How to Select and Care for Holiday Poinsettias

poinsettiasPoinsettias are the most popular holiday plant because of their bright red and green leaves. But there’s an art to selecting the right poinsettia.

There’s also an art to providing the right care for holiday poinsettias.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing healthy plants and keeping them looking great during the holiday season.


Five Poinsettia Tips

  1. When selecting a poinsettia for your home, look at the leaves and the bracts (the colored leaves, which are traditionally red). Make sure bracts are fully colored throughout and the leaves underneath are dark green.
  2. Select plants that stand up well and don’t have wilted leaves. Wilted plants are probably suffering from a lack of water and they may not bounce back.
  3. Poinsettias are warm weather plants, so protect them from the cold both when you transport them and also in your home. Don’t put them in a room that gets below 60 degrees F.
  4. To retain optimal health, a poinsettia likes five or more hours of bright light, such as indirect sunlight.
  5. Water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. When the plant starts to wilt, water it immediately.


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