Fall Planting for Spring Flowers


Fall planting is awesome. Experienced gardeners know that fall is a great season for planting. The dreams of colorful spring gardens begin with the fall planting of bulbs, perennials and shrubs.

In the autumn, it’s starting to get cool outside. The cooler temperatures make it much more appealing to be outdoors planting. Plus, your list of garden tasks is probably shorter than in the spring.

Best of all, the soil is still warm enough for plant roots to thrive. They will grow and get established until the ground freezes.

In addition, fall plant sales are the best. Many garden centers offer deep discounts because they don’t want to overwinter plants. Take advantage of these deals with fall planting. Autumn is a great time to add new plants to your yard and garden that will delight you come spring.

“Fall planting gives spring-blooming bulbs and perennials a chance to get established in your garden before winter,” says Greg Niewold, owner of Power Planter. “And when you want new blooms the most, they’ll burst forth with beautiful new growth in the spring.”

Planning ahead for fall planting? We’ve got you covered. Put the power in planting and prep now for a beautiful spring.


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Get Ready for Fall Planting

Start by Reflecting. Think about what you love most about your garden. Jot down your flowers, edibles, and shrubs. Mark your favorite and most successful plants. Cross off the ones that didn’t produce, thrive or required too much effort. What plants do you wish you had? Add those to your fall planting list.


Think Ahead. Sketch your current garden space or take pictures. Are you considering expanding your garden next year? Consider how big your plants will get when they are full-size. This will help you decide whether to plant them in new garden beds or containers. Of course, many plants can be moved and transplanted later. But, it is so much easier if you find a permanent home for them now.


Visit the Garden Center. Scrutinize your fall planting list to make sure you have a variety of plant types, scents, and bloom times. Do you have any plants that attract beneficial insects? Do you have plants of different textures, sizes, and color? Ask the professionals at your local garden center which plants on your list that can be planted in the fall.


a man in a garden planting bulbs with a power planter auger

Let the Planting Begin

Dig In. Once you’ve selected your plants, you’ll want to get them in the ground quickly. The window for fall planting ends six weeks before your average first frost date. (That is usually in September or October for most Americans.) Visit the Power Planter auger guide to find the right Power Planter Auger to make your gardening tasks easier. A Power Planter auger fits right into your cordless electric drill.  From planting bulbs to large shrubs, these augers will help you dig.


Water deeply. When fall planting, always give new plants a deep drink of water. In many regions of the country, fall showers may keep your plants watered. But you should water plants if you’re not getting at least 1” of rain per week until the ground freezes.

Enjoy your newly planted garden while you can and keep dreaming of a beautiful spring!


If you’re looking to plant a tree this fall, read Top Fruit Trees for Backyard Orchards.


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