How to Be More Creative


Have you ever wondered how to be more creative? If so, you are not alone. It seems everyone aspires to live a creative life.

However, not everyone is aware of how to keep up with their aspirations. Not everyone knows how to be more innovative and artistic. This is where the importance of smart tips and information kicks in.

So, if you are also someone struggling to actualize your artistic ideas, worry not! Here are some great tips to learn how to be more creative. These tips will help put you on a more creative and artistic path.


How to Be More Creative-Tip 1: Choose Creative Friends

Let’s start with who you choose to be with. You know the saying: “a person is known by the company he keeps.” Well, if you hang out with creative people, their creativity is likely to rub off on you.

Be mindful of the person you choose to sit with, share secrets, and gossip with. That’s because the next person you hang out with is capable of influencing your actions and thoughts. Even without you noticing it.

This is sometimes called passive influence. Wouldn’t you like to make friends with people who stimulate your creativity? People who are fun and spontaneous. People who know how to think “outside the box

Therefore, make sure to get in touch with humans who are as curious as you are. Be ready to expand the horizons of your creativity! This makes learning and experimenting with new things a lot easier. Friends who embrace their creativity will encourage you to embrace and support yours.


How to Be More Creative-Tip 2: Make Time for Yourself

You always have something to do on your to-do list. That’s the nature of modern life. But that’s not a good thing if you want to learn how to be more creative.

To be more creative, you need to embrace the concept of free time. You need to get past the thought of not deserving to make time for yourself.

In short, being too busy precisely what causes most of us to be less creative and artistic.

So, what’s the solution? Schedule time is read a book. Make time for an evening stroll. Set aside a few minutes to sit in your art studio.

This will help you in your daily tasks. It will also let you separate your mundane tasks from those you love to do. Moreover, you won’t be overlapping one task with the other one. Give yourself permission to be unbusy enough to be creative!


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Tip 3: It’s Okay to Rest and Recharge

The secret to a creative life is acknowledging the importance of resting and recharging. This type of mindset allows you to get yourself in a creative mindset.

Let’s face it: there will be some days when you are focused on doing something you love. While on other days, you will find it hard to be creative. Your innovative juices just aren’t flowing.

When you are too busy and over-scheduled, it’s hard to be creative. Creativity has to be encouraged, not forced. Sometimes you just have to be rested for the creative ideas to come.

When you rest and recharge, you are actually giving your mind and body permission to be creative. And this is exactly how you encourage your own creativity.


Tip 4: Let your personal space define your vibes

Just like a man is known by the company he keeps, your home or personal space also defines the “vibe” of your life.

This is why you will always hear people telling you to give your home a pleasant feel with these products. Because some things can inspire you to be more artistic and add more to your creativity life.

Let’s face it, a home filled with life and beauty is definitely soulful food for a creative mind. And there’s no better way the launch your creativity than creating beauty. Especially when it comes to your personal space, which can  inspire you every single day.


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How to Be More Creative-Tip 5: Keep Going When You’re in the Flow

The last, but surely not the least, rule is to keep going when you are in the flow. Like when you are writing. Or playing with watercolors on canvas. Or anything that inspires your creativity.

This way, you are able to get more work done. And instill creativity to everything you do.

Moreover, your creative moments will help you make up for the days you haven’t felt inspired at all.


Here’s the Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that to live a creative life, you have make choices that encourage your creativity. You have to be aware of your schedule, be mindful of your choices, and be open to creativity.

We believe the tips listed above will help you make the most out of your artistic ideas and innovative opportunities.

Please feel free to give us your suggestions about how to be more the comments section below. Let’s all keep improving ourselves—and keep getting more creative!


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