Homemade Gift Basket Ideas


Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for the Favorite People in Your Life.

Creating a gift basket is a great way to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or special event. Whether you are trying to come up with a gift for a birthday, wedding or graduation, gift baskets are an excellent option. When you make homemade gift baskets instead of purchasing them premade, they can perfectly match the recipient’s interests and preferences.

Putting the basket together yourself can also save you a bundle. How nice to use homemade gift basket ideas to give a thoughtful gift without breaking your budget.

The options for customized gift baskets are endless. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can make one that’s perfect for everyone on your gift list. How about a gift basket filled with delicious-smelling home fragrance products like scented candles? Or a barbecue-themed homemade gift basket that’s perfect for the special grill master in your life.

Here are 7 Fun Homemade Gift Basket Ideas that are perfect for practically everyone you know. We have included links to some of the items mentioned in this story. Home Garden and Homestead receives a small commission from Amazon (at no cost to you) for qualified sales.


1. Home Fragrance Homemade Gift Basket

Everyone loves filling their home with pleasant aromas. Instead of just wrapping up a single candle, why not fill a gift basket with these comforting and olfactory-pleasing home fragrance items? Then, add some must-have accessories like a candle wick trimmer.

Start with a few high-quality scented candles featuring fragrances you know the recipient loves. If you aren’t sure of their preferences, most folks enjoy scents containing vanilla. Zodiac candles matching the recipient’s astrological sign are excellent picks too. Look for non-toxic candles made from natural wax blends, cotton wicks, and custom fragrances. Avoid ones containing phthalates, synthetic dyes, lead, paraben, and plastics.

Next, add all the right accessories. A wick trimmer is a must-have because it makes it easy to keep the wick trimmed short for a safe, long-lasting glow. A candle snuffer, holder and rechargeable lighter would make lovely basket additions too. As a more traditional alternative to a rechargeable lighter, include fancy, extra-long matches.


homemade fragrance gift basket
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2. Spa Day Gift Basket

Give someone special the gift of peace and relaxation with a spa day basket filled with pampering products. As an alternative to a traditional basket or box, consider getting a pair of soft, cozy slippers and stuffing them with all the essentials.

Consider the recipient’s home and preferences when choosing basket fillers. If they don’t have a bathtub or prefer taking hot showers, a bath bomb and a bottle of bubble bath won’t do them much good. Likewise, a bath lover might not have much use for aromatherapy shower steamers. Not sure what to include in your spa day basket? Here are some suggestions:


spa day gift basket


  • Face masks
  • Bath pouf, exfoliating gloves, back scrubber, etc.
  • Nail polish and manicure/pedicure supplies
  • Body and facial scrubs
  • Lip balm
  • Shower gel, bubble bath, etc.
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Shower steamers
  • Soft, fluffy towels
  • Candles

Some fancy chocolate or champagne is a perfect addition to a spa basket, too!


3. BBQ Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Here’s a fun homemade gift basket idea for a barbecue lover. A BBQ gift basket is an excellent gift for anyone who loves outdoor cooking. If you’re looking to go all-out for someone special, you could even buy them a brand-new portable grill to use as a basket and fill it with grill tools, spice rubs and accessories. Of course, a regular basket is fine too.


portable barbecue grill


Whatever type of basket you choose, load it up with barbecue tools such as a spatula, tongs, basting brush, scrub brush, propane gauge and burger press. Throw in some mouth-watering spice rubs and seasonings, barbecue sauce and a gift card for a local meat shop or grocery store. You may even want to include some disposable plates and silverware to help them enjoy their tastebud-tantalizing meal in the great outdoors.


4. Fun Homemade Gift Basket Ideas: Gamer Basket

Does someone in your life love video games? If so, make them a gamer gift basket! Whether they prefer console or PC gaming, there are several things you can use to create a basket they will love. Here are a few ideas for filling the basket:


video game controller


  • A new game they’ve been yearning for
  • A cool new controller
  • Extra batteries or chargers for controllers and wireless PC peripherals
  • A graphic tee or hooded sweatshirt featuring their favorite game or character
  • Individual cans of soda or energy drinks to fuel those late-night gaming sessions
  • Yummy snacks like chips, candy bars and cookies
  • A gift card for downloading content (games, expansion packs, etc.)


5. Ice Cream Gift Basket

Do you known someone with a sweet tooth that might love a homemade gift basket? Give your recipient a sweet treat by giving them a basket filled with everything they need to enjoy their favorite ice cream.

This gift is perfect for birthdays and celebrations, and it’s suitable for both kids and adults. Just fill up a basket with cute ice cream goodies. Include bowls, spoons, an ice cream scooper, toppings, and cones.


6. Bar Essentials Basket

Perfect as a housewarming or host gift, a bar essentials basket is as much fun to assemble as it is to receive.



bartender kit essentials for homemade gift basket ideas


Start with a basket with the recipient’s favorite liquor. Then, add must-have bar tools such as a bar spoon, two-piece shaker set, jigger, muddler and cocktail strainer. You could also throw in some simple syrup, sours mix, aromatic bitters and other cocktail ingredients.

Sounds like a party in a homemade gift basket!


7. Fun Homemade Gift Basket Ideas: Pasta Night

A pasta night gift basket is a great gift for nearly anyone. After all, who doesn’t enjoy pasta? Even if your recipient has specific dietary restrictions — such as needing to eat gluten-free foods — you can customize this gift to fit their needs.


homemade pasta gift basket idea


Instead of a regular basket, you could use a nice metal colander. Or perhaps a nice wooden box that can be used as a pantry organizer. Then, fill it up with everything they’ll need to enjoy a delicious pasta night at home. Dry noodles, pasta sauce and olive oil are the perfect place to start. Throw in a bottle of wine, a loaf of crusty bread and a mix for making dipping oils. Your recipient will be prepared to enjoy a meal that reminds them of their favorite Italian restaurant.


Final Thoughts About Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are excellent gifts for every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, anniversary or celebration, you can never go wrong with a present made to suit the recipient’s personality and preferences.

Just use your creativity. You will have no problem coming up with a homemade gift basket idea that’s perfect for the special person in your life.


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