Backyard greenhouses provide a year-round growing season

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Many homesteaders and homeowners have installed a greenhouse as a way to grow their favorite plants—including homegrown fruits and vegetables—all year long. A wide variety of backyard greenhouses are available, with plenty of options. For example, lightweight greenhouses can be moved to different garden sites, while professional-quality greenhouse kits are permanent structures that are constructed onsite.

The greenhouses shown below make it possible to jump-start the spring growing season by starting seeds weeks before the last frost date. And extend the growing season long past the typical first frost date in the fall. A greenhouse also makes growing all kinds of tropical plants and edible plants a year-round experience.

Gothic Arch Greenhouse offers a distinct look and energy efficiency

A greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses is strong enough to stand up to extremes of snow and wind. The heart of a Gothic Arch Greenhouse kit is the sturdy Bald Cypress wood framing that is many times more energy efficient and insulating than metal-framed greenhouses. The sustainably harvested cypress wood is extremely resistant to water and insect damage.

The hand-crafted structural arches are always at an ideal angle toward the sun. Because of the high profile of the ridge, a Gothic Arch Greenhouse is perfect for growing taller plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and many tropical trees. The Gothic Arch design encourages condensation run-off inside the greenhouse, and the design also prevents snow accumulation on the roof.

Three greenhouse covering options are available: corrugated polycarbonate, 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate, and 8 mm triple-wall polycarbonate. Greenhouses are available in five widths—8’, 12’, 14’, 18’ and 22’ in four-foot increments in length. The greenhouse can be installed directly on the ground, or the structure can be placed on a foundation wall to raise the height of the roof. Prices for one of the most popular starter greenhouse sizes, 12 feet by 12 feet, start at $3,985. For more information about available sizes and options, visit or call (800) 531-4769.

A beautiful greenhouse for professionals and backyard growers

A RIGA Greenhouse is designed and engineered in Germany to meet European standards of quality. It offers the perfect growing environment for growing plants all year long—even in the coldest days of winter. The standard RIGA has a heavy-duty frame with 8mm and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls. The professional level RIGA XL boasts thicker profiles with 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate for superior insulation throughout the winter.  The shape of a RIGA greenhouse allows snow to slide off and wind to blow over, making it extremely durable and ideal for a variety of climates.  Both models provide diffused sunlight to protect plants during hot summers and include automatic roof vents and a wide front Dutch-style door and rear window for increased ventilation.

The thick polycarbonate glazing is UV coated and comes with a 10-year warranty; the frame has a 15-year warranty. An optional in-ground foundation frame is available to anchor the greenhouse for those who prefer to avoid concrete work. Accessories and ventilation packages are also available.

RIGA Greenhouses are available in many sizes from 7’8” wide by 7’ long to 9’8” by 17’6”. The larger 14’ wide RIGA XL Greenhouses come in lengths from 16’5” to 29’6”. For more information or to order RIGA Greenhouse kits, visit

Space-saving backyard greenhouse on a budget


The Jupiter Greenhouse is a great backyard greenhouse that offers the features and benefits greenhouses costing thousands of dollars more. It features space-saving sliding doors, integral gutters for rain control and roof vents for ventilation and temperature control. The powder-coated green frame is durable, weatherproof and attractive in any yard or garden setting.

The ridge height in the center is just over 8 feet high, which provides plenty of height for hanging baskets and taller plants. The smooth-action sliding doors are 6 feet, 4 inches tall and a roomy 48 inches wide. The wide doors make it easy to move wheelbarrows and large plants in and out of the greenhouse.

The Jupiter Greenhouse is available in four sizes – 8 feet wide by 8, 10, 12, or 14 feet long. Three glazing (covering) options are available, including all tempered safety glass and 6mm (1/4-inch) thick twin-wall polycarbonate. The deluxe glazing option includes an energy-efficient Polycoolite® roof  and tempered safety glass walls. This combination reduces heat loss in winter and overheating in the summer. For more information, visit

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