How To Make A Holiday Wreath


It’s not difficult to make a holiday wreath. Here’s how to make your own Christmas holiday wreath that honors a centuries-old tradition.

Some people might see a pile of evergreen branches. But other creative folks see boundless possibilities! Don’t discard the branches you have trimmed from your fresh-cut Christmas tree. Instead, use these trimmed branches to create your very own DIY holiday wreath!

evergreen wreath branches for making a holiday wreath
This pile of evergreen branches can quickly be turned into a festive holiday wreath!

A quick history of making wreaths

Many historians believe the history of wreath making goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. Wreaths were made of fresh tree leaves and small twigs and branches. The branches and leaves were fashioned into a circle, which was then decorated with flowers and small fruits.

Other historians trace the origin of the modern holiday wreath to about 1,000 years before the birth of Jesus. These evergreen wreaths were adopted by early Christians, who made “Advent wreaths” to celebrate the season of Christmas. Over the years, the Christmas wreath has become a symbol of Christian immortality.

But history aside, the holiday wreath is an enduring symbol of the holiday season, a.k.a “the most wonderful time of the year.”


Making a holiday wreath is easy

The great thing about making a DIY wreath is it’s so beginner friendly. The process is very forgiving, so there is no need to worry over florist-level perfection. You also don’t need a lot of tools to make a pretty holiday wreath, just a few materials and a bit of time. In general, making your own holiday wreath should only take 20-40 minutes, depending on how fancy you want to be.

Once you get the hang of it, making your own wreath is a fun holiday tradition! It is so nice to sip on some hot cocoa, listen to Christmas music, and create a beautiful Christmas decoration to hang in your home.

homemade holiday Christmas wreath with a bow

What you need to make a holiday wreath

Wreath-making supplies are widely available online and at local hobby stores. Some plant nurseries and Christmas tree lots sell evergreen branches that can be used to make terrific wreaths.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Fresh evergreen tree trimmings
  • A wreath frame. (Wire wreath frames are easy to find at craft stores and online. You can reuse them for many years too!)
  • Pruners
  • Florist wire, if it is not included in the wreath frame
  • Optional: bows, pinecones and other decorations


How to make your wreath

1.  Cut the tree trimmings to about 8 inches long with a good pair of garden pruners. Cut off the long stems at the end of the branches.

a pair of pruners is trimming an evergreen branch for a holiday wreath

2. On the wreath frame, layer small bundles of tree trimmings in a spiral pattern. Tie down the branches as you go with the florist’s wire. (You can also tie down the branches with glittery garland.)

evergreen branches being attached to a wire wreath frame


3.  Make sure to cover the entire wire frame with foliage.

4. Weave stray branches into the wreath frame to give it a nice finish

an evergreen Christmas holiday wreath is decorated with tinsel

5.  Add decorations

6.  Hang your wreath—and enjoy!

See? It isn’t hard to make a holiday wreath after all!


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