Decorate Your Home with Jigsaw Puzzles


When you decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles, you create homemade beauty and wonderful family experiences.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great and fun activity for both adults and children. They are a unique and beneficial family and solo pastime. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer 1000 piece puzzles, wood brain teasers, or 3D mechanical puzzles. All of these share one key element—they give you a real mental workout.

We know that puzzles are very beneficial for children because of the physical and cognitive brain skills they develop. But did you know that adult brains can benefit from puzzles too? Puzzles exercise both sides of the brain, improving your memory, problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning. Plus, working on a puzzle can put you in a good mood.

Jigsaw puzzles can be valuable in other ways too. Have you ever lost a few jigsaw puzzle pieces and then ended up throwing the entire stock away? Or do you keep the old pieces somewhere stashed?

Well, now you can put those colorful pieces to use. We have compiled a few great ideas to decorate your home with jigsaw puzzle—including crafts, wall art, room decor, gifts, and more. Let’s check these creative tips for decorating your home.

jigsaw puzzle pieces

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you own an old, vintage mirror, or you simply are bored with the look of the old one, there are many ways you can add life to it. Here is an idea to make your old mirror more unique and eye-catching.

A jigsaw puzzle frame is easy to make. Just grab some paint, some puzzle pieces, and a glue gun. Collect enough pieces from your old jigsaw puzzle and glue them on the mirror frame.

You can paint the puzzle pieces in the color of your choice, maybe matching your other furnishings, or leave them as they were. Then fire up the glue gun as you put on the first layer of puzzle pieces. Glue on a second layer, placing the puzzle pieces on top. When you’re done, simply hang your new jigsaw puzzle mirror on your favorite wall.

Creating a jigsaw puzzle frame is a great project to do with your kids. They will love spending some quality time with you, and you will enjoy your uniquely designed mirror frame.

Decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles by making a jigsaw puzzle mirror frame

Wall decor with puzzle pieces

If you own a spare white wall that desperately needs refreshing, we can give you some tips. Using your old jigsaw puzzles, you can make astonishingly good works of art.

There are endless possibilities to incorporate multi-color puzzle pieces into wall decor. Maybe you have some famous works of art on your mind. Or, you can just follow your imagination. Whichever direction you take, your old pieces of mismatched puzzle sets will be a perfect fit.

First, draw the outline, which will be the starting point of what you want your finished piece to look like. If you are doing a nature scene, you can draw a tree trunk with lots of branches. Then use strong glue to put random puzzle pieces in between the branches. You can play with the shape and sizes. And you can even incorporate other materials like cotton, cloth pieces, or wooden sticks.

jigsaw puzzle pieces were used to make this wall art

Decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles: Create a unique puzzle table

The coffee table is an important element in your living room. Today with all the styles and sizes available, you can easily find one that adds flair to your place. If incorporating art in your interior design is your goal, there is nothing like having an artful coffee table.

Here’s one original idea to decorate your coffee table with puzzles. Once you finish your 1000-piece puzzle of your favorite work of art, leave it on your table. Then, put a piece of glass on top of it and that’s it. You can still use your table as usual. But now if it is made of wood, it will be more protected. Just make sure to use high-quality glass–especially if you have younger children.

This artful coffee table will have a great impact on your living room’s overall design and feel.


Make puzzle coasters

Starting your day with a cup of coffee or tea, or finishing a hard working day with a glass of wine, can be a self-care practice. But don’t forget to use a coaster to protect your desk or table.

Today you can find a variety of coasters from sophisticated and trending designs to DIY ones. We suggest you make DIY coasters from your old jigsaw puzzle pieces. You will need a piece of card or cork, or an existing old coaster, and glue.

You can use the existing design on your puzzle. Maybe you have a part of a superhero puzzle, some nature scenes or a famous travel destination. Pick whatever you have lying around and glue the pieces on the already cut cork or card and let the glue dry.

You will enjoy the creative process and be proud of your creations every time you drink your favorite drink.

jigsaw puzzle coaster

Decorate your fridge with magnet puzzles

A fridge is one of the top unique ways where you can express your personality. A magnetic puzzle can add much-needed character to your kitchen—and they are always fun to look at.

While you can opt for a classic magnetic puzzle that features a scenic picture. You can also get custom-made magnets using family photographs or images from vacations. These personalized magnets look great, and they can always provide an incentive to assemble the puzzle quickly. Through such puzzles, you can celebrate and revisit your favorite memories.


Decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles: finishing thoughts

There are so many ways to decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles. Coffee table tops, puzzle frames and wall art merely scratch the surface. What other creating uses for jigsaw puzzle pieces can you think of?

We hope you like some of our creative tips and cool ideas on how to decorate your home with jigsaw puzzles. You probably already have a favorite project in mind. So, go find your old puzzle boxes, experiment with anything that comes to mind, and let your creativity flow.

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