A Winter Living Room Makeover on a Budget


The cold of winter offers a good time for a living room makeover. Your living room or den area deserves this special attention. That’s because this is where you will be hosting gatherings for friends and family.

For a winter living room makeover, warmth should be your top priority. The room must feel cozy and comfortable. Plus, it must be attractive enough to become a much-loved venue for the holiday season—and beyond.

However, budget constraints may seem daunting. But you can still achieve a lot without “burning a hole in your pocket.” Here are some simple and affordable ideas that can help make your living room the perfect place for comfortable winter get-togethers with friends and family.


Invest in cozy throws  

Winter is the best time to pamper your living space with cozy and comfortable add-ons. Throw pillows for your couch are a great addition for the living room. Invest in warm fabrics like wool, cashmere or sheepskin.

cozy throw blanket keeps you warm in the winter
A cozy throw blanket is a great way to dress up a room on a budget–and keep warm!

You can add a luxurious feel to the place by opting for cozy throws and blankets crafted in plush fabrics such as faux fur or velvet. Choose bright accent colors to add visual warmth to the space.


Cover the floor with plush rugs

Although wood floors are in vogue, they can look stark and feel cold when temperatures are dipping outdoors. So, warm up your living room makeover by covering the floors with plush area rugs—especially in colder weather.

This plush area rug is perfect for a winter living room makeover on a budget.
This plush area rug is perfect for a winter living room makeover on a budget.

A mix-and-match approach can do wonders for elevating the décor. It not only brings color and character, it also keeps your feet warm. Pick rugs that blend well with the room’s existing color palette and decor style.


Revamp your fireplace

Giving your fireplace a facelift is a cost-effective way to give your living room a winter makeover. If you are looking for something incredible without spending a lot, a white electric fireplace could be just the right pick for you.

A new electric fireplace can transform a dull-looking hearth into an attractive centerpiece. A fireplace revamp is perhaps the easiest way to give the place a toasty-warm new feel.


Light it up

When the weather is dull and bleak, a winter living room makeover must include lighting. The right lighting can really warm up your place. Even buying a pair of ornate lamp shades for your living room for the season is a great idea.

tables lamps for your living room makeover

Is your budget stretched? Don’t be afraid to shop for second-hand lamps and lighting from a website or a garage sale. And don’t forget about candles and old-fashioned lanterns. They are a classic way to accent a room with soft, warm light.


Add some greenery

Plants of all kinds offer a needed touch of green to look winter ready. Indoor plants from Logee’s will add a warm ambiance to the place, without requiring you to spend a lot of money. You can bring in some extra freshness for the decor by placing some fresh flowers in a vase. Fresh evergreen holiday decorations will also make a room feel more cozy.

peppermint candy euphorbia indoor gift plant

Giving your home a winter living room makeover on a budget can be fun. All it takes is a little creativity. Then just add your personal touch and you are all set! NOTE: We have included links to some of our favorite living room makeover items in this story. Home, Garden and Homestead receives a small commission on sales from these links.

Once you have successfully given your living room a cozy makeover, don’t stop there. Learn how to Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Organized.

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