Best Coffee Makers to Buy Now


The best coffee makers make the best coffee, right? That’s what we hope when we buy a new coffee maker and make a fresh pot of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. (It ranks behind only water and tea in a recent study.) But on a workday morning in North America, I would guess that coffee is #1.

According to The Motley Fool, the 150 million Americans who drink coffee consume 400 million cups of steaming java every day. That’s 140+ billion cups every year. And that makes the USA the #1 coffee-drinking country in the world.

That’s why we decided to write about the best coffee makers to buy now. There are many types of coffee makers designed to brew coffee. Some models are full-pot brewers and some are single-serving coffee makers. Also available are dual coffee makers that brew either a pot or a single cup and espresso makers.

Make no mistake: this story is a buying guide. We’ve highlighted the best features and benefits of each model featured here so you can make an informed buying decision. Plus, we have included links to each product on Amazon to make buying quick and easy. Home Garden and Homestead is a proud Amazon affiliate, and we earn a small commission generated by the links in this story. Thank you for supporting this website!

Here’s our review of our favorite coffee machines for home brewing. They all make excellent coffee. Maybe the best morning coffee you’ve ever tasted.


Best Coffee Makers—Full Pot

Making a full pot of coffee is a morning tradition in millions of homes. These coffee makers do one thing: make a pot of coffee. And they do that one thing extremely well.


Best Coffee Makers (Under $100)

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach is a trusted name in coffee machines, and this coffee maker will not disappoint. The front-fill water tank means you don’t have to reach all the way in the back to pour in the water. Very handy if you want to slide this machine under a cabinet when in use.


A best coffee maker from Hamilton Beach


The swing-out brew basket makes it easy to spoon in the coffee. The programmable clock is perfect for setting the brew time and the coffee strength the night before. The cleaning cycle reminder helps you to keep the coffee tasting great. A great value for about $60.

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Cuisinart DCC-1500 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

This automatic coffee brewer can be programmed 24 hours in advance to make a great pot of Joe. The large carafe holds 12 cups, and the handle is ergonomically designed to be easy to grip.


a cuisinart coffee maker


Cuisinart’s trademarked Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle has finished. The LED screen and easy-to-read clock has a cool blue display. This model gives you an automatic LED alert when the machine needs to be cleaned. Available on Amazon.


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Best Coffee Makers: Deluxe Models

Want a top-end coffee drip coffee maker with all the bells and whistles? Want to pretend you have your own private Starbucks store right in your kitchen? Check out these awesome coffee makers!


Technivorm Moccamaster

Are you a true coffee-aholic? Is the perfect cup of coffee the only way you can start your day? Are you willing to pay the big bucks for an incredible piece of coffee brewing technology? Then check out the Technivorm Moccamaster.


techivorm moccamaster is one of the best coffee makers


Brew a full 40-ounce pot or brew a 20-ounce half pot. It only takes 4 to 6 minutes with the flip of one switch. The machine brews perfect coffee, then automatically turns itself off after 100 minutes. This model is available in 20 designer colors and has a 5-year warranty.


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Breville Precision Brewer

Some people don’t like glass coffee pots. Let’s face it, glass can break. But a brushed stainless steel thermal coffee pot won’t break. Plus, the thermal carafe keeps the brewed coffee nice and hot.


breville precision coffee machine


The Breville Precision Brewer Thermal can brew 60 ounces of drip coffee. Select the exact temperature and brewing time so you get coffee that tastes perfect. Precise digital control gives you temperature control at three different flow rates. This machine automatically adjusts brew time for perfect coffee. In short, the Breville Precision Brewer puts you in control of your coffee.


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Best Coffee Makers: K-Cup (Single Cup) Brewers

Yes, k-cup coffee makers have changed the way millions of us make the best morning coffee. These convenient brewers are perfect for one-person households. K cup coffee machines also ensure that everyone gets exactly the kind of brew he or she wants. These are our favorite single cup brewers.


Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

I had to lead off this category with a Keurig. After all, this company invented single-serving pod brewing. (Thank you, Keurig!) The Keurig K-Classic coffee maker is an Amazon Choice model for function and value.


keurig k-classic


There’s a generous 48-ounce water reservoir that removes for easy filling. You can choose 3 different cup sizes (6, 8, or 10 ounces). Plus, you get a hot, fresh cup of java in about a minute. The auto-off, auto-on feature is easily programmable. Just insert a pod, select your cup size, and brew a great cup of coffee. Is the k-cup brewing machine one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, or what?


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Sifene Single Serve Coffee Machine

Yes, this coffee maker lets you make a great cup of coffee using a k-cup. But there’s more. It comes with two reusable pod filters. Just spoon in ground coffee and save money! Or, use a reusable pod filter to brew a great cup of tea.


sifene single serve coffee machine


The Sifene Single Serve Coffee Machine uses the same 6-8-10 ounce options as the Keurig making above. The 50-ounce water reservoir is removable. After 180 cups of coffee, the unit alerts you that it’s time to descale the machine. (It’s easy—just follow the instructions in the manual.) This is a dependable coffee maker at a good price.


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Best Coffee Makers—Duo Brewing

Take two great machines—a full-pot coffee maker and a k-cup coffee machine. Then morph them together. Presto! You’ve got two coffee brewing options side-by-side in the same machine.

This type of coffee maker is a great choice for households that sometime want a single cup and sometimes want a full pot. Now you can do both—with one great machine.


Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker is the coffee machine I have in my own kitchen. I love this model because it makes a great single cup of coffee with a K-pod. It also makes a great single cup of coffee using a reusable pod filter (that I bought separately). And, when family or friends come over, my wife and I use the other side of the unit and make a full pot.


best coffee makers include keurig k-duo


The full-pot side of the machine functions pretty much the same as a stand-alone coffee maker. The filter and ground coffee go in the top and the 12-cup carafe below collects the finished brew. The single-cup side is very familiar if you’ve ever used one of the original Keurig k-cup brewers. The water reservoir, which provides water for both sides of the machine, removes quickly for easy filling. I highly recommend this coffee maker.


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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

This is another solid duo-brew coffee maker. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew does what the Keurig K-Duo does (above). Make a pot of coffee on the left or make a single cup on the right.


hamilton beach duo coffee maker


This programmable coffee maker lets you wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The coffee stays warm for two hours, and then the power automatically turns off. Each side of this duo maker has its own water reservoir. The only trick here is you need to make sure you’ve pushed the correct Carafe or Cup setting for the coffee amount you’re brewing. And make sure you pour the water in the correct reservoir.


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Espresso Machines

If coffee isn’t strong enough for you, there’s always espresso. This is the way Europeans like to drink coffee.


Gevi Espresso Machine

The Gevi Espresso Machine has a 1,350-watt fast-heating system that can make espresso in 45 seconds. It can also froth the milk for your latte.


gevi espresso machine


The settings enable you to make one shot, double shots or manually control the amount of coffee. The manual steam wand rotates 360 degrees, so it’s easy to froth the milk just right. And the nozzle removes for easy cleaning. A great machine for the price.


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