Daylighting and Interior Design Tips


Top trends such as daylighting and interior design tips can make your home more valuable. That’s right! Interior design is not only about the look of your home and your individual preferences in home decor. Interior design can also impact the value of your home.

You don’t need a huge budget to incorporate daylighting and other interior design tips.  Some intelligent and specific design choices can directly increase the value of almost any house.

Just follow these daylighting and interior design tips to create more equity in your home.


1.   Join the Daylighting Bandwagon

Daylighting is one of the hottest trends in interior design. Fortunately, it does not always require a lot of money. Daylighting can be accomplished with an mere change in how you approach lighting in your house.

The concept of daylighting is actually quite simple. It’s all about using more natural light the illuminate your home rather than relying on artificial lighting sources.  After all, the health benefits of daylight are common knowledge. So, now is a good time to discard heavy drapes and hang more mirrors on your walls. You might want to add a skylight to the roof, too!


a skylight adds daylighting to a room


Daylighting and interior design tips such as interior paint colors can work together to increase home values. By using more daylighting, the light in a room can affect the way the wall color appears. You can actually change how a room feels. Neutral colors can increase brightness and openness. These tones are also known to make people feel calm and comfortable.

Plus, a neutral color is more appealing to most people who visit a home. But bright reds, blues, and greens will be appreciated by some people, but not to others. As result, neutral colors and the use of daylighting is more likely to add to real estate value.


2.   Add an Accent Color to the Living Room

If you want to add color, use an accent color on one wall. An accent wall features a secondary color that blends in with the primary color. Your primary color should always be neutral, such as cream or gray. Accent colors are non-offensive and stand out for all the right reasons.

Adding an accent color to the space is a way of impressing visitors immediately. With most people opting for neutral colors, accent colors are a way to stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood.

Accent colors can also be a part of other interior design elements. Add accent colors with a vase or some brightly colored cushions. Be creative!


3.   Add a Cozy Rug

Designing a home’s interior is part art and part magic. Part of that magic is knowing how to impact the look and feel of a room by making one simple change.

Take rugs, for example. A den or dining room can be transformed with the right rug. A living room can take on an entirely new feel with a new rug that introduces a new color in the room. Putting the right rug under a coffee table  or in front of a couch can bring together all the room’s design elements. And a plush rug can make your home feel more inviting.


a cozy area rug in a family room


If your budget allow it, try to select a more durable (and expensive) rug for any high traffic parts of your house. A high quality rug will look better and last longer.


4.   Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Many realtors say that, when it comes to selling a house, the kitchen is the most important room. Clearly, an attractive and modern kitchen is a major selling point in any house.

Many people opt for a major kitchen renovation to improve a home’s selling price. But sometimes smaller updates can add tremendous value to the price of a home.

Upgrading the kitchen cabinets will almost always increase home value. Newer cabinets that offer lots of storage space is a great upgrade. You can remove the old cabinets for taller cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, and that will dramatically increase storage space.

Another option is a cosmetic refresh of the existing kitchen cabinets. Replace the handles and give your existing cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Or add an accent cabinet such as a farmhouse coffee bar. These less expensive options give you a lot of “bang for your rehab bucks.”


farmhouse coffee bar for kitchen



5.   Open Up the Space

Sometimes, removing an unneeded wall to give the house a more open feel is a tremendous interior design idea.

One wall that can usually be torn down is the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Removing this created one larger space and also allows more light to enter the larger space. (We already talked about the trend toward daylighting. This is a great example of using light to make rooms feel bigger and brighter.)

DO NOT start removing a wall without consulting a professional home remodeler. Some walls are “load bearing,” which means they are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the house. But once you get the OK from a pro, taking out an unneeded wall can make small home feel larger.


6.  Bathroom Upgrade

Many people underestimate how much value a bathroom can offer. For being such a small room, a bathroom upgrade can create big home value.

Start by looking at the walls. Do they need a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps some new, modern tile is in order. How about the countertops? Removing old tile countertops with quartz or granite can create a whole new look.

If the sink is old and chipped, replace it. If your faucets are old and dated, replace them with a more modern look. You might even install an instant hot water heater under the sink.

And don’t forget the details. Get a new toilet seat and a new bathroom rug. The little bathroom upgrades and design touches can make a big difference.


Conclusion: Daylighting and Interior Design Tips

Daylighting and interior design tips don’t have to require taking out a personal loan and investing thousands of dollars. Instead, small improvements such as a new coat of paint change how people viewsyour home.

Talk to an interior designer or browse the web for inspiration on the changes you can make to your home. You might be surprised how much you can increase your home’s value. And remember this: a clean house is always in style. Check out the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for keeping your home tidy.


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