Three ways to make weed control easier than ever

Weed control is not the best part of gardening. It is way more fun to admire flower blossoms and savor the taste of freshly picked tomatoes than to pull weeds.

But without handling the task of weed control, the pesky plants that sprout uninvited in flower beds and vegetable gardens can literally take over.

Because getting rid of weeds is not usually a job that most gardeners enjoy, it’s wonderful when new tools and weed control products come along to make the job easier. Here’s a new power sprayer, a handy digging tool and a natural weed killer that make weeding a garden bed faster and easier.


Precision sprayer kills weeds while protecting garden plants

Do you despise weeding but don’t want your beautiful bushes to look like this?   A new weed sprayer called the Blue Viper Precision Lawn & Garden Sprayer may be your solution. Weighing in at only 3 pounds, this light weight, battery operated precision sprayer is the perfect solution to all your weed spraying issues.

The Blue Viper allows you to flawlessly spray an individual weed, create a perfect border edge, or hit those overhead trees/arbors. The innovative design features a 30″ shaft and a patent pending hood and nozzle system that sprays those hard to reach weeds in your landscape, garden and shrubs while protecting valuable garden plants and landscape shrubs. The Blue Viper is ergonomically designed so it is easy to hold and simple to operate.  Simply point and spray!

The Blue Viper is also great for use along fence lines, driveways, parking lots, and even spraying insecticide.  Start spraying and never pump, kneel or lug around a heavy sprayer again. The Blue Viper sells for $59.95. Click on the video above to see how it works or visit


Quickly dig up weeds and cultivate the soil

CobraHead Weeder web

CobraHead Tool for Weed Control

Good gardeners want well-made tools that make gardening easier. CobraHead tools are favorites among gardeners because the unique blade quickly digs into dirt to weed and cultivate. The strong, sharp, tempered blade cuts through and breaks up all soils, even the toughest clay and makes short work of cleaning weed-choked gardens.

The lightweight, hand-held CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator features an ergonomically comfortable handle made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fiber. The handle is molded around the unique blade to ensure it never gets loose.

The CobraHead® Long Handle uses the same blade as the hand tool, but it is designed with a long ash wood handle to make it easy to weed, cultivate and edge while standing up. All gardeners will find it useful, but older gardeners and those with difficulty kneeling will find it particularly useful.

CobraHead tools are proudly made in the USA. The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator hand tool sells for $24.95, and the CobraHead® Long Handle is $59.95. Or buy both for $79.95 directly from the manufacturer at


Kill weeds without using harsh chemicals

Weed Aside

Weed Aside weed killer

Eco-conscious gardeners can have a tough time getting rid of hard-to-kill weeds without resorting to harmful chemicals. Fortunately, there’s an effective new option that is also eco-friendly. Weed Aside is an herbicidal soap made with naturally occurring fatty acids. The ammonium fatty acids in Weed Aside biodegrades quickly, so it won’t contaminate soil. In fact, you can sow seeds or plant small transplants only five days after applying Weed Aside. Best of all, it’s safe to use on organic gardens.

Weed Aside is effective and fast-acting. It works within hours, and it won’t stain concrete or paving. Gardeners can use Weed Aside to kill many species of tough weeds, including crabgrass, ryegrass, dandelion and stinkweed.

Weed Aside works best when applied on a warm, dry day while weeds are still young. Multiple applications may be necessary for established perennial weeds. Weed Aside is sold in 16 and 32 oz. bottles starting at $14.99 from



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