower Carpet® roses from Anthony Tesselaar Plants have been bred to thrive in conditions that can challenge other roses. These rose bushes are compact shrubs that grow low and wide, and the colorful blooms cover the glossy green foliage for virtually the entire growing season.

Flower Carpet roses are grown on their own roots, not grafted like many other roses. Not only is there no bud union to be damaged by cold weather, but own-root roses can send up new shoots from their own roots. In addition, the two-tiered Flower Carpet rose root system sends out deep roots to capture lower-level soil moisture and shallow roots to capture surface moisture. Their disease and pest resistance makes them virtually bullet-proof. There’s no need for special pruning, heavy fertilizers or chemicals to make these eco-friendly roses perform at their best. The result is a fuller, more robust plant.

The next generation Flower Carpet® roses are tougher, more heat tolerant and more humidity tolerant than ever. Three “next generation” colors—‘Scarlet,’ ‘Pink Supreme’ and ‘Amber’—along with seven additional Flower Carpet® colors are available at garden centers everywhere. For more information, visit


New climbing rose boasts tropical colors

Tropical Lightning web

Tropical Lightning Rose is new from Weeks Roses.

The newest climbing rose from Weeks Roses brings the warmth of the tropics to backyard gardens. Tropical Lightning™ is aptly named for its exotic, tropical-colored flowers that combine sunset orange and a purple-smoke layer accented with cream-colored stripes. The colors mix together differently on every flower, creating a pleasing striped effect that’s unique and stunning. The canes of this climbing rose reach 10 to 12 feet tall, so Tropical Lightning™ is both big and dramatic. Each perfectly shaped flower holds its crazy color for days, and the prolific plant only slows down the flowering as it cools down for winter.

The flowers are 3-4 inches in diameter, and they appear in small clusters all over the plant. Tropical Lightning™ is available at fine garden centers and home center stores, and it is also available online for $29.99 at

Weeks Roses breeds and grows a wide variety of rose bushes including Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, Climbers, Rugosas & Foetidas, Shrubs, Groundcovers, Miniatures and Trees. Plants are available at retail stores, select mailorder catalogs and online vendors. For more information about Weeks Roses varieties and to locate a retailer near you, visit



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