Gifts for Gardeners this Holiday Season

Here are the perfect gifts for gardeners and homeowners on your holiday shopping list.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday decorations, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate and Christmas carols are all part of the season. Oh, and lots of shopping for holiday gifts.

But don’t fret. It is actually quite easy to find great gifts for gardeners and homeowners. These folks always need something to satisfy their green thumbs, finish a DIY project, or add one more personal touch to the property.

This year, the editors of Home, Garden and Homestead have put together their annual list of the best gifts for gardeners this holiday season.

Heck, you might even want to give some of these gifts to yourself.


Gifts for Gardeners

An easy way to water plants

Everyone who has indoor houseplants or container plants outdoors can use a little help with watering. Let’s face it, we’ve all forgotten to water a plant—only to find it bone dry and looking sad.

hydro bloom from Bio Green is a great gift for gardeners

The Hydro Bloom is a new way to keep potted plants happily watered. Just fill the UV-resistant water reservoir, and the water will gently seep into the potting soil. The attractive water globe holds 6.7 ounces (200 ml), which will keep the plant hydrated for up to a week with a steady supply of water. The Hydro Bloom sells for $9.99 from


A great tool for stand-up weeding

The CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder takes the back-breaking labor out of weeding a flower bed or a vegetable garden. That’s because the long handle makes it possible to weed while standing up straight. The unique shape of the famous CobraHead blade can cut through soil and tough weeds with ease. The blade really is shaped like a cobra head, and it’s made of tough steel for years of use as a cultivator and weeder.

CobraHead long handle tool for weeding and digging

Older gardeners and those with limited kneeling and bending ability find the CobraHead Long Handle Weeder an especially enabling device. Three different handle lengths are available to make the tool comfortable to use no matter how tall you are. The CobraHead Long Handle sells for $64.95. (Add $3 for the extra-long handle.) CobraHead hand tools are also available at CobraHead LLC is a Wisconsin-based family business that makes every tool in the USA.


This magazine shares the heart and soul of gardeningGreenPrints magazine gifts for gardeners

GreenPrints magazine is a special gift for anyone who delights in planting seeds and caring for plants. Unlike other magazines that deal with the “how-to” aspects of gardening, GreenPrints is the only publication that shares the joy, humor and inspiration of gardening with wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations.

For the past 30 years, GreenPrints is where gardeners have gone to share stories of the human side of America’s favorite outdoor hobby. This delightful quarterly magazine has twice received the Best Small Garden Magazine award from GardenComm, an international organization of garden communicators.

Subscribers say things like “I kiss each issue when it arrives!” and “This (magazine) is the most joy one can give for this amount of money!” A one-year subscription is $24.95 from


A “Peppermint Candy” gift plant

Giving plants as gifts is a long-standing holiday tradition. If you are looking for something beyond the traditional Poinsettia or Amaryllis, now you can give a “Peppermint Candy” plant. Crown of Thorns “Peppermint Candy” (Euphorbia milii) brings beautiful white and green leaf variegation and bright red, everblooming flowers to any sunny windowsill.

peppermint candy euphorbia indoor gift plant

This rare plant flowers throughout the year. Its compact size and slow-growing habit make it perfect for smaller spaces. A plant in a 4-inch pot sells for $24.95 from


Grow fresh mushrooms in your own shade garden

Home-grown mushrooms are delicious, nutritious and easy to plant. A Shiitake log starter kit includes everything you need to start your own mini mushroom farm (except the logs). After planting and establishing, the logs will bear tasty and healthful mushrooms every spring and fall for many years.

The mushroom kit includes 250 pieces of mushroom plug spawn, a drill bit with stop collar, sealing wax, instructions and recipes. The kit stores perfectly in the refrigerator for months until planting time so they make great holiday gifts.

shiitake mushroom kit is on Santa's gifts for gardeners holiday list

You will need five fresh hardwood log pieces cut during the winter, a few household tools, and the kit. Cut your logs green in the winter and inoculate with the spawn from your kit in the spring. Incubate the planted logs outdoors in a shady spot and start harvesting your mushrooms the following spring and fall for years to come.

The Small Shiitake Plug Spawn Starter Kit sells for $36.00 from And gourmet mushroom Table Top Farms make great gifts for indoor gardeners.


A book for flower lovers

Debra Prinzing founded the Slow Flowers Movement seven years ago after the publication of her book, Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm, which inspired thousands of gardeners and floral lovers to adopt a seasonal approach to growing and arranging flowers.

Slow Flowers Journal book by Debra PrinzingIn Slow Flowers JournalVolume One, Prinzing highlights the leaders, best practices, inventive floral artistry and creative experiences that are changing the floral marketplace while connecting people with the origin of local and sustainably grown flowers.

This book draws from the past two years of the Slow Flowers Journal content in Florists’ Review magazine—completely redesigned with fresh graphics and new photography. Featured are sections on Slow Flowers Heroes, Botanical Couture, Field to Tabletop, Slow Weddings, and more. Illustrated with more than 150 photographs that tell a visually compelling story of a lifestyle immersed in flowers. The book sells for $19.95 from


The ultimate way to “dig” holes

If someone on your gift list is a real tool geek, then an ultra-heavy-duty power drill is a good choice. If he (or she) is also a gardener, then the Ultimate Gardener Starter Pack (which combines a heavy-duty drill and two indestructible planting augers) is a no-brainer.

gifts for gardeners power planter auger

The Dewalt 996 20V MAX XR cordless drill kit makes the typical cordless look like a toy. The kit comes with two battery packs, charger, a side handle for the drill, and a tough carrying case. The solid steel garden auger drill bits (3” by 7” and 2” x 7”) can drill holes for flower bulbs or starter plants in seconds. This powerful combo kit can change your life. Really. The Ultimate Gardeners Starter Pack sells for $315 from (Augers without the drill are also available.)


Give a blooming holiday classic

A flowering amaryllis plant is always a welcome gift. Red amaryllis flowers (such as the Red Lion variety) are a holiday tradition, but white and pink amaryllis are also available. Barbados Amaryllis has velvety red petals striped with white, which creates a star-like effect. Nymph Amaryllis flowers are white with soft sprays of pink and just a taste of light green.

Barbados amaryllis in a white pot

These varieties and many more are available from American Meadows. Large single bulbs are available, which are perfect for potting up at home and keeping for yourself. Amaryllis gift kits are also available, which contain a large amaryllis bulb, potting mix and a decorative pot. View all the amaryllis varieties at Also check out the website for handy amaryllis growing tips.


Flower arranging made easy

This may be the best book EVER about flower arranging. Not only does Flower Arranging provide a foundation for novices entering the world of floristry, but it also serves as a refresher course for experienced flower designers.

This new book includes more than 150 floral designs ranging from basic and traditional to advanced and contemporary, all created by professional designers Teresa Lanker, The Ohio State University, and Frank Feysa.

Flower Arranging book cover

Included are step-by-step instructions and illustrative photos for 36 all-occasion arrangements, wedding bouquets, flowers to wear, sympathy arrangements, holiday designs, and even novelty arrangements and fruit baskets—designs that professional florists make every day. Also featured are more advanced and creative variations of each traditional design, and the initial chapters provide a wealth of in-depth information on the principles and elements of floral design as well as floral design mechanics.

With more than 630 photos, this all-encompassing and inspirational guide to the art of flower arranging is a must-have for everyone who has ever bought or grown flowers and put them in a vase. This hardcover book sells for $39.95 at


Yard clean-up tool kit

gifts for gardeners can include battery-powered electric yard maintenance tools

No yard is maintenance free, so every yard can use a little help. Trimming overgrown shrubs and trees can be a lot of work. So, can getting rid of thousands of leaves every autumn. Perhaps the homeowner on your gift list uses yard maintenance as a workout session. Or probably not. That’s why a cordless electric multi-tool system makes a great gift for almost everyone with a yard to maintain.

The 24-volt electric tool system from SunJoe includes an 8” chain saw, 17.7” hedge trimmer, 124 m.p.h. max blower and grass trimmer. The heads can be changed out in seconds, and they all fit on a telescoping pole extends up to 5.3’ so you can reach high or low.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack gives up to 55 minutes of battery run time. With the multi-angle adjustable tool heads, you can come at your yard chores at any angle with the touch of a button. This tool system comes with a 2-year warranty. Check the price here on the GTS40002C 24-Volt Cordless Multi-Tool System.


Tough and classy garden gloves

There are wimpy garden gloves and sturdy garden glove. And then there are the super-duty Garden Rose Gloves from Hestra. Made of durable and reinforced goatskin leather, these awesome gloves have super-long cowhide cuffs for added protection from rose thorns—or anything else you are pruning.

hestra garden rose gloves

Garden Rose Gloves come in four sizes to ensure the proper fit. They sell for $30.99 a pair from


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