Make a Perfect Dried Flower Wreath from Your Old Bouquets


Making a dried flower wreath is an attractive way to repurpose old floral bouquets into something new and functional. Whether you use your wedding bouquet, an arrangement from another important occasion or cut flowers from your garden, your old flowers and this simple DIY project will unleash your creativity. Plus, we guarantee you will have fun!

Here are some helpful tips so that you can make a perfect dried flower wreath from your old bouquets.


Choose Your Dried Flower Wreath Florals

Start by looking at your bouquet and determining which flowers and greenery are best for your project. You may decide that a few flowers have started to fall apart over time, and they aren’t right for your display. If that’s the case, work with what you have and choose the best-looking pieces for your wreath.

elements of a dried flower arrangement

Consider adding greenery or grasses to your arrangement to give the flowers a fuller, more inviting look. Pampas grass and dried flax are two popular options for dried flower wreaths. These choices give a dried flower wreath a lovely vintage, rustic feel. When in doubt, seek inspiration from other DIY dried wreaths online.


Choose Your Wreath Base

Various types of wreaths and wreath bases can be used as the foundation of your project, depending on your vision and personal style. Grapevine wreaths are a simple, earthy option that conveys an organic, earthy tone. These bases look fantastic with dried bouquets.

grapevine wreath frame

For something sturdier, consider a wire wreath frame. You can use this as a foundation for your wreath, filling it in with extra grasses and accent pieces. For a vintage look, spray paint your wire wreath off-white or a brushed metallic black or bronze.

Finally, you can create a more modern wreath with a simple bamboo wreath hoop. This design takes inspiration from Bohemian-inspired décor ideas, using the hoop as a part of the decor rather than hiding it under greenery. The effect is a minimalist, natural look that makes a big impact. You can leave the hoop as is or paint it gold for an elegant finish.


Divide Into Smaller Arrangements

Now comes the fun part. Divide your bouquet into smaller bundles or arrangements to fit the wreath foundation you’ve chosen. Creating smaller bouquets is a great way to find balance before trying to envision the florals in a circular pattern.

dried floral arrangement detail

Get creative with your smaller arrangements, making different mixes using the available flowers. For example, you might choose to have a few that are mostly greenery, with one big statement piece and two smaller complementary pieces.

If you plan on adding other decorative elements, be sure to visualize where those will be and leave space as needed.


Practice Your Dried Flower Wreath Placement

Using your smaller arrangements, practice your placement before committing to a design. This exercise will help you identify if there are any stems to be trimmed or if some flowers should be rearranged.

When you get the dried flower wreath arrangement just the way you want it, take a couple of photos from different angles. These will serve as a reference point if anything gets jostled as you work to secure your arrangement to the foundation.


Secure the Florals

Now you’ll secure the dried floral arrangement to the wreath foundation using wire, glue, string, or a combination of each. Floral wire is helpful for keeping larger arrangements and accessories— boughs, for example— in place. However, you can also use twine, burlap, ribbon, and other decorative attachments as needed.

a glue gun is used to secure the flowers

It’s worth gluing the florals to ensure everything stays in place. Less is more when using a hot glue gun to secure dried flowers.


Add a Sealant

If you haven’t already coated your dried bouquet with a sealant, now is the time. A simple dried flower preserving spray can help maintain your florals for longer and make them stronger against the elements.

Even with a sealant, it’s best to keep dried floral wreaths indoors and away from moisture. If you want to display your upcycled bouquet outdoors for a special occasion, be mindful of the weather forecast and take it in each night.


Add Aesthetic Accents

Finally, add any extra aesthetic elements to add the finishing touch to your wreath. This could include anything from a bow to pinecones and dried orange slices. Consider what decor elements will enhance the look of your wreath or add something that ties into the occasion that you received the bouquet.

pinecones for wreaths and other crafts projects

Upcycling your dry bouquet into a DIY wreath is a great project for a rainy afternoon. Get creative and create a touching memento you can display for all to see.

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dried flower wreath on a bed

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