Pet Sitter Instructions for Your Fur Baby


Pet sitter instructions include feeding needs, where to find your pet’s food and toys, emergency contacts, and more.

Leaving your pet at home for a few days when you go away is never the nicest aspect of having an animal companion. However, if you must go to work or go out of town, leaving your furry friend at home might happen from time to time.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be traumatic for you, your pet, or your pet sitter.

With a well-organized set of pet sitter instructions, you need not cause any discomfort to your pet. Nor should you lose any sleep while away. By taking the right steps now, you can ensure that your pet will be okay while you’re gone.

Here are the essential tips for leaving the perfect pet sitting instructions.


Make Pet Sitter Instructions Clear

First, your pet sitting plan should be clear for the sitter you choose for the job. Your pet sitter should already have basic knowledge of caring for a pet. But having specific insight into your pet is essential.

The last thing your pet sitter needs is a copious number of hand-written notes that make no sense whatsoever. Do not just brain dump onto the page, and remember that sometimes, less is more.

Be clear, concise, and spare any non-essential details in your instructions. Now, it doesn’t have to be too elaborate, but it can’t be too simple either. In fact, you can add fun and creative language in your instructions. For example, you can add quirks like these:


  • “Fido loves to cuddle between 6 PM and 9 PM. Be sure to have cuddle time around these times.”
  • “Kitty loves her catnip at noon. Show her some love with some catnip.”
  • “Fishie has to swim in fresh water. Be sure to change the water often, to keep little Fishie happy.”
  • “Birdie needs to be well-rested. So, be sure to cover the cage at 8 PM, and then wish him a goodnight.”


However, make sure that you include the information described in the sections below.


Your Pet’s Feeding Needs

When it comes to diet, you cannot be too detailed. Include what your pet eats, how much food at each feeding, and when is feeding time. These details are second nature to you as the primary caregiver for your pet. But to someone else it can be a minefield of potential confusion. Be very specific.

In essence, looking after a pet is a simple thing if you get their dietary requirements right. And to get it right, leave instructions that leave no doubt.

Also, you can instruct the pet sitter to give your pet a treat once they finish a meal. Or, the sitter can give treats to your pet whenever they behave well.


three cats watch a laptop screen


Where Everything is Located

 In the plan, detail where essential equipment can be found. It’s a good idea to leave those pieces out in an obvious spot to aid the pet sitter. Don’t make their job more difficult than it needs to be.

If necessary, you can set up the supplies and equipment in a designated area prior to your departure. Here are some good ideas on creating your designated supply area:


  • A “doggie” box
  • The “pet” closet
  • The “special” friend cabinet, etc.


With a designated place for the sitter to access pet supplies, that’ll give you and the sitter peace of mind.


Include Emergency Contacts in Pet Sitter Instructions

Sometimes things can go wrong. Accidents and emergencies can happen. It is imperative that you have a set of instructions of what to do in an emergency.

Provide vet and insurance details, and state what is to be done if your pet goes missing. Who should the sitter contact? Consider the following contacts:


  • Your relatives and friends
  • Your veterinarian
  • Your local animal hospital


Leaving this important contact information will put your pet sitter at ease. Plus, it can ensure that your pet gets the care it needs.


Include Your Pet’s Behavioral Details

Every pet has his or her little idiosyncrasies. Your pet might be:

  • Quirky
  • Hyper
  • Calm
  • Obedient
  • Clingy


If your pet sitter is familiar with your pet, then these idiosyncrasies will already be clear. Therefore, it won’t be necessary to detail them all. However, if the pet sitter is not familiar with your fur baby, then list of behavioral details will be very helpful.

Your pet sitter wants to take excellent care of your pet. So, knowing in advance about your pet’s behavior and personality should be part of your pet sitter instructions.

Include all those little behavioral traits that your pet sitter is likely to experience in your animal friend. By doing this, it will set the sitter at ease. And if your sitter is at ease, that will improve the pet sitting experience for your furry friend in turn.

Your pet is an individual that you understand but others will not, at least not at first. Therefore, leave instructions which explain your pet’s personality and normal behaviors. This will help make the pet sitter feel as comfortable as possible with the task at hand.


pet sitter instructions for your dogs


Have a Contingency Plan

Finally, delays to your return may sometimes occur, and they can be stressful. In that case, what you do not need is the added stress of not knowing who else can take care of your pet.

For this very reason, always have a contingency plan in place. That part of your plan can help you spring in to action if the need arises. Plus, it’ll allow your pet sitter to consider the options, and even make the right contacts if need be.


Pet Sitter Instructions: Wrapping Up

Your furry friend is a part of your family. Therefore, you want your pet and your pet sitter to be happy while you’re gone. The experience without you will feel different for your pet. But it can actually be fun.

Writing a great set of pet sitter instructions is easy with these top tips. And always remember: keep your pet sitting plan simple where possible. Knowing more about your pet is a great gift you can give to your pet sitter.

Have fun, pet lovers!


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