Best Gardening Podcasts for Fun and Inspiration


The best gardening podcasts can entertain, inform, and inspire you. You might be a beginning gardener or a professional landscaper. Either way, there is plenty you can learn from the best gardening podcasts.

How many garden podcasts are there? More than the number of ripening fruits on a healthy cherry tomato plant. Way more. Each of these best gardening podcasts offers a wealth of ideas, tips and tricks to help you become a better gardener.

Here are some of the best gardening podcasts that you can listen to right now. And don’t forget to check out the Home Garden and Homestead Store on Amazon to find great garden and home products.


Best Gardening Podcasts: Plantrama

The co-hosts of Plantrama, Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari, like to say that this is the podcast where there are no stupid questions…as long as the topic is plants. From houseplants to holly, cacti to cannabis, or roses to radishes, each weekly episode covers the world of plants.


plantrama best gardening podcast


Zachos and Fornari deliver information and inspiration about what’s growing in the garden or out in the wild. Regular segments include The Plant Noob, What’s For Dinner?, Your Outdoor Office, and True or False?, Every program also includes the answer to a listener’s question. Find out more at


Let’s Argue About Plants

 This is a really entertaining podcast about all things plants. Everyone has an opinion about gardening, and the thing is, they don’t always line up. The hosts Danielle Sherry and Steve Aitken will bring the fun banter, as well as ideas about what to use in your garden this season.

They talk about what plants to use in the garden. They also interview experts in the field to see what they have to say about plants.


All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability And Food

 Many gardeners are looking to make their land more sustainable in the long term. If that sounds like you, then you should listen to this podcast. It’s a fortnightly show that discusses everything that you want to know about growing your own food and sustainable gardening.

Recent episodes cover topics like growing citrus, indoor plants and picking the right herbs for your garden. It’s something that many landscapers are already listening to, so you’ll want to join in.


Two Minutes In The Garden

 This podcast, hosted by Melissa J. Will (a.k.a. the Empress of Dirt), is an easy-going podcast that’s perfect for newcomers and landscaping veterans alike. It’s a laid-back look at gardening, giving you tips and ideas on what you can do in your yard. For example, you’ll get tips on how to grow veggies in your climate, finding the right plants, and more.


empress of dirt


If you want a good way to ease into landscaping, this is the podcast for you. Two Minutes in the Garden makes gardening easy, and you’ll have a great time listening along.


The Beginner’s Garden

 Here’s a podcast that, as you can see by the name, is the perfect show for anyone who’s getting started in gardening. It can feel overwhelming starting out, and this show aims to make it easier for you.

There’s lots of easy-to-understand tips and tricks here, as well as how-to guides on getting started. You’ll also get a guide to common gardening terms, so you won’t feel lost as you get started on your gardening journey.


Best Gardening Podcasts: Epic Gardening

 Do you have questions about how to take care of your garden? You can get them answered in this podcast. Every day there’s a 10-minute show which is short and sweet, and you’ll be able to learn a lot.


epic gardening


“You can send in your own questions, and they’ll be answered on the show” says Amy Jeavons, a gardening writer at UK Writings and PaperFellows. “They cover all kinds of topics when it comes to gardening, so you can tune in every day and learn something new.”


Skinny Jean Gardener

 This podcast is something unique, as it focuses on gardening together as a family. Created by the BBC, you’ll be able to hear a lot of tips and ideas for your garden, and how you can get everyone in the family involved in the project.

“It’s an interesting listen, no matter where you live” says landscaping blogger Sam Thorne, from Boom Essays and Essay Services. “It’s based in the UK but there are tips here you can use all around the world.”


Best Gardening Podcasts: A Way To Garden

 This show was developed in 2010 with host Margaret Roach, and this podcast is the latest iteration. She understands that there are many different ways to approach landscaping and gardening. And not all of them will always be correct.

She uses this platform to share ideas on how you can get started as a gardener. Plus, she covers all the latest topics and trends that you need to know about.


These are just a few of the best gardening podcasts out there right now. So, you’re looking for tips on how to get started in gardening, or how to make yourself a better gardeners, then listen to the best gardening podcasts!

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