Great Tools Make Fall Yard Cleanup Easier

Here are some of the best tools that make fall yard cleanup easier and faster.


Fall yard cleanup season is here! The blazing heat of summer is over, and the cooler days of autumn have arrived.  And, right on schedule, the leaves are falling from the trees.

Now is the traditional time for fall yard cleanup. It’s time to harvest the remaining fruits and vegetables from the garden, rake the leaves, and generally clean up the yard and garden to get ready for winter. Fortunately, there is a full arsenal of labor-saving tools to make fall yardwork easier.

For pruning, we’ve got heavy-duty loppers. For controlling fallen leaves, we’re got a powerful cordless electric leaf blower. Plus, there’s always room in the shed for a quality pair of gloves.

Here are some of the best tools that make fall yard cleanup easier and faster.


Loppers Make Quick Work of Fall Pruning

A great pair of loppers is a handy tool when it’s time to prune a tree or trim a shrub. You can even cut off dead canes from a favorite climbing rose.

The Extendable Power-Lever Lopper combines craftsmanship with rugged dependability that makes pruning easier and more efficient. This high-quality tool features precision-ground steel blades and durable Softgrip handles for maximum comfort and stability. The adjustable arms extend to more than three feet long, making it easier than ever to reach high branches and cut them with ease and precision.


fall yard cleanup
The Fiskars Extendable Power Lever Lopper can slice through thick branches


The Power-Lever mechanism utilizes compound lever technology, which maximizes leverage and doubles the branch-cutting capabilities of regular loppers. You won’t believe how easy it is to slice through thick branches. The fully hardened steel blades are coated to resist rust and decrease friction—so it still cuts like new even after years of heavy use. Fiskars also makes several other models of loppers. Check price on Amazon.


Hand Pruners for Quick Cuts

The Gonicc 8-inch Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears make it easy to clip off small branches from bushes and trees. The sharp cutting blade is made of premium titanium steel, and the body and handles are drop forged for strength.


a pair of hand pruners cutting a branch
Gonicc professional hand pruners slice through branches with ease.


These heavy-duty pruners can cut up to 3/4″ diameter size tree branches. The non-slip handles are ergonomically made, so they are lightweight and comfortable in your hands. Plus, the gold blade and the black handles look awesome. Check price now.


The Trusty Rake, Reinvented

Rakes have been around forever. But still, nothing says “fall yard cleanup” like a trusty garden rake. Fortunately, the rakes available today have been refined and redesigned to be more efficient at raking up fallen leaves and other debris.


a leaf rake is a handy tool for raking leaves in the fall
The trusty rake has been reinvented to make it more efficient.


Most leaf rakes have lightweight metal tines. These rakes make quick work of the chore of gathering leaves. The tines are flexible, making the rakes easy to maneuver. Another choice is a sturdy poly rake with “plastic” tines.

An adjustable garden leaf rake is a popular new option. It offers the additional benefit of expanding or narrowing the width of the tines to fit the size of the job. Use an adjustable-tine rake to get underneath a narrow bush. Then open the tines to full width for raking the lawn. Click here to see a full range of hand rakes.


Get Great Gloves for Fall Yard Cleanup

Protect your hands during fall yard cleanup chores like raking and pruning. Wear a good pair of garden gloves! There are all kinds of outdoor gloves that will make yardwork easier–and more comfortable for your hands.


garden gloves are great for fall yard cleanup
Wear garden gloves to protect your hands during fall yard cleanup.



Classic knitted fabric gloves will work in a pinch. But let’s face it, there are better choices if you are willing to spend a few dollars more. Leather work gloves are a great option, and they can last for years. A tough pair of nylon-spandex safety gloves will protect your hands from abrasion, cuts, or punctures.

Some of the newest knitted gloves are made with foam latex for a better grip and seamless fit and include an elastic slip-on cuff. Check out the Gardening Gloves on Amazon.


Blow Those Leaves Away

Sometimes you need to put some power into the chore of gathering up the fall leaves. A lightweight power blower like the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Jet Blower is both easy to use and powerful enough to get the job done. Plus, this battery-powered beauty is more environmentally friendly than the typical gas-powered blower. The powerful brushless motor with a turbo-boast button provides 580 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) at 145 MPH. (That’s a lot of blowing power, folks.)


fall yard cleanup
A power blower like this Greenworks Cordless Jet Blower quickly moves leaves.


This redesigned, second-generation power tool has a variable-speed trigger, so you can adjust the airflow to the task. The variable speed option can also greatly increase the run time between battery recharges. The quick charger provides a full recharge in just 40 minutes, to quickly put the blower back to work. The comfortable molded grip and “cruise control” option make this tool easy to use.

Of course, there are other cordless leaf blower options , and you can read our Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers Reviews.


An EZ Way to Gather Fall Leaves

Whether you use a hand rake or a power blower, you’re still going to have to do something with all of the leaves you’ve collected. Let’s face it, bagging up all of those leaves and hauling them away isn’t any fun. But now there’s a simple and ingenious way to corral the leaf pile so you can quickly transport it to the compost pile.


a man rakes leaves into an EZ Leaf Hauler leaf gathering tool
The EZ Leaf Hauler makes it easy to remove leaves from lawns and landscapes.


The patented EZ Leaf Hauler is like a giant dustpan for leaves. It has an innovative yet simple design that allows you to rake away large piles of leaves with ease and efficiency. It holds four times more leaves and debris than a wheelbarrow, and it has six built-in handles for easy transport. With the EZ Leaf Hauler, all you have to do is stake it, rake it, and take it away.

So what are you waiting for? Those leaves aren’t going to rake or blow themselves away. And the fall pruning isn’t going to magically happen. But with the right helpful tools, you’ll get the job done more quickly and have more time to savor the delights of the autumn season. Check Price and Availability.


Randy Schultz is the content editor for Home, Garden and Homestead. Also read his story about Planting Fall Bulbs to learn which bulb varieties to plant to get the best Spring flowers. Home Garden and Homestead is an Amazon associate, and we receive a small commission for qualified sales.

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