Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round


Want to enjoy your backyard all year round? Your backyard should be a comfortable space where you can lounge and enjoy precious moments with your family and friends. It should also be a welcoming area where you can entertain guests and make many great memories.

With that in mind, here are six tips on how you can enjoy your outdoor space all throughout the seasons of each year.


1. Choose Hardy Plants

When landscaping your garden, it is best to choose plants that can withstand changing seasons. Selecting plants that can survive changing seasons and weather can also allow you to save on maintenance and upkeep.

This is also the best way to make sure that your backyard looks lush and colorful at most times of the year. Hostas, coral bells, and viburnums are known to be hardy, and they can easily add a splash of fresh color to your backyard.


2. Highlight A Backyard Feature to Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round

Research and do more reading to gain ideas or explore more options when it comes to backyard features. There are many features you can install in your backyard to enjoy it further. You can choose to have a pool, jacuzzi, artificial ponds or waterfalls, play area, outdoor bar, or fire pit.

Having a key feature in your backyard can also raise your home’s market value. Plus, it can even become one of the focal points of your home. You may even find yourself wanting to spend time in your backyard more and more.

enjoy your backyard all year round with an outdoor fire table heater



3. Choose Great Outdoor Furniture

One of the best ways to enjoy your backyard all year round is to have a great seating area. Your backyard won’t be a memorable place if it lacks cozy and comfortable furniture where friends and family can lounge in.

In addition to looking stylish, outdoor furniture should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. This allows you to not only get your money’s worth with the pieces you’ve chosen but also ensures that it remains comfortable to use, no matter the season.

In colder climates, your outdoor “furniture” should include a fire table or a stylish propane heater. A wide range of outdoor patio heaters are available on Amazon. Home Garden and Homestead earns a small commission when you purchase using the links in this story. (Thank you!)


4. Get Cooking to Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round

Food can easily bring everyone together. Having a cooking area makes it easier for you to host fun backyard BBQ parties or gatherings all year round. You can choose a brick oven to bake bread and pizzas. Or an outdoor grill where you can cook burgers, kebabs, and steaks.

Investing in an outdoor cooking area can make your backyard one of the most used spaces in your home. After all, food is often associated with the best of memories!

In addition to outdoor cooking equipment, consider adding an outdoor bar. Find a cozy space on your patio, then set up a bar counter with three or more stools. Don’t forget to stock up on some drinks, of course!


enjoy your backyard all year round with a barbecue grill


5. Set Up Lots of Cover and Shade

Having lots of cover and shade in your backyard allows you to your backyard all year round. Even when it’s hot or drizzling outside. If you want your backyard to be used year round, having cover to shield you from various weather elements is a must.

This will also bring more comfort to you and your guests when using the area. Think about a gazebo, pergola, or awning constructed. At the very least, install an outdoor umbrella or two. The added shade in your backyard will certainly allure you into going outside more often.


6. Add Festive Lights

With proper lighting, your backyard will look warmer and more inviting. The right festive lights can enhance the features of your backyard—especially if you have a pool, fountain, or any kind of water feature.

Lights can also be added during festivities to reflect the mood and spirit of the season. String or fairy lights can be added during the holidays. Add dim lanterns during the Halloween season. Designing your backyard and adorning it with lights and decorations for special days can be a fun family tradition.


Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round: The Bottom Line

The backyard is a vital extension of any home. Ensuring that it remains functional all year round allows you to maximize the extra space for lounging, relaxing, and celebrating. So, take advantage of your backyard and make sure it is a comfortable and safe space. Make it an inviting place where family and guests can bond over good food, drinks, and conversation.

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