Outdoor Games for Kids and Families


Looking for some great outdoor games for kids to play? You are not alone. It seems like every parent is trying to find fun things for the kids to do outside.

It’s too nice to stay indoors. And you don’t want your kids to play video games ALL DAY. It’s time to reach into your parental “bag of tricks” and find some really fun outdoor games for kids—and some fun outdoor activities, too.

So here are some great ideas to keep your kids happy as they keep busy in the backyard. Some of these are classics, and some of these are new. But all of these great outdoor games for kids and families are fun!


Slip and Slide: A Classic Outdoor Game for Kids

Many parents have fond memories of backyard fun on a slip-and-slide toy. Well, today there are lots of slip-and-slide toys available. All you do is unroll the long plastic slide, hook up a hose, and turn on the water. It’s instant warm-weather fun!

Nowadays there are many choices in slip-and-slide toys. There are single-lane slides, double-lane slides for friendly races, and even a jumbo three-lane slide.

slip and slide outdoor game for kids


Many of the slides spray the water “sprinkler style” on the plastic sliding surface, which kids love. Some slip-and-slides even have a water-filled splash pad at the end of the slide. Check Prices and Availability.


Spike Ball (Slam Ball Game)

A popular new outdoor game for kids, teenagers and adults is spike ball. It’s an action-packed volleyball style game for four players (two on each team). Each team has three hits to bounce or spike the ball onto the net. Then the other team tries to keep the ball in play.


spike ball is one of the best outdoor games for kids and families



You’ve probably seen this game being played on the beach, in a park or even at campouts. Slam ball is a fun game that provides a great active workout for kids and grownups. Most slam ball kits include the round net (that sits on the ground), a carrying case, three balls, and a rules booklet. Check Price and Availability.


Kids Love to Blow Bubbles

Who doesn’t like bubbles? Blowing bubbles is a classic outdoor activity that younger kids love. All you need to do is pucker up and blow!


a girl blowing bubbles in a fun activity for kids


To make homemade bubble juice, just add a small amount of dish soap in the bottom of a plastic glass. Then fill the glass halfway with water. If you have an O-ring from a store-bought bottle of bubble solution, kids can dip it into the homemade bubble solution to blow bubbles. Or, a simple straw will let your younger kids blow bubbles in the cup.

Of course, you can buy all kinds of Bubble Liquid and Bubble-Blowing Toys at stores or online.


Kids Bowling Set is Perfect Outdoor Game

Imagine giant inflatable bowling pins and an enormous inflatable bowling ball. Then invite a couple of kids to challenge each other in bowling. That’s a recipe for fun and lots of laughter.


outdoor bowling set for kids


The inflatable pins have a sand-weighted bottom, so they stand upright even on a lawn. The set include 6 giant bowling pins that measure 27 inches tall and one bowling ball that’s 24 inches in diameter. All are made of durable PVC plastic. The kit also includes a hand pump for easy inflation and a repair kit.

Guaranteed fun for younger kids. Buy it Now!


Cornhole is Fun for All Ages

The game of cornhole is a backyard classic. The basic game is simple—throw a bean bag at a slanted wood target with a single hole cut into the board. Points are scored by throwing the bean bag into the hole or getting the bean bag to stay on the plywood target board.


a cornhole board for playing an outdoor game


Of course, there are more scoring rules—and there’s even an American Cornhole Association that makes the official rules. But for backyard purposes, cornhole rules can be modified to accommodate players’ skill level and ages.

High-quality cornhole games aren’t expensive, and cornhole is a wonderful outdoor game for kids and adults alike. Check Options and Prices Here.

In addition to the official cornhole sets, a kids’ version of the game is also available. It’s not a real cornhole game, but it is based on the same basic principles.

The kids’ cornhole board is anti-skid fabric with five target holes. Point values for getting a bean bag (or a ball) into the hole vary from 25 points to 125 points. The target boards are brightly colored, and the PVC frames are easy to assemble.


a cornhole game for kids

This version of the cornhole game helps improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and basic math skills. Plus, it’s lots of fun to play!   Check Availability and Shipping.


A New Twist on Lawn Darts

If you are old enough to remember old-fashioned lawn darts, then you know they posed a possible danger of injury. Today’s versions of lawn darts are safe enough for toddlers.


flarts is a lawn darts game for children


One new version of lawn darts is called Flarts. The “darts” are actually inflatable and shaped like a bowling pin with wings. Kids simply toss the pins at a target to score points. The target matt has a conventional dart board design on one side and a simpler, kid-friendly target on the other side.

This is a great choice for younger kids. This game can be played on a lawn, porch, or in a basement.  Check Price and Shipping.

Want to play lawn darts at night? For older kids and even adults, there’s a 21st century version of lawn darts called Glow in the Dark Jarts. Yes, the target circles really do glow in the dark. The darts have a light-up feature, too.


dark jarts are a lawn darts game you can plan at night


The “darts” have a big, rounded end that hits the ground when you throw it. There are no sharp edges that could cause injury. And the kid-friendly materials are non-toxic.

Playing lawn darts in the dark is fun for the whole family. Click here to Buy It Now! 


But Wait, There Are More Outdoor Games for Kids!

Of course, there are plenty of additional games and game sets that can be played outdoors.

Check out All Outdoor Games on Amazon to learn more.


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