Add Natural Elements to Your Kitchen Design


The benefits of being in nature and its healing, calming effects are well documented. Unfortunately, we live busy lifestyles that allow little time to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities in nature. Maybe it’s time to add natural elements to modern kitchen design.

Being surrounded by natural and organic elements instantly makes us feel calm and at peace. In recent years, we have grown more aware of the decreasing natural resources of our planet. That’s why it is essential that we bring more natural design elements into our homes. No wonder kitchen design and architecture experts always try to incorporate a natural touch in our homes.


Bring Nature Inside Your Kitchen

There are plenty of ways to use your kitchen design to bring nature indoors. You can incorporate lots of green plants, add natural stone or brick, or even plan your window placement so it overlooks your green backyard. Adding natural furniture elements, such as modern wooden tables and chairs, makes perfect sense in the kitchen.

After all, the kitchen is where we try to unwind from work and enjoy an organic and home-cooked meal. If you prefer to take your lunch in the garden surrounded by big green plants, a simply designed wooden table combined with a wishbone chair is a must.

When considering more natural elements in kitchen design, it is always a good choice to go with rustic oak cabinets and even wooden countertops. Also, swapping traditional window coverings with grasscloth automatically make us feel connected to the outdoors.

There are, of course, a few considerations that you should keep in mind when styling and creating your kitchen design. In addition to choosing the right materials and textures (and deciding on the right color scheme), you must find the right type of natural decorations that are functional and versatile. These choices will allow you to add your own personality and style, creating more comfort.

rustic kitchen with brick wall painted white

Rustic Touches with Modern White Elements

Experimenting with a mixture of materials allows for an interesting combination of man-made and natural, adding individuality and style. One of the many beautiful things about natural materials is that they work with everything. For a more laid back feel, interior designers are using a modern kitchen set up and then adding some rustic kitchen decor to finish the look. But the goal is to find the ideal balance between the rustic and the modern.

Modern white cabinets with shiny stainless kitchen faucets can be paired with white wooden wishbone chairs and house plants. The combination of new and rustic chic can be both comfortable and striking. Whether you use your kitchen space only for meals or for working on your laptop, this design will be clean and comfortable.


Add Character and Charm with Bricks

While wood is the go-to material for anything natural, you can also experiment with bricks. A kitchen design that includes bricks is guaranteed to give you a rustic feel. You can cover one side of the wall with bricks painted matte white. Then, finish the look with rustic oak wood cabinets.

To complete this kitchen look, go with “green” for a natural vibe. Green is a great accent color in a modern kitchen design. A dark shade of green can be perfect for a kitchen island beneath two white hanging lights. There are so many possibilities, you just need a little imagination.

modern kitchen design with green cabinets and wood floor

An Open Plan Kitchen Design

To feel the warm welcome of nature in your kitchen space, an open plan kitchen design is increasingly popular. These designs are completely open to the living room space, and they often feature a wall-size window to let in outdoor light. A nearly all-white minimalist space with small decor details creates a warm ambience. The dishwasher and the fridge can be hidden behind white cabinets with brass pulls.

This dining and kitchen space is often anchored by a large white designer dinner table surrounded by wishbone wooden chairs. The result is a perfect setting for family meals and friendly dinner parties. The carefully chosen cooking equipment and food arrangement adds the finishing touches. By the way, check out this Fresh Pesto Appetizer to make for your next party.


Natural Lighting in Your Kitchen

Sunlight is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most beautiful natural elements that you can bring to your kitchen design. Natural daylighting can make any room come alive, bringing out the colors  in your furnishings. Plus, natural lighting makes people happy and inspired.

Stick to neutral and natural colors in your kitchen’s interior. Then, the light from your kitchen windows will make the kitchen feel more spacious. The bigger the windows the better—especially if your greenery outside is breathtaking and scenic. You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of nature while you enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

rustic kitchen with a large window for natural light

Final Kitchen Design Thoughts

Incorporating natural furniture and design into your home isn’t a new concept. But bringing nature to your kitchen interiors is a game-changer for many homeowners. Designing your kitchen with natural and organic elements brings a comfortable, calming element that makes you feel good.

We summed up some of our favorite ways you can play with your kitchen design and interiors to add a touch of nature. But don’t hesitate to ask for advice from professional designers. Being creative and open to new kitchen design ideas will get you the most of what nature has to offer.


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