Gifts for Gardeners this Holiday Season

The season of giving is here, and that means finding the perfect holiday gifts for gardeners on your holiday gift list.


The holiday season is here, and that means making a gift list for friends and family members—including gifts for gardeners. Some people are easy to buy for, but others…well, not so much. Fortunately, when it comes to finding great gifts for gardeners, we’ve got you covered.

For those on your gift list with a green thumb (or the desire to be a green-thumb gardeners) the editors at Home, Garden and Homestead have put together their annual list of the best gifts for gardeners this holiday season.

“This holiday season list has a wide variety of gifts for gardeners,” said Randall D. Schultz, Content Editor for “There is everything from a great weeding tool and the ultimate seed-starting kit to a learning course for those who want to start gardening and a magazine that offers gardening inspiration.”

All these gifts can be purchased online for fast delivery in time for the gift-giving celebrations.


Gifts for Gardeners

This magazine shares the heart and soul of gardeningGreenPrints magazine gifts for gardeners

GreenPrints magazine is a special gift for anyone who delights in planting seeds and caring for plants. Unlike other magazines that deal with the “how-to” aspects of gardening, GreenPrints is the only publication that shares the joy, humor and inspiration of gardening with wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations.

For the past 30 years, GreenPrints is where gardeners have gone to share stories of the human side of America’s favorite outdoor hobby. This delightful quarterly magazine has twice received the Best Small Garden Magazine award from GardenComm, an international organization of garden communicators.

Subscribers say things like “I kiss each issue when it arrives!” and “This (magazine) is the most joy one can give for this amount of money!” A one-year subscription is $24.95 from


Great tools for precision weeding

cobrahead mini great garden tools

The best garden tools make gardening easier, and the award-winning CobraHead “mini” Weeder is the perfect tool for precision weeding in flower beds, vegetable gardens and containers. The CobraHead “mini” has a digging blade that easily digs out weeds in tight spaces without damaging nearby plants. The forged steel blade cuts through all types of soil, even the toughest clay, and it makes short work of cleaning weed-choked gardens. The attractive blue handle is molded around the unique steel blade to ensure it can never work loose. The ergonomic handle was designed to be comfortable in smaller hands.

Also available are the original CobraHead Weeder (which is a bit larger and heftier, so it’s perfect for weeding larger garden spaces) and the CobraHead Long-Handle tool that’s great for cultivating and weeding while standing up.

The CobraHead “mini” Weeder sells for $24.95, the original CobraHead Weeder sells for $27.95, and the CobraHead Long Handle (with a 54-inch wooden handle) sells for $64.95 on


The ultimate seed-starting kit

Park Seed Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection is among the best gifts for gardenersMany avid gardeners love to start seeds indoors to get a jump-start on the spring gardening season. Park’s Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection contains everything needed to start seeds indoors. The sturdy Park Bio-Dome seed starter creates the ideal environment for seeds to sprout. The Park Bio-Dome cover keeps moisture in, and the vents promote air flow to the seedlings. The floating planter wicks moisture from the bottom tray directly to the developing seedlings. The growing tray has 60 cells, and the nutrient-rich Bio sponges grow bigger, better seedlings.

This collection also includes eight vegetable seed varieties—including tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, squash and cantaloupe. A fertilizer pack and easy-to-understand instructions ensure that even a beginner can start growing delicious vegetables right away. Park’s Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection sells for $49.95 from


Learn about gardening the easy way

Garden Tutor Course is among the best gifts for gardeners, especially beginnersGarden Tutor is an online course in gardening basics designed with the beginner in mind. The educational course can teach anyone how to design, install and maintain the garden of their dreams.

Garden Tutor provides everything a beginner needs to get started on a lifelong hobby, including the critically acclaimed Garden Tutor course, handy reference guide, soil pH test kit, compass, garden measuring tape, soil testing jar, essential drafting and design tools, and more.

This kit is perfect gift for new homeowners, aspiring gardeners and anyone who wants to learn the basics of gardening. Order online at for yourself or as a gift to receive the complete course and kit in 3-5 business days.


Gardeners will really “dig” this tool

gifts for gardeners power planter auger

Why dig holes for bulbs and starter plants when you can drill them? Sturdy metal planting augers quickly dig holes in flower beds and gardens, making planting easier than ever before.

The planting augers from Power Planter have a 3/8-inch, non-slip hex drill bit end that fits into any standard power drill. Simply put the planting auger into the drill, tighten it up, use the power drill to quickly drill to the maximum depth of the auger, and lift the auger out of the hole. It’s that easy.

The Auger Starter Pack for Homeowners contains two of the most popular digging augers. The Garden Planting Auger digs holes that are 2 inches wide and 7 inches deep—the ideal size for planting annual bedding plants. The larger Bulb Auger and Bedding Plant Tool digs 3-inch-wide holes up to 7 inches deep, so it’s perfect for digging holes for larger bedding plants in the spring and for flower bulbs in the fall. The Plant Auger Starter Pack for Homeowners sells for $39.50 from


A beautiful houseplant for year-round growingbegonia wightii maculata variegata is a wonderful houseplant

Gardeners love to grow plants all year long. That’s why an attractive and unusual houseplant is among the great gifts for gardeners. Begonia ‘Wightii’ (Begonia maculata variegata) is both festive and cheerful. Its nickname is “Polka Dot” because of the silver-white spots that decorate the dark green leaves. This plant is a vigorous grower, and when it’s happy it puts out lovely white flowers with small yellow centers.

Begonia ‘Wightii’ is called a “bat-winged” type of begonia because its pointed leaves resemble the shape of bat wings. This beautiful plant is great for tabletop growing, and it also is well suited for growing in a hanging basket. It can grow to a mature size of 20-30 inches tall and wide. Begonia ‘Wightii’ sells for $29.95 from


Yard clean-up made easy

gifts for gardeners can include battery-powered electric yard maintenance tools

No yard is maintenance free, so every yard can use a little help. Trimming overgrown shrubs and trees can be a lot of work. So, can getting rid of thousands of leaves every autumn. Perhaps the homeowner on your gift list uses yard maintenance as a workout session. Or probably not. That’s why a cordless electric multi-tool system makes a great gift for almost everyone with a yard to maintain.

The 24-volt electric tool system from SunJoe includes an 8” chain saw, 17.7” hedge trimmer and 124 m.p.h. max blower. The heads can be changed out in seconds, and they all fit on a telescoping pole extends up to 5.3’ so you can reach high or low.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack gives up to 55 minutes of battery run time. With the multi-angle adjustable tool heads, you can come at your yard chores at any angle with the touch of a button. This tool system comes with a 2-year warranty. The GTS40001C 24-Volt Cordless Multi-Tool System sells for $199.99 from


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