Best new vegetable seeds for your garden

New varieties of vegetable garden seeds are introduced every year. Here are the new veggies that deserve a place in your garden.


Each spring brings the anticipation of a new gardening season—and the best new vegetable seeds for your garden. Seed catalogs and websites bring the promise of a bountiful crop of new vegetable seeds and plant varieties to grow. This spring is no different, with lots of new vegetable varieties and seed collections to entice new and experienced gardeners alike.

This spring, seed companies have introduced an impressive selection of new vegetable seeds. Some of these new vegetable varieties put a new spin on garden favorites. Others bring back heirloom selections that have a long history of outstanding garden production.

Sometimes the best new vegetable seeds offer bigger harvests and better hardiness. Sometimes the appeal is a different color, or a new variety designed especially for small gardens or container growing.

The best new vegetable varieties presented here are sure to be among this year’s popular favorites. So, gardeners, get your garden plots ready for planting some new vegetable seeds that will product your best harvest ever!

Sweet, honey-flavored cherry tomatoes

cherry tomato honeycomb from Burpee is one of the best new vegetable seeds for your garden
Cherry Tomato ‘Honeycomb’

Cherry tomato varieties are a great choice for home and homestead vegetable gardens. These vining plants produce a huge harvest of small tomatoes that start ripening in mid-summer—and the tomatoes just keep coming and coming. Honeycomb Tomato, a new variety from Burpee, gets its name from the profusion of sweet golden-orange cherry tomatoes each plant produces. The vines grow 6-7 feet long and the clusters of fruit are 12-15 inches long.

The petite golden-orange tomatoes are full of flavor. They really do have a sweet taste that is reminiscent of honey. The bite-sized ½ ounce tomatoes are perfect for adding to salads or for snacking right off the vine. A packet of seeds sells for $6.99 or three starter plants sell for $18.99 from, 800-888-1447.


Delicious zucchini variety with disease resistance

zucchini spineless perfection from Park Seed is one of the best new vegetable seeds for your garden
Zucchini Spineless Perfection

Zucchini Spineless Perfection is a new hybrid variety that has the delicious flavor of the popular Spineless Beauty with the added benefit of greater disease resistance. Spineless Perfection has an impressive resistance to powdery mildew, watermelon mosaic virus and zucchini yellow mosaic virus. The plants are very easy to grow, and the fruits are easy to harvest. Zucchini Spineless Perfection produces delicious fruits that are great when sautéed or roasted on the grill—and are scrumptious when used for zucchini bread, zucchini noodles, and so much more.

Zucchini Spineless Perfection is a fast-growing variety that will start producing delicious zucchinis just 40 days after planting. Sow the seeds 1 inch deep directly into garden soil after the danger of frost has past. A packet of seeds sells for $3.95 from or call 800-845-3369.


A nonstop harvest of sweet peppers

Sweet Pepper 'Slovana Hybrid' from Burpee is one of the best new vegetable seeds for your garden
Sweet Pepper ‘Slovana Hybrid’

Peppers are dependable producers in a backyard garden. Fresh homegrown peppers are a delicious addition to salads and veggie trays, and peppers can be used to enhance a wide range of cooked dishes. A ‘Slovana’ Pepper plant produces a nonstop summer harvest of tasty, neon-golden sweet peppers. This new variety is a compact grower. (The plants are just 17-26 inches tall, so they fit nicely into even the smallest garden spaces. ‘Slovana’ Pepper also grows well in containers.)

A ripe ‘Slovana’ pepper is 6 inches long and 2 inches wide that starts out light green in color but matures to a handsome pale yellow. The 4½-ounce fruits boast a rich pepper flavor with a delicate sweetness that’s delicious both fresh or roasted. A packet of ‘Slovana’ Pepper seeds sells for $6.29 or three starter plants sell for $18.99 from, 800-888-1447.


Grow the “butter beans” that Thomas Jefferson loved

Sieva Carolina Lima Beans from Burpee is one of the best new vegetable seeds for your garden
Sieva Carolina Butter Beans

It’s time for Butter Beans (also commonly known as lima beans) to make a well-deserved comeback. Sieva Carolina Butter Beans are an heirloom variety that have been around since the 19th century. According to historical records, Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, grew them for their excellent flavor.

Sieva Carolina Butter Bean plants produce an abundant crop of tender beans. The result is LOTS of delicious creamy-white beans. This variety is cold resistant, so it can be planted early in the season. It’s also a fast-bearing pole bean that produces just 65-80 days from sowing seeds in the garden. And the beans keep coming and coming until the first frost. A packet of seeds sells for $2.50 from


Carrots in a rainbow of colors

The best new garden seeds for include Rainbow Blend Carrot
Rainbow Blend Carrot Seeds

There’s nothing wrong with orange carrots. But sometimes the best new vegetable seeds for your garden are something completely different. Take the Rainbow Blend Carrot seeds, for example. This combination of heirloom garden seeds contains carrots in a literal rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Blend Carrots can be harvested as gourmet baby carrots. Or they can be grown to their full mature size. This assortment includes these varieties: Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow, Lunar White and Bambino. All of these varieties look and taste great. A packet of seeds sells for $2.75 from Larger quantities of seed are also available for larger gardens.


Biodegradable seed-starting pots eliminate transplant shock

CowPots are the best way to get seeds off to a great start
CowPots are 100 percent biodegradable seed-starting pots

Do you live in a colder climate? Many types of vegetable garden plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, take a long time to mature. That means getting a jump-start on your seed starting (before your last frost date) can really increase your garden yields. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to start seeds under grow lights or in a greenhouse.

To give seeds the best possible start, plant them in a biodegradable and natural seed-starting pot. CowPots seed-starting pots are made from composted cow manure from a dairy farm in Connecticut. (Hence the name, CowPots!) These natural pots allow seedlings to grow a bigger root mass, which results in healthier plants. Also important, using these biodegradable pots eliminates transplant shock since the entire pot can be planted in the ground. Plus, the CowPots naturally decompose to provide nutrients for the plant.

CowPots recycle renewable resources while growing healthy plants. CowPots are available in a wide range of sizes at fine garden centers and online at and


Don’t Forget About Fall Planting, Too

Did you know that many kinds of vegetables can be grown in the fall? Toward the end of summer when temperatures cool down is a great time to plant many vegetable varieties. That makes autumn the perfect weather for lettuce, broccoli, spinach, turnips and other garden crops. Click here more info about Fall Planting.


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