How to Find a Lost Ring


Here’s how to find a lost ring in the yard, lawn, or garden.

Lost jewelry, especially a wedding ring or other meaningful jewelry, can trigger a traumatic experience for many women. Whether your engagement ring, wedding ring, or other cherished pieces of jewelry has gone missing in the lawn or garden, don’t panic! This article will give you all the tips and tricks to find it.


5 Tips to Find a Lost Ring in Your Garden

Here are tips and tricks to help you find your lost engagement or wedding ring:


Stay Calm and Think Rationally

When you lose a ring, you may be tempted to go out and search for it in the grass immediately. But before you get too involved in this lost ring adventure, you should know that there are some things you should do first.

It is important to stay calm. Thinking about what may have happened to the ring can help keep your emotions under control. Once you’ve calmed down and thought rationally about the situation, think about where your ring might be.


Track Sun’s Reflections to Find a Lost Ring 

Like other metals, rings can reflect lights when sunlight shines on them. This can help you find a lost ring in the garden. The best time to use this method is a sunny day when the sun is shining directly on your yard.

Start examining the area where the ring might be. When you see a glint of light, try to find where it’s coming from. Attempt to follow the light beam back towards its source. If you don’t see anything, move around and look closer.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of this method. You should try different locations until you see another glint of light coming from your ring.

Once you find the source, look carefully to see if you can spot a lost ring. This is a good first step in finding a lost ring in your garden. But, admittedly, it may not work as well when the weather isn’t sunny.


Use a Bright Flashlight at Night

One of the best ways to find your ring is to shine a flashlight in the dark and see if it glimmers.  However, this option will require that you wait till it’s dark. Then you may be able to find your ring with a bright flashlight.

Put on a good, sturdy pair of shoes. Waterproof garden shoes or boots are recommended, because it could be wet and slippery in your yard and garden. It’s dark, and you don’t want to loose your footing.


bright flashlight at night


Diamonds and metal ring components reflect light in the dark. Using a flashlight to focus light on a particular part of the garden will help you find rings lost in a garden.  Once it’s dark, try turning on the light in different places around the garden. Keep trying and be patient.  Look for shiny spots where light reflects off of objects.

Most diamond engagement rings are a cinch to spot with this method because they shine like mirrors. The shapes and contours, unique to each ring, can make it easier to spot. You can illuminate the ring’s facets in the dark with a simple flashlight and see the brilliance.


Conduct A Sweep of the Area

A simple sweep of the area may reveal where the ring is hiding. But you must do it right. Once you have established an approximate location where you lost the ring, you can sweep the area. You should search through anything that can hide a ring.

Keep your eyes peeled for shiny objects in unusual places when conducting a sweep. You will also need to list where you’ve looked for the ring. Start by keeping an eye on the ground, then search through the trellis and bushes.

Then move to any area that has been disturbed recently and examine any plants that have been moved around. Finally, check under rocks and other objects that can hide your ring.


Find a Lost Ring with a Metal Detector

Metal detectors are handheld devices that use electromagnetic energy to detect metals.  They can detect metal objects, including rings in the soil and hidden in lawns and garden plants. Metal detectors are available on Amazon. Home Garden and Homestead receives a small commission on sales we generate, at no cost to you.


a metal detector on a lawn


Start the metal detector and begin to wave it over the ground surface. You want to avoid disturbing any small items embedded in the ground so that they don’t interfere with the detector’s ability to function properly.

Metal detectors work best in areas where the ground is relatively flat, free of high and low spots that would interfere with their operation. If you have a large garden, it will be difficult for the detector to cover all of it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start your search in one area and then move around until you find your ring.


Use a Thermal Detector

The thermographic detector is an infrared device that detects heat patterns. It works by taking pictures (or showing an image on a digital screen) of the ground as it looks for heat patterns.

The basic idea behind using a thermal camera or thermal detector to find a lost ring is simple. Heat is emitted by objects. It emits thermal energy, which can be picked up by the camera’s sensor. The more heat an object emits, the more output it will produce on the sensor. Some thermal imaging cameras even plug into your smart phone!

The first step towards finding your ring is turning on your thermal device and setting it up to its best settings for detecting heat signatures.

Next, you’ll want to focus on an area where you think your ring might be located—say, under some leaves in a garden. A ring will show up in a thermal camera as a hotspot much hotter than the surrounding area.


Get Professional Help 

When all other methods fail, it’s best to get the help of a professional. Metal detectorists are trained to detect metallic objects. Since most engagement rings are made from silver or gold, metal detectors can help you find them when lost in a garden.

Metal detectorists use handheld metal detectors to detect metal objects. They can use different kinds of sensors, depending on the area they’re working in. For example, an electromagnetic (EM) detector only detects metal above a certain threshold. However, an infrared (IR) detector can detect objects in areas with low temperatures.

The best way to hire a professional metal detectorist would be to check online reviews of past clients who have hired them before. You could also call local businesses that offer this service and ask if they can send someone over to help you out.


How to Find a Lost Ring: Conclusion

Hopefully, the information in this article will prove helpful if you ever need to find a lost ring or other jewelry. Remember to stay calm, don’t panic and keep an eye out for bright objects that might be reflecting the sun’s rays. The reflections may help you spot the ring if it’s been stuck between two stones or plants.

When all else fails, use technology. And, when all else fails, call in an expert such as a metal detectorist.

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