Home Maintenance Tips for Spring and Summer


Here’s you list of home maintenance tips for spring and summer to get your home and homestead looking sharp.

Winter weather can be harsh on your house. The good thing about warmer months is that you get to take care of your home while enjoying the sun.  So, now is the time to prevent unexpected problems and do home maintenance. Follow our list of home maintenance tips – spring and summer edition – to get the most out of this season.


Home Maintenance Tip: Check The AC Unit

Ideally, you should check your AC unit monthly and replace air filters at least once every three months. Dirty air filters can only cause you harm. The unit has to work harder, and it can lead to increased energy bills and potentially damage your equipment.

Also, make sure the insulation of your home is installed and functioning properly. You don’t want the warm air or cool air to escape through windows and roof. If you’re not sure what type of insulation fits your needs, check insulation4less to find everything you need.

Checking your air conditioner regularly prevents algae and sediment from clogging the drain. This can create water damage and make your home very humid. Repairs like this can cost up to $150. You can also call a technician to tune up your AC unit for up to $200. A manufacturer-rated AC will leave you with a well-balanced temperature during warm months.


Clean Out the Gutters

Check and clean out any twigs, decomposed leaves, dirt, and debris. Check if there are any missing sections and loose joints you may need to replace. Also, make sure that downspout extensions point away from your home’s foundation at least 6 ft (1.8m) away. These pipes are easy to find and are affordable, about $10 for a 6 ft pipe.

If you’re not sure how to properly clean out the gutters, you can hire gutter cleaners from $90 to $225. You can also install gutter guards to keep leaves out of your home’s gutters. Typical gutter guards let water into the gutters, but not leaves or other debris. Check out the LeafTek Gutter Guards available on Amazon.


LeafTek gutter guard covers keep home gutters clean and free of debris
LeafTek Gutter Guard leaf protection is a premium DIY/ contractor-grade solution to clogged gutters. The covers let water in, but keep leaves out.


Prepare To Mow

Preparing your garden for spring and summer can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have the right or functioning equipment.

If your lawnmower is dull, instead of slicing, it just tears the grass. A torn blade of grass is vulnerable to insects, sun damage, and diseases. A lawnmower’s blades should be sharpened once or twice a year. If your yard is larger and you mow often, then the blade should be sharpened more often.

Also, it’s important to tune up your gas-powered lawnmower after 25 hours of use or once every three months. Check the manufacturer’s guide to replace the oil, filter, and change the spark plug. All of this would cost you around $15. In comparison, a pro-tune-up would be around $75. A tuned-up machine will reduce polluting emissions and be more efficient.


Greenworks 40V cordless electric lawn mower
The Greenworks 40-volt cordless electric lawn mower is one of the best new mowers now available.


Of course, you can save yourself lots of mower maintenance and hassle by replacing your old mower with a new cordless electric mower. The new electric mowers are powered by lithium-ion battery packs that deliver lots of cutting power. Plus, the batteries quickly recharge and are ready to rock.

Did we mention how quiet the new battery-powered electric mowers are? And they don’t emit smelly fumes, either. The best cordless electric mowers, like the Greenworks 40-volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower, are a pure joy to use. Your lawn will love them, too!

While you’re in the yard,  pull those pesky weeds before they can set seed. Make sure to use the best weeding tools for growing a nice garden. These top tools, such as a long-handle weeding tool and a mini-weeder for smaller spaces, will make your job a lot easier, .


Home Maintenance Tip: Check Your Deck

It’s essential to protect a wood deck to prevent further decay. Check several areas of the deck, especially parts that get rained or snowed on.

Look for signs of possible decay, such as soft and spongy wood. Another sign is if you poke it with a screwdriver and it doesn’t splinter. So, make sure to reseal your deck with wood deck sealer to protect the wood.


Wash The Windows

Home maintenance tips also includes your windows. A sun shining through the house can really make us realize how dirty our windows are. So, now is the perfect time to wash them and enjoy the sun through perfectly clear-looking windows.

Before you start cleaning, order a window cleaning kit that includes a squeegee, brush, sponge, and extension pole. Then, start by cleaning out the window tracks and sills with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Make sure that weep holes are not clogged up. To check, just pour a small amount of water into the sill to make sure weep holes are running smoothly. If the water doesn’t go out, then use a piece of a thin wire to clean out the hole.


a window cleaning kit
A window cleaning kit is must-have equipment for home maintenance.



After this, wash the window glass with your window cleaning kit. Don’t forget to clean out the window screens, as well.

So, clean out and get your house ready for long summer nights. Use our tips as a helpful guide to have a well-maintained home. Invite your guest and enjoy nice weather on your clean deck.


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