Power Tools and Equipment

Whether you have a modest suburban backyard or a homestead that encompasses many acres, sometimes you need a little more power. Power, as in power tools and equipment, that is.

Power tools can make almost any big job easier—and they can also help with the smaller jobs, too. Do-it-yourself, gardening, home improvement and landscaping jobs can be downright back-breaking without the right piece of power equipment to lighten the load.

Take digging out a plot of ground for a garden, for example. Sure, you can do it with an old-fashioned manual shovel, but that’s a lot of work. A small but powerful Mantis Tiller can make the job go so much faster.

Check out this great outdoor equipment, and put some power to work for you.


World’s best-selling tiller packs lots of power in a small package

The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is the world’s best-selling tiller, with over 2,000,000 sold worldwide. The Mantis Tiller is powerful and durable, yet it’s light enough to carry to the garden with one hand. The patented “serpentine” tine design, paired with a powerful engine and specially engineered transmission, results in the power to break through hard soil and even clay. The Mantis Tiller’s transmission is virtually indestructible with a low-maintenance, one-piece cast aluminum gear box for added durability.

There is a Mantis Tiller model for every gardener, from the Classic two-cycle and electric models to the new Deluxe two-cycle (pictured) and four-cycle tillers. The Deluxe models feature the light weight and power of the Classics plus several new ergonomic and fatigue-fighting comfort features. For maximum power and extended tilling width, Mantis offers the Deluxe XP Tiller, featuring a 35cc four-cycle engine and 16” tilling width.

Optional attachments are also available, including a lawn dethatcher, lawn aerator, plow, crevice cleaner, and more. Every Mantis Tiller is backed by a one-year money back guarantee and a five-year consumer warranty—and the tines are guaranteed for life against breakage. Mantis Tiller prices start as low as $299. Call (888) 240-4765 or visit www.mantis.com.


High weed mower boasts commercial-grade performance

The Billy Goat High Weed Mower is powerful enough to easily cut through overgrown weeds and knee-high grass, yet still provides a smooth cut for a perfectly manicured lawn. This high torque unit is perfect for cutting knee-high grass and weeds. It’s a favorite of homeowners and homesteaders—and even municipalities, street crews, school districts and rental yards.

For power and durability, the Billy Goat High Weed Mower (model #HW651HSP) features a commercial-duty Honda engine. The floating 24” mowing deck is adjustable in ½” increments from two to four inches. A heavy-duty three-speed shift-on-the-fly transmission delivers safe and easy operation. The large 16-inch-high rear wheels smooth out uneven surfaces and add stability on hillsides. The 24-inch cutting width is adjustable for a finished cut of between 2-4 inches. Other features include a high-torque cutting blade and operator-friendly controls. Visit http://www.billygoat.com/Product-Categories/Detail/high-weed-mower-residential-commercial for more information and to find a dealer near you.


 Tough sub-compact tractors perform heavy chores

John Deere is the most famous name in large farm tractors, but the company also makes tough sub-compact tractors that perform heavy chores at homes and homesteads. The 1 Series tractors from John Deere have the power and flexibility to do jobs such as mowing, snow removal, hauling and plowing.

The John Deere 1026R tractor has a 25.2 HP three-cylinder engine and a hydrostatic transmission for on-demand power. Both four-wheel drive and power steering are standard equipment, giving the tractor easy-to-operate maneuverability. Optional AutoConnect mowing decks connect to the 1 Series tractors without ever leaving your seat. Simply drive over the deck ramps, listen for two clicks as the deck attaches, and you’re done. Front-end loaders also attach quickly for turning small mountains into molehills.

But the 1026R isn’t just about power—it’s also a pleasure to use. The deluxe suspension seat has moveable armrests, and great back support. For more information or to find a local dealer, visit http://www.deere.com/.