Eco-Friendly Dog Tips

Smart Products and Choices that will Reduce Your Dog's Carbon Footprint on Planet Earth


Do you have an eco-friendly dog? The human members of your household are probably doing their part to reduce, re-use, and recycle. But what about your dog? Is your faithful canine friend doing his or her best to create a green planet and combat climate change?

If you have never given any thought to how your pet pooch is impacting the Earth, now is a great time to start. Dog products are a big part of the cost of being a pet owner. Fortunately, it takes just a few minutes to choose an eco-friendly dog option for each aspect of your canine’s life.

Eco-friendly dog products include environmentally friendly dog toys, eco-friendly dog poop bags, dog beds and more. Here are some great products and ideas that will help reduce your dogs’ carbon pawprints on Planet Earth.

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Eco-friendly dog tip #1: Earth-friendly dog toys

Look for dog toys made from recycled materials. Also look for those that can be composted or recycled after use. The Beco Pets Treat-Dispensing Chew Ball is made from non-toxic natural rubber. Plus, you can put kibble treats inside, and your dog will have fun playing with the ball to get the treats out.

eco-friendly dog toy beco ball
Beco Ball is an eco-friendly dog toy.


Another great green dog toy is George the Giraffe, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This extra strong dog toy has durable double stitching and an interactive squeaker inside. It is available in three sizes.


eco-friendly George the Giraffe dog toy
George the Giraffe is dog tested and approved.


Tip #2: Buy pet food in bulk

Reduce unnecessary consumption by buying pet food and other products in bulk. Buying in bulk can cut down on unnecessary shopping trips and consolidate purchases into one shipping package. It also saves on extra packaging that comes from buying several, smaller-sized food products. To keep that bulk food fresh longer, store it in a sealed, air-tight container like this one.

pet food storage container
Vittles Vault pet food storage container.


Tip #3: Spay and neuter

This one is self-explanatory: Have your pets spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation. To keep the pet population down, be a responsible pet owner and have your puppy fixed as soon as they are old enough for the procedure.


Tip #4: Use eco-friendly dog poop bags

Greener doggie waste bags are a smart choice. Don’t add to the plastic pollution. Instead, choose biodegradable dog poop bags.  These bags are made with material that will biodegrade in the presence of oxygen more quickly than ordinary plastic.

eco friendly dog poop bags
These eco-friendly dog poop bags naturally biodegrade.


Eco-friendly dog tip #5: Natural dog bed

Get your dog an eco-friendly bed to sleep on. Molly Mutt dog beds are stuffed with real wool and the covers are made with 100% cotton canvas material for easy cleaning.

Molly Mutt dog bed made of natural materials.
A Molly Mutt dog bed is made of natural materials.

These dog beds are premium quality so they will last for years and will not need frequent replacing. Plus, there are 8 different cover patterns, so your dog’s bed can match your interior decor.


Tip #6: Make your own dog treats

Food is better when it healthy and fresh. And homemade is the best of all! This is true for the food you eat and the food and treats that you give to your dog. There are hundreds of recipes for dog treats online. Take those recipes and go a step further by purchasing your own silicone Dog Treat Molds to make them in cute bone and paw-print shapes.

silcone dog treat molds
This set of Le Dogue dog treat molds comes with a recipe booklet.


Eco-friendly dog tip #7: Donate old pet gear

Donate the toys and items your dog outgrows to a local animal shelter. Most shelters are in constant need dog beds and toys. They can also use lightly worn sheets and towels, too. Take up a collection among your neighbors to support a shelter near you.

If you have additional “green” dog tips, please leave them in the Comments section below. Also read How to Create a Dog-Friendly Yard

chihuahua dog eating a dog treat
A happy dog is a joy to behold!


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