Best Home Weather Stations


The best home weather stations help you monitor temperature changes, rainfall, wind velocity, and more. A weather station for your home or homestead helps you plan your outdoor activities and events including picnics, backyard parties and outdoor chores.

Monitoring the changes in weather can be a source of enjoyment and entertainment. Watching the changes in the weather is a hobby enjoyed by people all over the world. Knowing the exact weather conditions right now, and knowing what tomorrow’s weather will be, can also provide peace of mind for you and your family.


Home Weather Stations for Gardeners and Homesteaders

Farmers know the value of monitoring the weather. They know the current weather conditions. They also check the weather forecast to see what tomorrow’s weather will bring. Doing so helps to avoid crop losses caused by freezing, excessive heat, or excessive rain.

Gardeners and homesteaders can also reap the rewards of accurate weather prediction. It is very helpful to know when freezing weather is approaching so tomato plants and garden crops can be protected. It’s also helpful to know when a heavy rain is approaching. With rain in the forecast, perhaps the garden doesn’t need to be watered today. And knowing that strong winds are forecast can help prevent broken tree branches and even structural damage. Those are just a few ways the best home weather stations can pay for themselves for gardeners and homesteaders.


Advantages of Weather Stations

The best home weather stations give you the exact weather conditions at your own home. Even smart phone apps cannot deliver this kind of hyper-local information. A good weather stations gives you all the current information. This includes temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, humidity, and precipitation in your own backyard.

Most weather stations also include smart technology. That means you have access to the best local weather forecasts. Plus, you can check your weather station directly (and remotely) using your smart phone.


How Much Do They Cost?

A basic home weather station costs about $100. Super deluxe models can cost $800. In between, there are many great weather stations that deliver all the weather info most people will ever need.

We’ve examined the best home weather stations to compare their features and benefits. We found a “sweet spot” of some really good home weather stations priced at about $200. We selected three units that we selected as our Best Value weather stations. We’ve also highlighted two Deluxe Units priced at $300 and up. For those of you that don’t really want to mount a weather station outside your house, we picked a couple of weather monitors priced as less than $100. (These models won’t give you local wind velocity and other info, but they are fun for amateur weather watchers.)

So here are the Best Home Weather Stations as selected by Home, Garden and Homestead. By the way, this website is a proud member of the Amazon Affiliate Program. We make a small commission on qualified sales when you click on a product link in this story. (This commission comes from Amazon, so it costs you nothing.) We humbly thank you for supporting this website, and we would be honored if you would tell your friends and family about us. Thank you!


Best Home Weather Stations: Best Value

These three home weather stations are awesome. I like every one of them. They all offer lots of weather data, and they all have wifi features that enable you to check your weather info on your smart phone. All of these units deliver lots of bang for about 200 bucks.


Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station

The Sainlogic Professional Weather Station has everything most of us could ever want in a weather station. Temperature, “feels like” temperature, humidity, dewpoint, and rain rate. Barometric pressure and wind direction. Two measurements of wind velocity: wind average speed and wind gust. Rain rate, UV index and moon phase. Plus indoor temperature, humidity, current time, and date. Yes, you can geek-out to ALL the weather facts.


the sainlogic professional wifi is among the best home weather stations


The outdoor weather station includes a high-speed anemometer, rain funnel, wind vane and solar panel.  WiFi data transfer with the worldwide weather network Wunderground. Monitor the info using your smart phone.

And then there’s the display panel. The display panel is the size of an iPad– 10.1 inches by 6.2 inches. This gives the clearest and brightest display of any home weather station. Seriously, unless you are planning to get a job at the Weather Channel, this unit has everything you need (and probably more).

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AcuRite Atlas Professional Weather Station with High-Definition Display

Now you can monitor the weather in real-time with the AcuRite Atlas Professional Weather Station. This wireless weather station provides temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV index, and barometric pressure. It has a rain gauge to provide a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions.


acurite atlas professional weather station


One of the reasons we included the AcuRite Atlas in our review of the best home weather stations is its high-definition touchscreen display. It looks awesome, and it’s easy to read. This unit stores weather data from previous days. Just add an SD card (not included) to log and export your weather data.

This AcuRite Atlas weather station can be upgraded to include a lightning sensor (AcuRite sensor #06075M, sold separately). This is a high-quality weather station with lots of features for the price. 

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La Crosse Technology V40A-PRO-INT Weather Center

What makes the La Crosse Technology V40A-Pro-Int one of the best home weather stations for the money? Let’s start with the illuminated LED color display that has adjustable intensity settings and programmable auto-dimming feature. Plus, the info is displayed in LARGE, easy-to-read numbers. (No reading glasses needed!) This unit give you the comprehensive weather data you crave, including wind speed, wind direction and wind history. Also current rain conditions and rainfall totals. And outdoor temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point. 


one of the best home weather stations is made by La Crosse Technology


Use it as a stand-alone weather station or connect it via Wi-Fi for additional bonus features. This weather center can be expanded to include additional sensors–or even additional displays in other rooms of your house. Easy setup and data is viewable in the free La Crosse View app. There’s a lot to like about this home weather center–including a price of less than $200. 


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Best Deluxe Home Weather Station

Here is a home weather station for the total weather geek. This is the technology for you if you dream about dew points–and getting a job at the Weather Channel. This heavy-duty weather station will deliver the data for years to come. This isn’t a cheap weather station, but it is a high-quality, super accurate way to know exactly what’s going on outside.


Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Weather Station with WeatherLink

Davis Instruments sells well designed pro-quality meteorological instruments for home use. A real weather enthusiast can appreciate the professional features of a unit like this. This Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Weather Station delivers fast data updates. (Data packed are sent every 2.5 seconds.)  You can get very accurate readings. You can even monitor the wind velocity in miles per hour or knots. And so much more.


Davis Instruments makes some of the best home weather stations



The sensor suite monitors outside temperature & humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. Console and WeatherLink Live give barometric pressure, inside temperature and humidity. The best way to buy this equipment is to buy the bundle. Buying each piece separately is more expensive. Also, the Amazon reviews are clear on one point: buy Davis Instruments products directly from the company, not from a third-party seller. That way, if there are any glitches at all (or you have questions) you can contact the company’s excellent customer support department.

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Best Home Weather Monitors

For a hundred bucks or less, you can enjoy tracking the outdoor weather without being a weather fanatic. You won’t get a full weather station, with an outdoor data collection unit for measuring rainfall and wind speed. But you will have a handy way to check outdoor temperature and local weather forecasts.


AcuRite 02007 Digital Home Weather Station 

AcuRite makes full weather stations (see the Best Value Home Weather Stations section above), but this isn’t a full weather station. It’s an attractive weather information device that sits in your kitchen or den and tells you the basics about outdoor and indoor temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, and more. It also tells the time, date and day of the week.


an AcuRite weather monitor sits on a kitchen counter

The illuminated color display makes it easy to read and visually pleasing. Just hang the outdoor sensor near your home (such as on a tree branch), and the strong 433 MHz signal penetrates walls with 330 feet of range. Precision Forecasting shows weather for future intervals to plan your day with confidence. The quick-read indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity features trend arrows and daily highs and lows. This is a great gift for any homeowner or gardener.


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WiFi Wireless Weather Monitor

This multifunctional weather monitor with LCD display shows indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, temperature (high/low) customizable alerts, time (12h/24h)/date, alarm clock/snooze mode, 3 channels of RF signal, UV index and 28 vivid dynamic weather forecast icons. Upgraded sensitive remote sensor so you can put the monitor virtually anywhere in your house.


roaprobe wifi weather monitor


The wireless weather station can predict today’s weather– and up to next 4 days’ weather, too. Make informed decisions and adjust your relevant plan such as travel, outgoing, picnic and so on. This indoor-outdoor weather monitor is wireless with Atomic Time and Date, so it can be used as a clock with dual alarms. The snooze mode provides an extra 5 minutes of sleep and then reminds you again. Easy to set up and easy to view with large screen. Download the app and you can view the info on your smart phone. 


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