10 Best Cat Care Tips


Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy


The best cat care tips make your cat happy and healthy. Because you want the best for your furry friend–right? For starters, I am going to assume you will keep your cat indoors to ensure its safety and wellbeing.

But unfortunately, indoor cats can suffer from a lack of exercise, specific health issues, and boredom. That’s where these cat care tips come in handy.

Here are my 10 best cat care tips that will make your indoor cats happy and healthy.

a happy cat taking a nap

Cat Care Tips #1: Choose the Right Cat 

Adopting a kitten may seem less challenging than bringing a stray cat into the house, but it is not always so. Like people, cats have individual personalities. So, it is crucial to determine the type of pet you want to bring at home.

Do you have your heart set on an energetic kitten? Or would you like to adopt a mature cat that won’t be so hyperactive? Are you willing to welcome an older rescued cat that may have become accustomed to living freely on the streets?

Depending on your home situation, a more sedentary older cat may be a better choice than a young kitten. Older cats are far less likely to climb or destroy things throughout the house. You will probably have a better experience with cats that are used to living indoors, but it depends on each animal’s personality.

Keep in mind that cats with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or FeLV (feline leukemia virus) need to live indoors, but that doesn’t mean they all have the right temperament and tendency to into your home environment. So try to spend a little time with a cat to get a feel for its personality before you bring it home.


Tip #2: Spay or Neuter to Improve Your Cat’s Behavior

One of the best cat care tips is spay or neuter your pet to prevent inappropriate behavior caused by hormones. This will help prevent your cat from searching for a mate or destroying your furniture.

Plus, spaying or neutering will minimize the possibility of reproductive diseases—and prevent an unwanted litter of cats in the event your pet gets outdoors.


Cat Care Tips #3: Personal Space and Sleeping Area

Territory is one of the essential issues for cats, especially if you have more than one. Even though some cats are friendly and social, you should always keep in mind that they are independent creatures. Therefore, you should provide some private safe space for your kitty, and allow it to hide when needed.

Your goal is to prevent competition between your pets and consequent behavior problems, including spraying, destructive scratching, and refusing to use the litter box.

Several cats lounge and play on a plush cat tree
A cat tree or tower is ideal for indoor cats. It’s a great compact playground for one or more cats.

Most cats like to play together, but you should provide their own space for moments of privacy. A cat tree or tower, an accessible shelf, or a large comfortable pillow can be ideal solutions. For instance, my kitties prefer relaxing in wicker baskets, while my dog enjoys sleeping in the armchair.


Cat Care Tips #4: Diet and Fresh Water

Outdoor animals hunt for food and usually eat many small meals daily. On the other hand, indoor cats don’t need to wander in search of prey. Consequently, they don’t exercise enough. They intake too many calories, which leads to weight gain.

Always provide adequate meals and pesticide-free grass for your cat to keep it healthy and in good physical condition. Plus, make sure that it has fresh water available at all times. In most cases, the water bowl will be enough, but cats adore fountains or bubbling fish tanks, as well.

Also, check out the Cat Health Supplies on Amazon.


Tip #5: Cat Exercise

Place horizontal and vertical cat scratching posts throughout your home to encourage your kitty to exercise enough. Add cat toys and a sisal rope to intrigue it to stretch and flex its muscles.

Installed perches on windows will encourage your fur baby to jump and climb throughout the day.

a cat scratches on a horizontal scratching post
Cat scratching posts come in vertical and horizontal designs.



Cat Care Tips #6: Cat Toys for Entertainment and Fun

Most cats enjoy interactive cat toys and incentive games. However, you should rotate new toys at least once in a week or two to prevent your furry friend from getting bored.

In my experience, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive toys since most cats enjoy hiding inside cardboard boxes. My babies prefer shoe boxes even though they are too big for such a small space.

Offer your cat a ball, shoelace, or entertain it with laser light pointers. That will be enough to make it happy and in excellent shape.

a cat playing with a clown fish toy
Cats love interactive toys like this motion-activated Flipping Clownfish Cat Toy.


Tip # 7: Brushing up

Regularly brush your cat’s fur and trim its claws. Additional brushing helps prevent hairballs from forming in his or her stomach, especially if you have long-haired breeds.

Avoid bathing your cat, since it hates water. (Quite unlike the typical dog, which will probably enjoy having a bath.)


Tip #8: Cat litter boxes

Always place litter boxes in safe and accessible places. Take care to keep them clean and unscented. Please provide at least one litter box per cat. Scoop them clean daily.

cat with covered PetSafe litter box
The PetSafe Scoop-Free Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box automatically removes pet waste from the litter. It includes disposable litter trays and a hood.

It is wise to experiment with different types of litter boxes in the very beginning. (There are covered litter boxes, uncovered litter boxes, and lots of different designs,) That way, your furry friend will decide which one is an ideal choice for its needs.


Cat Care Tips #9: A “Catio” for Your Cat

If you have a yard, you can install outdoor enclosures and let your indoor kitty roam “outdoors.” After all, you can go for a walk if you have a dog, but you need an adequate catio (a patio for cats) to provide enough fresh air for your cat.

After installing an enclosed structure in your yard, your kitty will lie in the sun or shade entirely protected and relaxed.

a cat plays in an outdoor exercise enclosure
A catio provides an excellent way to keep your indoor cat outdoors without having to use a leash.


Tip #10: Pets in pairs

If possible, always keep at least two cats, especially if you work most of the day. With a new buddy, your dearest baby won’t be lonely and bored. Keep in mind that running and playing together will keep your furry friends stimulated and happy.



In the end, I have three more pieces of advice for you. Love your pet. Pay attention to it. And cuddle it as much as possible. You will be surprised how little it takes for a new member or your family to be happy and content in your home.

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    Hey Emily, these cat care tips are great! Sad to say I didn’t choose the right cat, but the cat chose me. Thanks for sharing your article.

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