Best Cordless Electric Tillers


Cordless electric tillers and cultivators combine impressive digging power with eco-friendly benefits. The electric motor of a cordless electric tiller is quiet, energy efficient, and it starts immediately. Plus, an electric tiller or cultivator will never run out of gas.

Garden tillers and cultivators make it easier to prepare a garden plot for planting. Because let’s face it, turning soil over with a shovel can be back-breaking work. Most people DO NOT say tilling the soil by hand is one of their favorite gardening chores.

That’s why the power tiller was invented. A motorized power tool that breaks up the dirt prior to planting is a terrific labor-saving device. It’s no surprise the power tiller has become one of the most popular garden tools.

Gasoline-powered tillers have been around for decades. They became even more popular in the 1980s with the introduction of the Mantis mini-tiller. But it wasn’t until the 21st century that electric tillers and cultivators became available. These tillers had quiet electric motors to power the digging tines. But you needed a long extension cord because they needed to be plugged into an electric outlet.

The newest development is the cordless electric tiller and cultivator. The latest cordless electric tillers are quiet, eco-friendly and powerful. For those of us who have small suburban yards or garden small areas on a large property, a cordless electric tiller is a truly great power tool.

an earthwise 40-volt tiller digs in garden soil



New Battery Technology

With cordless electric tillers, you never have to buy gasoline. You also never have to pull the starting cord over and over to get the cold engine to start.

But you do have to charge the battery. That’s the key to using a battery-powered tiller or cultivator. Give the battery a full charge before you start tilling. Fortunately, a modern lithium ion battery charges quickly—and it has plenty of power to get your tilling job done. A high-quality cordless electric tiller can easily till a suburban garden. It’s also a great tool for your community garden plot.

Here is our list of the best cordless electric tillers and cultivators. We have chosen tillers from the top names in the garden and landscape business. We have also selected some value brands. Just pick the one that meets your tilling needs and your budget.


Editor’s Choice—Best Cordless Electric Tillers

Greenworks 80V 10-inch Cordless Tiller with Battery

The Greenworks 80-volt is our favorite cordless electric tiller. This model is the most powerful battery-powered tiller on the market. Plus, it’s part of the impressive Greenworks line of 80V electric power tools that all use the same battery packs. So, it is easy to swap the batteries from one Greenworks tool to the next. (We also rated the Greenworks 2600402 Pro Snow Blower very highly.)

The Greenworks 80V has a brushless motor that provides an impressive amount of torque. The motor is very quiet, so you can till your garden without disturbing your neighbors. The tines will till a 10-inch-wide path 5 inches deep.

Greenworks 80-volt cordless electric tiller

When fully charged, the powerful battery gives you 40 minutes of run time. This tiller is available in a “tool only” option, but we like the package deal that includes the heavy-duty battery and the 30-minute rapid charger. This is a tiller you will enjoy using for many, many years.  Check Price and Delivery.  


Earthwise TC70040 40-Volt Cordless Electric Tiller/Cultivator

The other Editor’s Choice cordless electric tiller is the Earthwise TC70040. This 40-volt model is an ideal size for most backyard gardens and flower beds. The handy carrying handle and flip-down real wheels make it easy to move this tiller from place to place in your yard.

earthwise 40-volt cordless electric tillers

The four durable steel tines will dig 8 inches into the soil in a cutting width of 11 inches. The Earthwise 40V has an efficient electric motor, and the 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery and fast charger make it a powerful package. In the words of one happy reviewer, “Don’t let its looks deceive you: this little tiller is a beast!”  Check Price and Delivery.   


Value-Priced Cordless Electric Tillers/Cultivators

SuperHandy 40VCordless Electric Tiller

The SuperHandy Electric Tiller/Cultivator is a great choice because it combines impressive features with an equally impressive price. This tiller has a powerful 40-volt motor and includes twin 20-volt batteries. The adjustable, forward-rotating tines really dig into the soil, especially when you pull the tiller backward against the force of the spinning tines.

superhandy cordless electric tiller

The tilling path is an impressive 14 inches wide and the tines dig 6 inches into the dirt. The quiet SuperHandy does a nice job of tilling tough soil and cultivating the weeds from garden plots.  Check Availability


KIMO 20V Cordless Electric Tiller

The KIMO Mini Tiller and Cultivator is a great choice for light-duty tilling and cultivating in the garden. Like other units reviewed here, there is no power cord to get in your way or hold you back. The telescoping handle adjusts to the perfect length so you can till and cultivate standing up—not bending over.

KIMO cordless electric tiller cultivator with battery and charger

For added safety, the start button must be pushed along with the trigger to operate. The KIMO Mini Cultivator provides plenty of power (turning the tines up to 280 RPM) to break up big dirt clods. Great for use as a cultivator to remove weeds from a garden.  Check Price and Delivery.


Earthwise TC70020 20-Volt Cordless Electric Tiller

We picked the top-of-the-line Earthwise Cordless Electric Tiller as one of our favorite Editor’s Choice models. So, it should come as no surprise that another Earthwise model is among our favorite Value-Priced tillers.

earthwise TC70020 tiller cultivator


The Earthwise TC70020 has a 20-volt power rating, giving it far less power than its big brother. But for about $100, this is a handy and impressive tool. The tines can dig up to 6 inches deep in a path that is 7.5 inches wide. This tiller-cultivator is small enough and light enough to effortlessly carry it all over your yard. Check Current Price   


Safety First

Safety matters! Whenever you operate a power tool, use smart safety procedures and protection. Always wear gloves, and wear eye protection to avoid injury. And ALWAYS follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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