Small Space Design Ideas to Maximize Your Home


Small Space Design Ideas Make Any Home or Apartment Feel Larger.

Spaces that feel and look cramped can adversely affect your mood. No one wants to spend time in a cramped or cluttered living room, dining room, or bedroom. In worse cases, you’ll lose interest in inviting friends over if your small house looks like a mess every time.

Fortunately, there are countless ways to design small spaces. Regardless of how “small” your space is, you can play around with various design elements to make it look and feel larger. You’ll be surprised how these design strategies can change your home!

Here are seven small space design ideas to help you maximize your home. We have included links to some of the items we highlight in this story. HG&H receives a small commission for sales generated by these Amazon link. Thanks for supporting this website!


Small Space Design Ideas: Keep It Cozy

Who says having a small space at home is a bad thing? By changing your mindset, you can easily transform small spaces into the coziest areas of your home. That’s the magic of small space design ideas!

Make small spaces feel cozy and inviting by keeping the seats close to each other and adding a pile of rugs in neutral colors. Land of Rugs has a great selection of rugs, so you won’t have any problems finding rugs that fit the aesthetics of your home and your set budget.

Because you have limited floor space, maximize your walls. You can install some task lighting to add more drama and warmth to the space and hang some artwork to add pops of colors. You can also hang a tapestry on the wall to add extra softness to the space.


Add Extra Storage

Storage is crucial in the kitchen as you’ll be using several items for cooking meals. It’ll be challenging to prepare delicious meals if you can’t find items fast.

Even if you own a small kitchen, you can still make the space functional by adding extra storage. Put your backsplash into good use by adding a storage rail. You can use hooks to hang your oven mitts, cookware, and other kitchen essentials.

To store larger items, such as cookware lids and cutting boards, utilize the space behind your cabinet doors. Depending on the size, you can use command hooks or magnetic knife strips to ensure that the items stay in place.


Invest in an Upholstered Ottoman

Here’s an easy small space design idea. Having small spaces at home will require you to be very careful about the items you invest in. Adding too many in one area can make the space too cramped.

An ottoman is a must if you want to maximize your small space. This piece is functional because it serves several purposes — you can use it as a footrest, coffee table, extra seating, and additional storage. With the right pattern and color, an upholstered ottoman can even become the focal point of any small space, which means that you don’t have to add another item for décors.


ottoman for home storage


Another thing that makes an ottoman ideal for small spaces is that its soft edges are safe for pets and children. With this piece in your living room, your little ones can run around inside your small home, and you won’t have to worry about them being hurt or injured.


Small Space Design Ideas: Add Mirrors

When it comes to making small spaces look and feel bigger, mirrors are your biggest allies. Mirrors create an illusion of depth, tricking the eyes into thinking there’s more space in the room.

You can play around with mirrors in many ways. For one, you can create a window using mirrors that are cut and framed to look like a mirror. You can also install one tall mirror on one wall as this draws the eye upward, making the room look more spacious. Another hack is to display small mirrors on one wall to reflect light in different directions.


small space design ideas including using decorative mirrors


Besides the placement, you can also play around with mirrors by paying attention to colors. For instance, you can use mirrors with frames in the same color to bring cohesiveness to the space. If you want to highlight a specific mirror, pick one with a frame that contrasts with the overall color of the room. As you can see, small space design ideas don’t have to be complicated!


Use Larger Rugs

We couldn’t post a small space design ideas story without talking about rugs. Area rugs are great decor additions in any home but do you know that these can also make small spaces seem larger? Using a larger rug — especially those that come in prints and patterns — is a trick that can make rooms feel bigger.

Unlike using several small rugs, using one large rug won’t visually break up the floor. This creates continuity and flow, tricking the mind into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is. A larger rug also makes a great décor, which means that you don’t have to add too many items in the room to make it look appealing.

When choosing rugs to make rooms feel bigger, pick ones that come in light colors. Off-white, natural-looking, and pastel-colored rugs will make small rooms feel spacious and look brighter. As for prints and patterns, rugs in pale grays with a touch of metallic hues are excellent options.


Install Smart Lighting

Lights play an important role in your home. They provide illumination and affect the appeal of the room. But when you have small spaces, you need to be very careful about the lights you use because adding the wrong types can make your home look cluttered.

For small spaces, consider installing hanging lights that can be hung from the ceiling or attached to the walls to save floor space. For example, you can choose to install pendant lights in your kitchen and then wall sconces for your living room. Recessed lights and portable reading lights are great options for bedrooms.


small space design ideas include hanging lights


Using smart lighting for your home has tons of benefits. These are easy to install (which means that you don’t have to pay for professionals) and come in different styles, designs, and colors.


Small Space Design Ideas: Keep Your Walls White

Designing small spaces can be tricky as you need to pay attention to the colors you’ll use. Painting the rooms in the wrong color can make the space look cluttered and cramped, making it difficult for anyone to relax.

One of the cheapest ways to design small spaces is to paint the walls of the room white. Bright and light walls are more reflective, making the space feel airy and more open. This will help maximize the effects of natural lights on the room and make it look bigger.

If you find white walls too plain or boring, hang some artwork to add visual interest to the space. With white as your background, hanging colorful artworks in small spaces won’t add clutter. This will prevent you from feeling like the walls of the room are closing in on you.


Take Things Slow

To easily transform small spaces at home, focus on one project at a time instead of keeping your hands full with several tasks. Things will come off easier if you exert time and effort in completing one task. Plus, this will keep stress at bay and ensure your enjoyment.

We hope you liked our small space design ideas!


One more thing: A clean and tidy home just naturally feels more spacious. Read our story about the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and you’ll find that keeping a clean home is way easier than you thought.

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