Best Flowering Houseplants

As the popularity of houseplants continues to soar, Byron Martin of Logee’s Plants for Home and Garden selects some of the best flowering houseplants to grow now.


Houseplants are more popular than ever. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that more people are now searching for the best flowering houseplants.

More than 33 million Americans grew houseplants in 2019. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to spend more time at home. Now houseplants are trending all over social media as millennials become proud “plant parents.”

“One of the most popular categories of houseplants is flowering plants, and sales of the best flowering houseplants are stronger than ever,” said Byron Martin, co-owner of Logee’s Plants for Home and Garden. “Flowering plants bring color and life into any room.”

Despite how tropical they appear, many varieties of the best flowering houseplants are actually quite easy to grow. Here are seven of Martin’s favorite flowering houseplants.


Best Flowering Houseplants

Jasmine ‘Maid of Orleans’ (Jasminum sambac)

Jasmine ‘Maid of Orleans’ makes the list of the best flowering houseplants for several reasons. This everblooming Jasmine has an attractive, bushy growth habit—and it grows particularly well on windowsills.

jasmine 'maid of orleans' jasminum sambac

Like most varieties of jasmine, its everblooming white flowers spread a delightful fragrance that clears the air and adds a touch of peaceful tranquility. Place ‘Maid of Orleans’ on a windowsill or near a sunny window when it can get plenty of sun. Then sit in a nearby chair and breathe in its delightful scent.

In Asia, jasmines are used in teas and religious observances. Also known as Arabian Tea Jasmine, it is the national flower of the Philippines (where it is known as Sampaguita). Grow this plant in a clay pot to encourage healthy roots. Plants in 4” pots sell for $19.95 at


Orange Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus x splendidus)

This plant gets its common name from the shape of its brilliant orange flowers. Yes, they look like orange lipstick tubes that hang from the plants. The blooms arrive after a long winter and burst forth with bright color to chase away the winter blues.

orange lipstick plant aeschynanthus x splendidus

Orange Lipstick Plant will continue to flower all the way through summer throughout a long blooming season. The green leaves and cascading stems make this a perfect plant for a growing in a hanging basket. This strong grower likes bright light, but it is also happy in the moderate light and lower humidity of most home environments. At maturity, Orange Lipstick Plant Reaches 12-24” in size. A plant in a 4” pot sells for $18.95.


Cape Primrose ‘Wow’ (Streptocarpus hybrid)

“Wow” is a great name for this Cape Primrose. The “wow” factor comes from the flowers. The bright magenta-red upper petals and the yellow lower petals have frilly reddish petal edges. The flowers reach 2” across and they rise majestically above the velvety foliage.

streptocarpus hybrid cape primrose 'wow'

Cape Primrose ‘Wow’ is a new hybrid from Poland, and this plant is a strong grower. Blooming intermittently throughout the year, it brings vibrant color to any room.

Streptocarpus is one of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow. It stays small—just 6-12 inches tall. It’s the perfect windowsill plant for new “plant parents” and green thumb growers alike. It even blooms in partial sun. A plant in a 2.5” pot sells for $12.95 at


Abutilon ‘Pink Parasol’ (Abutilon hybrid)

Abutilon ‘Pink Parasol’ deserves a spot on this list of the best flowering houseplants because of its vigor and its flowers. This new hybrid has large, open-faced, rich pink flowers with white in the heart of the flower.

abutilon pink parasol

‘Pink Parasol’ has long, arching branches that are perfect for a hanging basket. This is an almost constant bloomer, so it’s a great choice for indoor gardeners who want constant color. ‘Pink Parasol’ is also a wonderful hanging basket plant for outdoor growing. It can also make a dramatic statement in a pedestal planter where a dash of color is needed. It reaches 2-4’ tall in optimal growing conditions. $14.95 for a plant in a 2.5” pot.


Desert Rose ‘Golden Millionaire’ (Adenium hybrid)

Desert Rose ‘Golden Millionaire’ is a great plant for beginning growers. It has showy, double flowers that open in pale yellow tones with decorative red petal flares. The narrow green leaves and full caudex make this plant an attractive specimen for succulent growers.

The best flowering houseplants include Desert Rose Golden Millionaire

‘Golden Millionaire’ blooms from spring until fall in warm and sunny growing conditions. This plant is a ready-to- bloom, two-year-old specimen with a thickened caudex (main stem). Did we say this plant loves full sun? It grows to 1-3 feet tall. 4” potted plant for $34.95


Manacá Lady of the Night (Brunfelsia uniflora)

What makes Manacá Lady of the Night such an awesome plant? Well, for starters, it’s the flowers. White fragrant flowers arise from the branches on long, slender tubes. And the fragrance! The flowers emit an intoxicating scent during the evening hours. The flowers even change from white to creamy yellow as they age.

Brunfelsia uniflora manaca Lady of the Night

Lady of the Night (what a great name!) has a short, rounded growth habit. That makes it a perfect potted plant for a full or partial sunlight location. Manacá blooms prolifically during the spring and summer. Sometimes the flowers will appear off-season—especially in tropical growing zones. This beautiful, easy-to-grow plant gets 1-2’ tall in full sun to partial sun. A plant in a 4” pot sells for $19.95 at


Crown of Thorns ‘Century’ (Euphorbia milii hybrid)

Crown of Thorns has become a popular indoor plant because of its easy growing nature and gorgeous flowers. It definitely deserves a vote as one of the best flowering houseplants in cultivation.

Euphorbia milii crown of thorns century

Crown of Thorns ‘Century’ boasts large clusters of yellow flowers with pale pink petal edges. The blooms appear in great profusion during the spring and summer months. The flowers are 1-2” across and the blossoms appear in clusters on this indestructible houseplant.

Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings. This easy-to-grow plant thrives on a sunny windowsill, or grow it outside during the warm summer months. It can reach up to 2 feet in height. $14.95 for a plant in a 2.5” pot.


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