Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop


Raising chickens is more popular than ever, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of a portable chicken coop. Whether you have lavender orpington chickens in your backyard or have flocks of Rhode Island reds, leghorns or Plymouth Rock chickens, you are in good company.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, sellers and manufacturers of products related to raising chickens reported record sales. There are several possible reasons for this, including fears of supply chain issues. In addition, at various times during the pandemic, there were shortages on various food and personal items. Naturally, some people tried to become more independent.

Producing your own food takes you out of the commercial food system. That means you don’t have to worry when prices change or when there is a shortage. In addition, raising chickens gives you the benefit of having not only meat but also eggs.

You can’t just buy some chicks and put them in your yard, however. You need to have the right equipment to raise chickens properly. One thing that can be very helpful is a mobile chicken coop. Here are the top benefits of a portable chicken coop.


A Portable Chicken Coop is Cleaner and More Sanitary

A portable chicken coop is moved from location to location within your yard. These are often built on an A-shaped frame and keep the hens safe with fencing. Depending on the size, a portable chicken coop is moved using handlebars or with a tractor.

A mobile chicken coop moves easily because it has wheels on the bottom. Every time you move it, you are essentially moving the living space for your chickens. Instead of staying in the same spot and making messes, the chickens are regularly moved to cleaner spots.

Chickens spend most of their days leaving waste. So, they can get very dirty and unsanitary very quickly. You can clean up their space when they move while the coop is elsewhere. It makes it simple and easier to do.


Fertilize Your Yard

Chickens are great for fertilizing soil. Their manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other important nutrients that your soil needs to stay fertile. Chicken manure can also help with the consistency of your soil and helps it retain moisture. The healthier your soil, the better it is for growing produce and plants. In addition, moving a portable chicken coop around means you can fertilize all over your yard. A stationary coop cannot offer that benefit.


A Portable Chicken Coop is Easy to Use

Using a mobile chicken coop is easy. They are made so that they can be moved from place to place without much effort. Depending on the size, you can move some by hand and others by tractor.

A portable chicken coop is also easy to clean regularly. Cleaning is crucial to prevent diseases in your chickens. The great thing is that anyone can use a portable chicken coop. If you have no experience, that’s okay. If you need a chore for the kids, they can do it as long as it’s not too heavy. Simplifying things makes producing your own food that much more bearable.


a woman raising urban chickens



Your Chickens Can Eat Healthier

Chickens must be properly fed to stay healthy. Pre-mixed food is not as healthy as naturally sourced food. The natural food chickens love to eat is from the grass, bugs, and weeds where they spend their time.

However, there is only so much vegetation where a stationary coop might be located. By moving the coop around, the chickens will get a fresh patch of grass and bugs to feed on. Not only that, but a healthier-fed chicken produces better meat and eggs for you to eat. Chickens in a portable chicken coop can be considered free-range. And free-range chickens will often produce more eggs than non-free-range birds.


Protection From Predators

Raising free-range chickens usually comes with risks to the birds. Being able to roam freely around a property makes them vulnerable to predators, such as birds, snakes, dogs, wolves, and many other animals.

A portable chicken coop allows your chickens to live a free-range lifestyle while being protected from predators. The coop is covered to provide protection from above when the chickens are closed up at night. During the day, when they are walking around, there is fencing to keep predators at bay. So, you get free-range chickens who are also less likely to get eaten by predators.


Keep Your Eggs Contained

When you have free-range chickens, they will lay eggs wherever they happen to be at the time. If they are roaming all over your property, then you will have to roam around yourself to find all of the eggs. You simply might not find them all.

It’s also possible the step on free range eggs if you don’t look where your feet are landing. With a portable chicken coop, you keep your chickens contained within the fencing. When you move to another location, the eggs will all be within that spot. They’ll be easy to find without going all over your yard.

If you already have lavender orpington chickens or another good laying breed of hens, you know about the benefits of raising chickens. That’s why a portable chicken coop can be a good investment. You will have the best eggs and meat possible while also keeping your chickens healthy.

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