Backyard Retreat: How to Choose the Right Plants


A backyard retreat is a special place where you can relax and escape the stress of the day. One of the best ways to create a backyard retreat is to choose the right plants.

One of the most effective ways for many people to relax and find their happy place is by gardening. Growing herbs and vegetables has many therapeutic benefits that can help you find your center, recharge, and feel better. Few things can be as relaxing and tranquil as gardening. Growing plants and being surrounded by plants helps one practice patience and enjoy the moment.

Gardening doesn’t require a lot of space to have an impact. A small garden space, a back deck or a balcony makes a great backyard retreat. You can get the benefits of having a relaxing and tranquil garden almost anywhere. Planting and growing herbs, like the ones listed below, will get your new garden off to a good start.

Editor’s Note: This story is a companion piece to Create a Stress Reducing Outdoor Retreat. So please read that story, too!


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Grow Herbs in Your Backyard Retreat

Here are a few great plants to include in your backyard retreat space. Feel free to grow the plants that you like best.

Peppermint: Known to lower frustration and boost alertness, peppermint is an easy starter plant for an herb garden on your patio. This plant thrives in sunlight, so make sure that it gets at least six hours of sun every day.

Chamomile: Used in teas and lotions, this plant helps to reduce anxiety and can also assist as a sleep aid. Best planted in the spring, a potted chamomile plant can grow up to two feet tall and one foot wide.


a honey bee pollinates lavender flowers in a backyard retreat



Lavender: With its soothing, soft color and scent, lavender is a useful part of any outdoor herb garden. Be sure to arrange a couple of pots in the sun since they need at least eight hours of sunlight a day.


When it comes to picking the right herbs for your space, your preferences and the size of your layout are key. With container gardens, you’ll need to plan how much room you’ll need for your pots. You can also try hanging baskets to save space on the ground and take your garden up a notch.

Also consider growing vertical with flowering vines.


vine with orange flowers against blue sky


Grow Edible Plants in Your Backyard Retreat

Another relaxing route you could take with gardening is growing your own produce. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just getting started, gardening can help you unwind, relax, and have a better appreciation for nature. In addition to having therapeutic benefits, you can also add delicious veggies to your table that you grew right outside your door.


Tomatoes: Tomato plants are easy to grow and even easier to eat. You’ll need a garden plot and either stakes or a tomato cage to support plants as they grow. Tomatoes need deep, moist soil and good drainage, as well as plenty of sunlight. (You can also grow tomatoes in large containers.)


ripe red tomatoes growing on a tomato plant


Potatoes: You’ll need well-drained loose soil and a large pot to grow potatoes. These vegetables will need a lot of sunlight and water, so make sure to place them in strategic spots in your garden.

Lettuce: What’s better than a salad made with your own fresh garden lettuce? This vegetable only needs partial sun, so you can move the pot or container around your patio as you see fit. To keep your lettuce growing after harvesting, cut the leaves about one inch above the crown.


lettuce growing in a square foot gardening garden



Remember to Have Fun!

No matter how you choose to outfit your patio, remember to do what works for you. Whether you want your space filled with soft fabrics, soothing scents, or plush seating for you and your friends, creating an outdoor area that promotes relaxation and tranquility is easy with the right planning, furniture, and greenery.




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